[Post Game Thread] Indiana defeats Nebraska, 78-71

  1. Today's game is an immediate contender for the Ted Valentine Referee Game of the Year. Brilliant work today.

  2. That's the big key why we were able to hang on, normally our guards lose all their basketball IQ on the road at the end of the game.

  3. He has one more year because we aren't the kind of basketball program that can fire coaches after 3 years but our AD better be prepared to conduct a search next year

  4. You really gotta wonder whether Hoiberg was actually the reason for his success at Iowa State, because he’s had zero success since leaving.

  5. Shout out to Nebraska for not going into full court press down 6 with 2 minutes left after we’ve struggled with it all season.

  6. Question because I always see the suit comments, what does he alternatively wear? Athletic clothing or more like a business casual look?

  7. If we could just scrub this game from the archives of earth and all agree none of this ever happened we can all move on right now

  8. I hate how much we tried to give this away at the end there, and how the refs allowed this game to get out of hand and it costing us TJD with fouls and getting hurt. Hopefully he's alright, but those refs can go back to high school.

  9. Galloway is a wing, it just happens to be that our PGs and SGs are so bad at dribbling that we almost have to rely on Galloway down the stretch because he is the best at penetrating and passing. I’d really like to see more Lander in the pressure situations since he does a really good job bringing the ball up (yes I know he’s been a liability elsewhere)

  10. I know people say that that was the worst game they’ve ever seen a lot… but that was the worst game I’ve ever seen

  11. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m pretty sure I said that after the Wisconsin, Penn State, and Iowa losses. This game might just take the cake.

  12. I’m gonna be at the UMD game on the 29th, Woodson better be wearing a suit. This is irrefutable evidence that the suit is the key to victory.

  13. It felt like there was a whistle on every single possession. Extremely long game. Plenty of walks were called that I don't think were walks, plenty of bullshit calls, plenty of missed calls somehow (on both sides). Our offense absolutely collapsed with TJD off for that long. I'm glad we escaped with a win (especially on the road), but I think everyone was frustrated just watching that game. Let's hope TJD was just bruised up a little and needed to ice it down.

  14. The amount of times Nebraska players would scream around and get hyped just for the to make almost no progress cutting the lead was hilarious

  15. There was a lot of incompetent basketball by both sides down the stretch. Constant turnovers by iu and then Nebraska missed every shot.

  16. Do you still have games against Maryland or Northwestern? You’d have a shot in those, and I bet you’ll steal a random game that’s just how the B1G goes

  17. Ill take it if Trayce is in for Thursday. Finally broke the ice away and it seems Woodys blazer is the key. Turnovers and guard play need work but its nice to win a game like this.

  18. Now what happens if Woody gets mad and he goes Boeheim on his blazer (but actually succeeded at taking it off)?

  19. He fell on his hip under the basket. Looked painful, but he was up and moving, maybe a bit gingerly. He had an ice pack on it. Hopefully he'll be fine for Thursday.

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