[Game Thread] Notre Dame @ Howard (02:30 PM ET)

  1. There’s absolutely no consistency at foul calls on either end. A lot of hand checking going uncalled and then little bumps are quick whistles

  2. I can’t be the only one who thought there were usually HBCU games on ESPN channels on MLK day, are there not this year?

  3. I live in DC and it’s really something special. Easily one of the most powerful memorials in the City. One you have to see in person.

  4. Condi and FOX on to give you redacted MLK based on one sentence he uttered caricatured to the exclusion of … every other sentence he ever uttered.

  5. Damn…first Howard had to postpone their MLK game last year, and now Gus has covid(?) by the time Howard can play!

  6. This game is an absolute blast to he at. He just used the PA system to tell some students sitting in the top row to scoot over so everyone can see the scoreboard.

  7. There should be a tournament every year between Howard, Bucknell, Lipscomb, and North Dakota State called the Bison Classic

  8. Brey also coached Howard’s HC Kevin Blakeny at both Dematha (HS) and Duke so they’ve got a relationship. Blakeny was talking about it on Titus & Tate this weekend

  9. Yes. And if you ask me? Good for them. I wish more high majors had the balls to play at mids, especially HBCUs on MLK weekend.

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