[Post Game Thread] #5 Purdue defeats #17 Illinois, 96-88 in 2OT

  1. Idk man that last stretch will be a gauntlet, and with probably 2 of the other title contenders. @MSU, @Wisconsin, then hosting IU to close the season? I'm not sure if my heart can take it

  2. No matter the outcome, it was great seeing Curbelo back out there playing well. He’s a ton of fun to watch

  3. Okay Purdue is clearly an elite team but Illinois is equally impressive. Played out of their minds in plenty of spots where teams would fold, especially with their best player struggling and in foul trouble. All hustle and effort to match up with Edey and their other bigs. Really gutsy performance from 13 too. Great game

  4. We had absolutely no answer for Curbelo or for Plummer and Bozman Verdonk played his heart out. Unbelievable effort.

  5. I’m so proud of them for this game with the context of Kofi having, really, very little impact on the game overall. Great game

  6. I been on the Illinois hype for past couple years I like them alot super underappreciated by the casual fan

  7. I'm so glad my local FOX station cut to the Notre Dame v Howard game with 3 minutes left in the second OT

  8. we were favored by 1.5 points due to being at home, so the 'result' was 1.5 points worse than expected. I imagine it'll hurt a tiny bit in rankings.

  9. Honestly, I was worried that the Illini were falsely pumped up before this game. Their wins were against what appears to be the bottom of the big 10, with their best wins being @Iowa and VSRutgers.

  10. You can’t convince me there’s 10 teams better than Illinois, but all these journalists who barely watch any games will move us down

  11. That game took it out of me. I am going to sleep until tomorrow. GG Purdue. Now that Curbelo is back, I think Illinois can still get to another level.

  12. I can't even be mad. Kofi limited minutes, Curbelo 20 points with a 2 month layoff, and still taking Purdue to double OT? There's a lot you can build off this game

  13. He didn't just score 20, Curbelo had a clutch lay up to send us into first OT. Man did I miss last year's Curbelo.

  14. Great comeback game from Curbelo. Didn't expect him to play much down the stretch. And huge props to BBV who put in awesome effort and a very respectable showing. Hopefully, he takes a few of Payne's minutes to light a fire under him to play more disciplined and not commit stupid techs

  15. Me before the game: 'oh sick Belo's back, they'll prob try to work him in for 5 minutes or so to get him some real game action'

  16. What a game, no quit in Illinois, didn't meltdown at the end like Zona. Loved to see Belo back out there -- looking strong for rest of season. Kinda looked like the shooters were finding their stroke again in the 2H, which they've been slumping since the break.

  17. Kofi's a scary dude. He's too fucking good. And that's exactly why it was kinda funny seeing Edey go toe to toe with him lol. Didn't expect it, pleasantly surprised! (I know they're both nearly the same height and weight, Kofi just looks so much more comfortable I mean)

  18. There’s been a trend of teams beating or playing Purdue tough as hell and then rising in the standings/rankings. It’s a cycle of close Purdue game against team ABC -> Purdue overrated -> team ABC keeps winning and rises in the rankings -> Purdue good again.

  19. Tough loss but very proud of this team. With our best player on the bench for over half the game everyone else showed a ton of fight. BBV showed something I wasn’t sure he had in him and Belo looked like he didn’t miss a beat. On to the next one!

  20. It won’t show in the box score, but that was an incredible performance by BBV (#13 for non-illini fans). His defensive stops in the paint kept Illinois in this game until the very end.

  21. Dude played the game of his life. He honestly seemed to do better and be less flustered than Kofi was against our bigs. I don't think Kofi is used to being challenged the way he was today and it got to him.

  22. yea, i mean two beers during lunch is one thing, but add in 2OT and now I really don't need to be talking to people in a professional capacity. Thanks Purdue and Illinois

  23. Cockburn being in foul trouble was unironically better for them. Purdue had a way easier time defending when you know who is getting the ball every possession, as soon as he got into foul trouble their offense really opened up and our defense showed it's weakness unlike the first half. Thankfully Sasha had a monster day on the road. Not ideal having a double overtime game when there's two more games this week though.

  24. I thought Eric Hunter only got the minutes he does because of his defense, but it’s his defense and his insane connection with Trevion, apparently

  25. Pain. Purdue made some tough shots. But man, Kofi has to be better against tougher competition. Real dussapointing from him

  26. To be fair they were 11-11 and then missed four in a row in 2OT to basically put the game out of reach. Still not ideal but not as bad as it looks on the stat sheet

  27. Illinois had 23 personal fouls to Purdue's 15 But 6 of those were at the end of Regulation +OT+2OT to extend the game. So its closer than just the box score, Purdue 15 Illinois 17

  28. Great game Boilers. Has to be an early contender for game of the year. Neither of us should feel bad about that one. Would've loved to have taken it, but honestly you guys needed it more. Hope to see you guys again in the BTT finals and then again in the final four.

  29. His smug ass watching the replay after one of his shit calls and shaking his head at the booing solidified my hate for him.

  30. With how Vucevic has been playing lately and how Stefanovic terrorized us today, Slavic names are gonna give me Vietnam flashbacks for the next few months.

  31. Curbelo is a whole-ass man. 20 points after sitting for 3 months, gg Illinois, and congrats on a big road conference win to Purdue

  32. The effort from BBV today was insane, he was a huge part of us staying in it for so long. I hope he gets more minutes

  33. Can’t be too upset with the result. Had no answer for Edey. And we showed a lot more effort than against Michigan. Need more from Kofi and Payne. Verdonk played a hell of a game. And glad to have Curbelo back.

  34. I should turn the tables and start calling Purdue and asking them to to contribute to alumnus health/life insurance plans.

  35. If you add the difference between the amount we scored on Rutgers and the amount they scored on Rutgers to this game, we’re on top

  36. Best slot of a college game on a holiday where NBA has a full day slate and a Monday Night Football game tonight.

  37. What a game. It sucks Kofi struggled today but that’s due to Edey being a good post player (Trevion struggled today tbh). I hate to see my team lose but excited for what’s ahead with these guys especially now that Curbelo is back

  38. I’ve never been more wrong in my life than my opinion that Curbelo wasn’t going to be needed. I will learn from my mistake and never do that again.

  39. Man what a fucking game. I need to go for a run or something, holy shit. Illinois is fucking scary. Had they not gone cold on their 3's first half, this would've been a different game. But proud of Purdue!

  40. Both these teams depth was incredible. A really fun game, unfortunate Kofi fouled out for 2OT but Edey and Tre are just so hard to guard without getting physical. Really impressive showing from the Illini, but Purdue’s big 3 (4?) took over down the stretch

  41. I had a work call at the start of the second half that went 30 min. Managed to fast through commercials and catch back up to live tv with 17 seconds to go in 2OT lol.

  42. Good game Purdue, I enjoyed this more than being at the Michigan game in-person. Happy to see that Belo is back and Verdonk stepping up big.

  43. That game was awesome, man. I'm pre-peeved that we'll fall in the rankings for losing that, but really encouraged by that outing. Not having Kofi for 28/50 minutes against Purdue and holding up like that is exciting. Curbelo looked really really solid in his return. And we'll play Edey better next time, I think.

  44. If you had told me before the game that Hunter And BBV were huge players forcing overtimes. Yeah. I would have bought that, lol.

  45. I think Purdue needs to be able to put games away when they get opposing bigs in fouls trouble. With Kofi playing so little, Purdue’s front court duo should have dominated. Reminded me of their loss against Wisconsin when they fouled out both of the Badger’s centers and weren’t able to pull out a W

  46. If Illinois can figure out the right roles/usage rates to maximize the impact of Curbelo, Frazier, and Kofi, they’ll be extremely hard to defend.

  47. That user sucks. I feel like they asked sasha to prom or something back in the day and got rejected so they now spend their days trashing him on Reddit

  48. Incredible game. Belo is back and it’s beautiful and heart attack inducing all the same time. Edey and Sasha were immense. And holy shit, Bosmans was such a pleasure. Kid has dealt with injuries every year and many probably thought he’d transfer by now but he was incredible.

  49. Can't complain about that game. This is what college basketball is all about. GG Purdue. We will see you again.

  50. Ivey makes 1 FT at the end of regulation, game over. Sasha makes 1 FT at end of 1st OT, game over. At that point, as a long suffering Purdue fan you have to think you will lose. This was a super fun and emotional game to watch. Cockburn was completely neutralized and it did not matter. Illinois actually came back with Cockburn out. They may have found some new small lineups which make them even more dangerous. Purdue with the grit to win and as a Boiler, you have to be proud. Onto the Indinia U game. IU sucks. Boiler Up!

  51. Not at all. We’ve shown we can hang with anyone twice now and we got a great return from our 2nd best player. Team also stepped up when Kofi struggled which was a good test.

  52. Lots of positive takeaways for Illinois. One that might get overlooked: only 8 turnovers in 50 minutes. That's their lowest total (per minute) all year.

  53. Man imagine having Ivey AND Edey on your team and then add in another all-Big ten caliber center as well as a sniper. Mason Gillis is a terrific defender. Hunter is too.

  54. One play - that we only saw once - that seemed to work well was setting Kofi up on the high post, isolating him with Edey, feeding him the ball, and then letting Kofi drive to the basket. It forced Edey to give up his position, and he fouled Kofi right away. IL should have gone to that well over and over until they figured out how to stop it.

  55. As someone who loves college basketball and gambled on the total score going over 146. and 150, let me tell you this game was a rollercoaster. What a damn game. After the first half 88 pts was needed to hit the over, that wasn't likely...then Curbelo's up and under lay up...sheesh. What a game. One of the best of the year!

  56. Great game, wish we would have seen some more consistent officiating but at the end of the day I feel good about where the team is at.

  57. 17-0 run and kofi sat with foul trouble, must have been an easy win for Purdue. no way could that have been way more stressful than it needed

  58. Rankers will shit heavily on Illinois because they will see a loss and they seem to weigh losses against us more than most others. But that was some serious grit. Kofi was a non factor do to fouls but Curbelo and BBV played out of their minds and Plummer hit some big shots. The Illini will actually be a better team because of today’s game.

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