Do we still draft a QB?

  1. I hope not. The whole point of this is so we don't have to force pick a QB in a bad class. If we were, why wouldn't we just roll with Heinicke instead of wasting two 3rd's for a year of Wentz?

  2. Honestly I am not sure. None of these guys are it. Maybe we should just ride it out now and if we massively fail, the new coach can choose his QB.

  3. It would make no sense to draft a QB this year. I guess the plan is to just go with Wentz then cut him after 1 year and draft a QB when better ones are available next season.

  4. I’d say best player available, but still draft one somewhere in the draft. If the QB you really want is there at 11, sure. Wentz lets us push it back a year if needed. Draft one every year until you find true guy. Some great finds sometimes in rounds 2 or 3 at times.

  5. We could've drafted Davis Mills last year after signing a 37 year old. I seriously doubt we draft one this year. Ron just paid 28 mil for Wentz this tells me he thinks QB is taken care of. It also tells me ( again) that Ron is a clown.

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