[Game Thread] #5 Purdue @ #17 Illinois (12:00 PM ET)

  1. Fun game, but I wish they let Kofi play a bit more, but such is the Big Ten. Purdue played awesome, but Edey got away with a few, which I’d expect at Mackey but not at State Farm.

  2. I mean Stefanovich hit some crazy threes and Ivey had some wild finishes to keep it close down the stretch for you guys too. It’s not like we’re some scrub team that hit some lucky shots to stay in this one?

  3. That guy was good but so baffling. He was so slow dribbling around a screen and than would just put up a high percentage shot. It seemed like it would be easy to defend against but Purdue couldn’t.

  4. Great fucking game. Hate that the final score makes it look less close than it was. 2OT with a terrible game from Kofi? I’ll take it. Purdue looks so good

  5. Refs totally changed the complexion of this game by taking Kofi put of it. However, Illini rose to the occasion and made a great game of it. GG Purdue. Illini are still in charge of this league. (To all the people who can't count, 6-1 > 4-2.)

  6. Can't wait to drop from the rankings after taking #4 to double OT and still sitting at the top of the conference standings

  7. You guys shouldn’t is the thing! Such a good game on both sides shouldn’t be punished, but the voters will pull something idiotic out of their butts! GG, ‘twas an entertaining game!

  8. In all fairness this seems like it was Illinois' first actual test in the B10, outside of a solid Iowa dub. If you win at Maryland I can't see you dropping more than a few spots

  9. Hunter making 4 straight free throws was such a dagger. If he splits those, even tho Illinois lost by 8, it could have really changed things

  10. Naw they aren’t that much better than Illinois. Everything that could go right for them did and it still took 2 ots

  11. I’m 1000% looking forward to the next one even though I’m not exactly confident we’ll get revenge just because that was so fun to watch. Also I don’t have the same hate for Purdue that I have for the other top teams which makes it a bit more fun in my opinion

  12. you guys went like 10 minutes without a point in the 1st half but sure blame the refs (they were shitty though)

  13. I just hope we realize that Kofi doesn’t always have to be the primary scoring option. We have guys who can shoot and we tend to do better kicking it out anyway.

  14. It is used for either less popular sports or for games like this where you need a second channel to watch a game because 2 are going on simultaneously IIRC

  15. I'm just happy no one posted the "Am I missing something? Why is Purdue an underdog?" rat poison thread before this game.

  16. BBV brought great energy on defense, but he won't be relevant in late game situations until his free throws improve. I know he made the first 2 but they were ugly shots

  17. Gotta hand it to the refs they played lights out today helping the boilers, really helped them earn this victory, respect

  18. Verdonk is a pretty cool last name ngl, you can’t help but naturally emphasize the donk part of the name

  19. Unfortunately, Grandison and Williams at the 4 are better matchups in this one. Hawkins isn't big enough to guard Williams or Edey for long.

  20. Huh?! Maybe Williams should have been looking for cutters instead of contorting himself for fadeaways from 12 feet the whole game?

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