I want all the capitals fans to take a look at our subreddit right now.

  1. I’m so sick of seeing these hits in hockey. And I’m sick of the inevitable debate every time on whether the guy “meant” to hit the other guy in the head. Of course Kadri didn’t mean to hit Faulk in the head but he comes in with no intention of getting his stick in to deflect the puck and every intention of destroying the guy no matter what. It’s a shitty, dangerous play from Kadri. And, It’s a position he chose to put himself in by deciding that laying a huge hit was more important than making a good hockey play. I’m still angry thinking about his dumb face after the hit like “what’d I do?”. I have no patience for that shit. It could ruin someone’s life. FFS

  2. I've been reffing USA Hockey youth for 6 years and a couple summers ago, USA Hockey specifically outlawed the "finish your check" mentality and also specified that checking has to include an attempt to play the puck. Players and coaches were pissed the first season. But you know what? After we rang them up a few games in a row, they learned and adjusted their game. Point is, if hormonal high schoolers can figure it, the NHL, NHLOA, NHLPA, and DoPS have NO fucking excuse. Fix your shit.

  3. Thats funny because St. Louis Fans on their reddit are wishing Mackinnon gets "Bodied" , when the Game is not in their favor and thats how they want to do it. Ceying wolf on Jost for Bertuzzo and by all means that was a shit hit by Kadri. As a team that was plagued by dirty hits and shit calls by refs in regular season boys want nothing but a fair playing field, playoffs or not. Wrapping our goalie, Dropping Makar, Slamming Sammy to the boards feet first is unnaceptable. There is so much at stake in the league for those competing and nobody wants to have a season ended by careless play. Repeat offenders will be under the gun with the league amd Kadri might be struck with a suspension but I think the referees are just as guilty allowing this type of play to not be called until someones lying face down. A push becomes a shove and so it goes.

  4. I agree. It's the same mentality that resulted in the infamous and horrific Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi incident. The league missed the boat with Tom Wilson, and now have to serve an appropriate lengthy and financially punitive suspension to Kadri. The refs and the league also need to keep an eye on for any revenge hits by Blues players.

  5. It’d be the same for me. Reckless hits aren’t ok because they injure people. These guys are hockey players but they have families and lives outside of hockey. Everyone on the ice deserves to play with players who are going to control their sticks and their bodies. That doesn’t mean I hate Kadri but he deserves the suspension he’ll get. I hope Faulk recovers soon.

  6. You think caps are bad you should've seen the canucks after the bertuzzi incident. Heck, many of them still defend bertuzzi saying moore deserved it.

  7. There are good and bad in every fan base. A lot of people think the Avs sub is arrogant because we’re celebrating having the best team in the league (reg season)

  8. I was just gonna make a comment like this in the day after thread. I'm glad not to see blind defending of a nasty hit. I'm also surprised tho, because Kadri has been pretty controversy free since he got here, and one hit has people calling for his jersey. It was an ugly af hit but really felt like an oh shit, not like he was going out to hurt someone. He's been off this season but he's not a disaster. I'm proud and disappointed at the same time. I dk what I'm feeling.

  9. I was fine with the hit. It's reckless and he deserves the suspension. But it's hockey, the intent wasn't to injure, these plays are in real time speed.

  10. Everything you just wrote agrees with OP... Their point was that there are a lot of thoughtful and nuanced takes here (including yours) rather than blind support because he's our guy. There's varying opinions on Kadri's intent, but I have seen absolutely zero comments defending him or saying it doesn't warrant a suspension.

  11. I think the wilson thing got blown out of proportion because it was Tom Wilson. Not defending Tom wilson as a whole because he does dumb stuff, but if it was just another player people would have barley looked twice at that scrum. Unfortunately the kadri hit is a text book blind side hit the nhl is trying to get rid of.

  12. If he was scoring, everyone would be defending him. Why the hell do we the fan base have to apologize for a mistake a player made? It has nothing to do with us. The internet is dumb.

  13. I wonder if part of it is that these last couple of years the Avs have lost so many key players to injury in the playoffs that there's more sympathy when someone from another team goes down, because we've been there a bunch and it sucks. You don't want to win that way and it really sucks to lose that way and think 'what if...', so we get it, and our thoughts are with the injured player and the fan base that gets robbed of a fair shot.

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