Avs VS Golden Knights Round 2, Game 1 Streamables Thread, THE Series Edition (6:00 PM MDT)

  1. A) That broadcast commentary was a fucking embarrassment. making excuses left and right for vegas, completely glossing over the dirty play on their part... NBC should be ashamed.

  2. Imagine a playoff game with Lebron or Tom Brady where the commentators just talk about the other team the whole time. The Avs have an amazing group of players that play well as a team: it’s okay to say nice things about them, NBC!

  3. Does Reaves catch a suspension for the cross check to Grub and the pummeling on a defenseless Graves? The match penalty makes me think so but the league's track record has me doubting it

  4. Since it was 6-1 already, I don't think they went full in for the power play. Keep the energy for next game is what I think was the word from the coach.

  5. Bednar needs to have an absolute meltdown on the podium. Unfortunately he’s usually very calm and collected though.

  6. Does anyone have a Twitter or email addy to go complain to NBC about this? Seriously a joke for what is supposed to be a national broadcast.

  7. Is Altitude still doing a radio broadcast for round 2? If so, I’ll probably mute the NBC broadcast and play that instead for the next game.

  8. The actual call on the ice was a match penalty for Attempt to Injure and under Rule 43, he’s automatically suspended until the commissioner makes a decision.

  9. Fuck nbc still making excuses for vegas, not a word on their dirty play or if reeves should be suspended

  10. We all knew this series would be us vs Vegas and NBC. Just like when it was us vs Dallas and NBC. And us vs San Jose and NBC. Our guys can just ignore it and kick some ass.

  11. Why not watch the NBC broadcast and the Altitude radio broadcast. You can also perfectly sync them so the radio calls are the one on the stream.

  12. He was back on the ice. Dudes a fucking animal, still a fuxking cheap shot dirt bag move by Reaves. Bitch can’t play hockey, so we get this.

  13. Yup. That just overloaded my hate for the knights. Literally the biggest piece of shit smack of a team I’ve ever seen assembled. Always dirty against the Avs

  14. i seriously can't believe that at the end of an insane 1-7 game, these nbc announcers spent the last 3 minutes of the game jerking off vegas and hoping they come back stronger lol

  15. As an announcer how do you commentate on this game and defend Vegas for poor play? How are you not commending an absolute domination by the avalanche? Hilarious

  16. Hey announcers....how about you quit making this about Vegas having to go to seven games. Maybe it's about that, maybe not. One thing is for sure, we just kicked the shit out of them because we're a much better club. End of

  17. This is just a Tom Wilson joke repurposed... but I appreciate the humor lol. I completely missed the Graves hit, caught the game late.

  18. Commentator literally saying "we didn't take out Mild in 5 games". He is 100% their side. It's a fucking joke that NBC gets the rights to this and then puts biased commentary on

  19. I think from now on if anybody sees someone in a reaves jersey at the sack they are immediately obligated to square up and beat the shit out of them

  20. Sharks fans have known this since we first played Vegas in the playoffs. Just a bunch of bitches, and then their fanbase act like victims, "oh why do NBC and Twitter and

  21. Honestly that PP felt like running out the clock to me. More goals are nice but what do we have to lose, just get the game over with before they take out another player

  22. Feel the same. They probably wanted them to hurt for the next 48 hours so they pretty much made them skate gassers for 9 minutes.

  23. That was my thought as well. Burning 9 minutes with a power play at that point seems more valuable than putting up a point early.

  24. Honestly, if Max P. (Can’t spell last name) doesn’t get at least 1 game for that elbow to the face. I’ll send a dead fish to the league office!!!

  25. Games like this is where it would be infinitely entertaining to have Roy on the bench, though it would be hard to play a playoff series with a suspended coach because Roy would have probably kicked DeBoer's teeth in by now.

  26. Can we put Roy back in the net? Gru is awesome but Roy taking a cross check to the back of the head would not have gone over well. Roy would have been kicking ass and taking names

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