Campus Reform | UPDATE: Rittenhouse no longer enrolled in ASU Online ahead of protest demanding the 'violent blood-thirsty murderer' be removed

  1. Gotta love how mass shooter = guy who shot and killed 2 men who were attacking him. These people really don't care that they've completely muddled the meanings of words like "mass shooter", "triggered", etc.

  2. In fairness I don't believe a jury gets to play the ultimate role in deciding the morality of a case. Legally? Sure, the buck needs to stop with them. But jury's can and have been wrong in decisions and its fair to disagree with them.

  3. Interesting idea. If we define murder as the purposeful and unlawful taking of another humans life, than it is very hard to call Kyle a murderer after the outcome of his trial. By this logic though we would have to stop calling pro-choice people child murderers, because they are not in fact commuting murder as defined by the laws of the land. Hmmm…

  4. It just says he hasn’t gone through the admissions process, and that he was “enrolled as a non-degree seeking student” back in October. Maybe he didn’t enroll in classes with the trial coming up.

  5. Add an ASU alumni I can confirm the school is most definitely for sale. Offer them enough money and you can have your name anywhere.

  6. Would be hilarious if his enrollment and reveal of what school he is attending was specifically to generate this entirely predictable result and bolster his civil suits.

  7. Seriously, those students should be expelled and end this bulls#%t. If they can't deal with the American judicial system they need to learn a lesson.

  8. Exactly!!! Is this the same group or students screaming at 2 white kids uh I mean in their words 2 white cisgender whatever TF that is and telling them to get out of THEIR space because they didn’t like they were white males in that viral video from a view months back? what is wrong with this school! I planned on going there in a year online as well and just visited the campus last week and this is really making me want to change my mind. How dare they allow this small group of socialist ( yeah one group is a literal American socialist group on campus ) to take over

  9. If I read this correctly, it looks like nothing has happened yet. It doesn’t seem like he was removed from taking online classes.

  10. Yeah people are jumping to conclusions. They didn’t expel him from the university. They just stated that he was not enrolled in any classes. Never has been. Nothing stopping him either.

  11. This is an own goal for the left. IMO Kyle was seeking this outcome as it provides evidence of materiality in upcoming defamation cases against the MSM. Well played!

  12. Kid is gonna be rich after those lawsuits. He is gonna have more money then all the students will make in a lifetime.

  13. That's all well and good, but he needs college to be a nurse and follow that dream. I would think he probably doesn't want to be a plaintiff in endless lawsuits for the rest of his life.

  14. I guarantee there's an American arms manufacturer that would gladly hire him and get him setup for success.

  15. In other words, these students only believe in the judicial system if it works with their agenda. With the professors these days I’m not surprised a bit with their left leaning bullshit.

  16. "Rittenhouse is currently enrolled in the ASU Online program, and could have even maintained his enrollment had he been convicted of a crime, given that ASU does not require criminal background checks for this programs."

  17. Pull all their funding and donations. Release the list of names of the students that signed that petition. Sue them all.

  18. I hope everyone realizes now that yes he proved to the judicial system he was practicing constitutional 2nd defense in the purest form possible, but the money he had to spend coupled with the fact he’s a marked man the rest of his life tells me do we really have our guaranteed rights anymore? The left has successfully not only taken over culture, they’re now using it to advance their political goals: the 2nd Amendment has been on their list for a loooong time

  19. He should just register online with a state school in his home state, or do a private college and not talk about where. These reprisals are just going to follow him wherever he goes.

  20. He needs to sue the school. These aholes can't just dictate who gets to receive an education - ESPECIALLY WHEN HE WAS HANDED A NOT GUILTY VERDICT!

  21. “One of the students referred to Rittenhouse as a ‘mass shooter’”. Sounds like another person to add to the defamation lawsuits list.

  22. It’s wrong to deny an ex-con his rights if he has paid his debts to society but it is downright horrific to deny someone who was one hundred percent been exonerated. Ashamed of my school - last alumni donation I’ll ever send those bastards.

  23. You made the mistake of donating in the first place. College is already a rip off, they have enough money. I've never and never will donate to my college.

  24. He was proven innocent. He's guilty of no crime. How is this even possible. Just goes to show these woke ass kids, and liberal ass professors are in charge of colleges. Poor Kyle. This sucks.

  25. That is fucking disgusting, let the kid live and enjoy life, it’s already hard enough likely living with ptsd

  26. "Ma'am, I know you've done your homework and so you know that money isn't a big part of my life, but at the moment I could buy Mt. Auburn Street, take the Phoenix Club, and turn it into my ping-pong room."

  27. Reading the article, it almost sounds like ASU is parsing words to appease the leftists. He is “not enrolled” because he hasn’t been admitted yet. It said he was taking online classes as non-degree pending enrolling as a full degree seeking student.

  28. Spend a couple years getting those lawsuits together, and then try U of Austin. Academic resistance is unfortunately just now forming.

  29. This is discrimination at its finest. They literally have a program for prisoners, men and women who have actually been convicted of crimes! This young man was acquitted because of self defense! I hope all those students are ready for a tuition hike because he should sue the absolute fuck out of that university

  30. It's OK. I'm sure these activists would have no problem with Darrel Brooks (Wisconsin BLM terrorist) attending their school

  31. I think Kyle should sue the hell out of the libs and go be a medic in the military. He would get much more respect from his peers doing that and would be able to fulfill his dream.

  32. Lord forbid the violent and bloodthirsty murderer be allowed to take online classes? Yet if it were some convicted gang banger they probably put them on a f****** pedestal go figure.

  33. Call me crazy….but this actually really good for him. The reason I say this, is because of Defamation lawsuits. Main criteria in award amount consideration whether public or private person:

  34. "Lefty snowflake students cause kid who defended himself in self-defense, de-enroll from online classes at ASU" that's what the headline should have read

  35. This just helps him quantify damages due to defamation. The potential earnings from a degree are being deprived from him

  36. Very disappointed in the students at ASU and the leadership of the school! They obviously don’t understand the law and probably never watched the videos.

  37. Bruh just go to GMU or liberty university. For law school it’s slightly more balanced—the current dean of Harvard law school is a conservative

  38. He won’t need college. Just hire some financial advisors, CPA’s and money managers. He will need them for his coming windfall of wealth from media outlets

  39. What the hell? This is an online program. Rittenhouse could be using a pseudonym for all they know, and the school admin’s going to cave to these woke idiots??

  40. Imagine being so pissed off that felons, who were not supposed to be possessing firearms at all, did not get to kill an innocent person.

  41. Rittenhouse should forget about college. He will soon have more money than he could possibly spend and will then be able to spend his days doing whatever the heck he wants.

  42. These students probably never even saw the video or any of the trial. They just know the media has been calling him a killer so he must be evil. Then these same people will turn around and call Trump followers dumb blind sheep.

  43. Didn’t read this but assuming ASU is a public university, are they legally allowed to deny him now that he has been acquitted of all charges? I don’t really blame them as I’m sure there will be plenty of “traumatized” students that won’t feel safe because this monster is taking online courses over a thousand miles away and they will start demanding free grades and/or start enrolling somewhere else.

  44. Complete nut jobs. You know this probably came out from some unstable lunatic in the admissions office came across his name and somehow (as always) made it about themselves.

  45. Hey, communist filth! Thanks for giving Kyle all the ammunition he needs (pun intended) to sue the pants out of you all and tear you all down.

  46. He was supposedly switching from online to in-person, so that may explain the changes to his enrollment. Also, through ASU you can search for currently enrolled students and get their profile information including their student email address. I can imagine he was being harassed pretty heavily because of that.

  47. This is good for him. It now shows evidence that the media's lies have harmed him and will continue to harm him. They just made him millions of more dollars.

  48. For all the bluster of “diversity, inclusion and equity” they sure have problems with a partially hispanic man exonerated by a jury of his peers after a full and lengthy trial

  49. Classic leftist tolerance at work. They’ve all but outright admitted that if your a white conservative male you don’t belong in their college. Or probably most universities. What part of “not guilty” do they still not understand. That’s hate speech from the “tolerant left” right there.

  50. Damn shame now ASU instead of getting their tuition cut from soon to be multimillionaire Kyle Rittenhouse, they will instead hopefully be getting the asses sued off their backs.

  51. So if he can't do online education, and he obviously can't do in-pain education, and you need certification to be a nurse, he can claim actual damages from all the slander against him now, right?

  52. Well in the end he won't need a collage education with the payout he is going to receive.

  53. Kid is gonna be rich as fuck while his dissenters maybe graduate and if they do, they will have student debt and wish they were as rich as him. Enjoy life kid, you dont need a degree.

  54. Wow they are truly stupid. Now he can use this as evidence in his defamation lawsuits. They are governed entirely on emotion.

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