First person POV of russian supply truck driving over Ukrainian TM-62 AT mine, killing the driver

  1. Also that guy recording must thinking thank goodness I wasn't in that truck. Bc I am pretty sure his friends is either dead and on the path to death if he doesn't receive medical attention soon enough.

  2. I think the driver was talking about inventing a new anti mine technology, big metal stick to hold vehicle foot pedal once in a minefield.

  3. I know this is a joke but also it's not entirely inaccurate from what they actually said. Both the driver and the guy who got out definitely seemed to think there were mines.

  4. What was the noise right before the explosion? Sounded like draining a large air compressor, I guess is the best was I can describe it.

  5. Air brakes it’s a large semi truck most all of them have them, they bleed the air that holds that brakes when you let off and that was the noise you heard

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