[Game Thread] Indiana @ Nebraska (06:00 PM ET)

  1. Gg Nebraska. Your team has some really good long range shots and just like us, erase half the turnovers and you win easy. Ps: Screw the refs

  2. My biggest takeaway as a neutral observer, Nebraska has continually gone under ball screens and Indiana hasn't punished them at all. If you want to escalate to the next tier of B1G teams, you have to punish that and knock down the shot. Guards for Purdue, Illinois, MSU, Wisconsin... The shots going up if you go under, and they'll more than likely make you pay for it.

  3. Yes, if Indiana's ball handlers were good at basketball as opposed to bad at basketball, they would be a better team.

  4. Huge missed opportunity for woody to wear the track suit and put the superstition to bed, in a “should win” game. The hybrid suit/t-Shirt won’t cut it.

  5. I wonder how long before this whole thing explodes. Verge feels like someone who will only take so much before calling it. This team is somehow so so so much more disappointing than football

  6. Verge has plenty of experience playing his brand of hero ball on a dysfunctional bad team. He's sticking it out.

  7. A giant hip bruise seems unideal when preparing to defend a guy with a seven inch height advantage in three days.

  8. This was one of the worst games I have ever watched, both teams don’t want the game. Gg to the real star of the show, the refs

  9. Can we please take verge out of the game when it is within 8 points? He tries to play hero ball and ruins possessions.

  10. Xavier Johnson has the decision making ability of a drunk man who also just got hit in the head by an anvil

  11. I honestly don’t mind calling it right but it’s gotta be called both ways. TJD gets a tech for yelling after a slam but Nebraska does the Phoenix Suns Gorilla and nothing.

  12. It’s not Indiana basketball if they don’t do everything they can to give the game away down the stretch

  13. It's not Nebrasketball if they don't try to choke away any opportunities they have in the last two

  14. And it's not Nebrasketball if they dont do absolutely nothing to take it... truly an unstoppable force versus immovable object

  15. Trayce Jackson-Davis takes a seat on the bench with four fouls and some obvious discomfort around his hip after that hard fall. He's got 23 points and 12 rebounds #iubb

  16. * Take my flair out of the equation for this question. I am actually asking out of curiosity not salt *

  17. Not recruiting well? We’re bringing in an elite PG and have 3 indiana mr basketballs on the team. Come on, man. This lack of knowledge tells me you legit are trying to troll

  18. I think that’s a fair question. There are a lot of folks who are IUBB fans that think the banners and history is enough, that IU is on the same tier as Gonzaga, Duke, Kansas, etc. But we aren’t, and it’s important to be honest about that.

  19. Woody has been bringing in some pretty good recruits and did well in the transfer portal this offseason. The pitch is similar to any other big high-major program: nice facilities, big fanbase, tons of exposure, and nowadays we have an NBA coach and every kid wants to get there. So that’s a pretty hard pitch to beat.

  20. Struggling to recruit in the state? They have 3 Indiana Mr Basketballs on their team right now. To answer your question though, you would get to play for a former NBA coach at a program that puts a lot of money into their basketball program in a league that is one of the best in the nation

  21. Still an amazing environment to play in and a fun campus to be at. Really no different than Purdue. But yeah, you’re right it’s not as clear cut as it would have been in the 90’s or so.

  22. Hopefully the pitch is “Woodson has the connections and experience to take your game from college prospect to NBA prospect”.

  23. Now would I rather lose the game or have TJD out with injury for who know how long. Jury is still out on that. Why not both?

  24. I just wish they would get rid of taunting calls. They’re inconsistently enforced. Plus as a fan, I don’t mind a little taunting.

  25. It really just goes to show how bad of a ref Ted Valentine is that he got booted by the B1G that allows these refs to work on a usual basis

  26. Yeah that was bad. Nebraska got screwed on that and the ball off of Parker’s hip a bit ago. Both teams have been screwed so badly through this game, it’s been impossible to enjoy this game.

  27. Galloway had a foot in the backcourt by the time he demonstrated control of the ball. Correct call … eventually.

  28. Galloway's foot was absolutely in the backcourt. It just happened before he had demonstrated control of the ball again.

  29. "Johnson a little out of control" - the commentator has stated twice tonight which is 3 times less than every other night.

  30. The officiating has made this particularly atrocious, but it’s an ugly game even without the shitty refs

  31. He's on the floor guys. That's a good sign. He air balled. That's bad. He swished. That's good. Hopefully it was just a hard fall with an elbow bruise. He's limping. Going to the bench. TJD please be healthy.

  32. Whether it’s intentional of a foul or not, the caster immediately saying something was unintentional or not is infuriating. Literally just conditioning anybody watching to immediately jump to the thought of something is or isn’t. Just call it the play and shut up.

  33. Tons of cheap crap from Nebraska players and fans with the elbow chip shot in the 1st, baiting Xavier, and then a phantom T against TJD. Send them back to the Big 12, and give us Iowa State or something

  34. There's so much more than you listed. Andre basically punched race, held on to Xs ankle and then claimed X tried to kick him in the face, that one dude going after X when he was on the floor, etc, etc

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