What’s the worst home cooking you’ve ever witnessed?

  1. Things happen but I had never seen someone catch a casserole on actual fire until last Thanksgiving. They scraped the burnt top off.

  2. ah memories - Early on in my cooking career, I was making a really big ham for a bunch of folks. Was almost finished but the glaze wasn't brown enough to suit me. I cranked up the broiler and watched as my (actually pretty) brown-sugar-and-ham-fat went POOF and caught fire, nearly instantly going black.

  3. LOL one of my previous gf's step mom put a whole bottle of rum on a turkey, threw it in the oven while we were all sitting in the living room. She came in and sat down with us for about 20 minutes, then the oven EXPLODED all over the kitchen floor, scaring the absolute (literal) crap out of their dogs. That was a fun thanksgiving.

  4. My uncle was grilling burgers and hot dogs and sprayed the grill with some “cooking oil/PAM” and also sprayed the tops of the burgers and dogs. . . Well we go to eat and they taste funny, turns out the spray was grill cleaner. . . So far we are all still alive

  5. i knew a woman who greased her baking pans for cookies for the church bake sale. But she didn't notice she grabbed the wrong aerosol can. It was roach spray.

  6. Went to a BBQ. The guy started cooking brisket at about 4pm for a 6pm party. It was not done in time.

  7. When I hear “let’s have a BBQ,” my thought is for something starting in the morning to finish at night. Sorry the brisket was disrespected.

  8. I've never had a brisket be done in time for company. Somehow it's always like 4 hours longer than expected. I have a friend who also prides himself on his meat-mastery and he's invited me over for brisket twice, and neither time did we eat brisket.

  9. I had an old friend back in college who claimed to be vegan. I didn’t understand this since she drank milk and ate cheese, which clearly are NOT vegan but insisted meat and eggs are wrong to consume. This one time she invited me over for lunch and decided to make a ‘Vegan’ omelette. I’m not a vegan, but am always open to trying new dishes. Now, I know there are options for egg substitutes out there and thought she would use one of those. Nope. She dissolved a whole box of saltine crackers in milk, sautéed some veggies in a pan, then dumped the soggy cracker concoction into it. Cooked it for a few minutes the. Added some cheese. She then divided it in half and served it to me on a plate. I’ve had some very good vegan dishes in my life but that was definitely not one of them.

  10. When I was in college, two of my roommates (for a short, three month sublet, but that was long enough) were vegan, and this was the first time I was close enough to anyone vegan that I was actively around their food on a frequent basis. They convinced me that what they ate was common so it completely turned me off to vegan food for years. Turns out neither of them knew how to cook and there is some genuinely good vegan food out there if you know how to make it. (I say this as a vegetarian who doesn’t like eggs and only drinks oat milk)

  11. My sister in law invited us over for dinner. She bought super expensive ribeyes and proceeded to bake them at an extremely high temperature until they were legitimately leather. It was so hard to eat them and be nice.

  12. My Mom just throws things in her air fryer for a random time/temp and goes outside while I witness it burn. If I wasn't there, I'm sure by now she would've burned down the house.

  13. Pretty much everything my mother made, growing up. She didn't care about food or cooking so everything came from cans or the freezer. She would burn frozen food on the outside which would still be frozen on the inside. And her mother too - that lady had lost her sense of taste and smell and didn't care what food tasted like so everything was incredibly bland.

  14. A neighbor was known for 'just getting food on the table' for her dinner guests. She was a preternaturally hostile woman, anyway, and I don't know why she hosted any dinner parties, except to show friends and neighbors just how much she disliked them. I did like her husband, and to keep a neighborly peace, generally accepted her invitations to dine.

  15. I grew up thinking I didn't like vegetables. After I moved out and learned to cook, I went home for a meal. I watched my mom put a pan of chicken breasts in the oven and, immediately after, pour a bag of mixed vegetables into a pot of boiling water. She let this bag of diced corn, peas, and carrots go until after the chicken was done. The vegetables were indistinguishable by taste.

  16. Different players would host the DnD game and we would usually order food. But one day, X really wanted to host, and told us he'd cook us his famous Shepherd's Pie. Another friend of ours, Y, never shut up about how good this dish was whenever the topic of cooking came up, so we were excited.

  17. I have had anosmia as long as I can remember and I can't stand over salted food. While the smell of food affects how someone percieves tastes their tastebuds still work and taste all of it.

  18. My sister made(tried) brownies she used 1 part sugar 1 part oil and 1/2 part flour and 1 part coco powder. She mistook my words and decided to microwave it 12 15 mins instead of baking it. That shit was harder than life.

  19. I once fucked up making pecan pie from memory. I forgot it had to cool to set so I kept checking it and baking it. "Wtf? It is still soggy." When I finally took it out it set into something resembling pecan toffee.

  20. We have a plastic container full of breadcrumbs that we make from stale bread. I was making breaded chicken/kotlets with my sibling, and we were using said breadcrumbs to do so. My siblings plan to avoid more cleaning up was to just dip the eggy raw chicken into the breadcrumb container, as this can then just be put back afterwards. After I caught them doing this, I said we would have to throw out all the breadcrumbs afterwards, to which they were confused as to why, because to them all the breadcrumbs that touched the chicken would have been picked up. It resulted in a big argument and despite everyone else explaining why it was bad, they still do not see why. Have never trusted them with food hygiene again.

  21. My grandmother swears you can keep reusing the shake n bake as long as you put it in the fridge. She's had the same bag in her fridge for six months. I want to sneak throw it out but I know she'll pick it out of the trash. Same with breadcrumbs, she puts the already dipped in crumb back into the can and puts them in the pantry 🤦‍♀️ we don't eat her cookkng.

  22. Are they blind? Can they not see all the raw egg and chicken juice they just gooped into the breadcrumb jar with!? Ten thousand years of banishment for such a crime!

  23. A friend of mine invited me over to help on an outside project and said he'd buy lunch and beer. I happily did so and the project ran well beyond lunch. No big deal to me, glad to help out however I can and had no real plans. We decided to have dinner at home and then walk to a nearby pub.

  24. I was going to say that food poisoning usually takes longer than a few hours to hit, but I also didn't realize until I re-read, that it was raw ground beef in the tacos.

  25. I worked at a restaurant for years and always loved making food at home for friends and family. Practice has made me fast and efficient. So I always cooked and made new dishes at home for me and my roommate.

  26. reminds me of my friend who made tuna casserole for his gf. Gf complained it tasted weird, kinda sweet. Dude claimed he made it completely like normal. Made ANOTHER one. Same problem. Huge fight. GF insists he show her everything he used.

  27. Microwaved frozen chicken breasts until thawed, then cooked naked on a sheet pan and served shredded for tacos. Bonus, they were not seasoned because "that's what the salsa is for!" This was for a dinner we were specifically invited over for. We have not been over since.

  28. Oh man. Reminds me of a guy I worked with. We had a cookout for our employees and he insisted on making the burgers; claiming that his western BBQ burgers were always a hit. Tell me why this motherfucker laughed when I asked what he seasoned his patties with. He said that he did not put any seasoning in the patty because that what Sweet Baby Ray's was for. He then went on to undercook the burgers and got roasted by the crew. He was not allowed to cook anything from that point on.

  29. My then girlfriend, a few years ago was making a beef tomato spaghetti. Aaand she had a lightbulb moment. "I want to make this different!"

  30. I will say this: a bit of cocoa powder can add a nice layer to Chili or something of that ilk, but a quarter cup is pretty extreme even for that, and especially for Spaghetti sauce. But I think I kind of understand what your gf was going for.

  31. Baker here! Sometimes a layer of moisture can build between your lemon custard and meringue, especially if you chilled the baked pie at any point before toasting the meringue.

  32. My grandmothers were polar opposites when it came to cooking. My maternal grandmother was a fantastic cook and baker - her tiny, cozy kitchen was forever warm and sweet-smelling and filled with pans of freshly-baked pastries and breads. Pots of the most luscious stews (that lovely, gentle 'lup-lup' sound as they bubbled away). A thin layer of flour on every horizontal surface. And butter! Ohhh, the butter. Grandma always loved to tell us how much butter she'd used to make that year's batch of Christmas cookies. Her record is 22 pounds ("One pound for every grandchild!").

  33. I have a friend who’s an objectively decent cook, she knows meat temperatures and what a microwave can and can’t be used for. But when she starts to get creative, all hell breaks loose.

  34. Reminds me of my friend who invited me over for dinner, works in fine dining, but tries to get creative every now and then.

  35. In my first apartment I had a nice couple, about my age, living right above me. The guy and I had chatted a few times, and at one point we all decided to have dinner together, which turned into a sort of pot-luck.

  36. I honestly didn't know the best way to coat meat was to dredge it. My pork chops were always just the meat, salted, with seasoned flour. I didnt realize how helpful eggs would be to help bind the two together! And that you can use things like a buttermilk brine with chicken and then add some of that brine to the flour mixture to get the nice crispy parts. I need to make fried chicken one day lol.

  37. My infectious disease professor said that the kitchen sink is home to the highest concentration? Number? Diversity? (I forget) of fecal bacteria of anywhere in the house because people take for granted that it’s clean. Young you was correct

  38. My mother in law made what's called a "slavink". It's half and half ground pork and beef wrapped in bacon, essentially.

  39. Sometimes I’m paranoid about personal cleanliness when people visit. Then I read stories like this and I’m like “nah I’m fine”

  40. Knew someone who thought adding to much salt was her quirky personality trait. She use to sort of best about it. "It taste normal to me. That's just who I am. " She would proudly say. She added so much, it was like sand in you food. No one ate anything she made. Hardly a surprise. She was at someone's house, and dumped the whole box of salt in big pot of soup. They went to eat it, and everyone spit out the food. Her friend started screaming at her. "That cost real money you stupid Fing B." She screamed.

  41. My sister was like this. She loved her salt. Until she had a stroke in her 30s. Before that I watched her make a sandwich. White bread, mayo on top, I think it's called chopped ham slices from the deli, American cheese. She put it together and then salted the top of the bread. Gross!

  42. Uh… politely… how many concussions did your brother have as a kid? This is awful cooking mixed with some very unsettling behavior.

  43. She married a man who not only scraped mold off of beans and still served them but also tried to feed her bleach???????????? Holy shit

  44. Yikes on bikes to all of these! I’ve never understood people who assume other people are lying about allergies. Why lie about something that makes life so complicated?

  45. My MIL made her dish of “beef and noodles” for us a day ahead of time (because it was hot or something). Her way of reheating it was literally to dump the pan into a pot of boiling water!!! Then we had to eat the soggy mess…

  46. Someone made me chicken and dumplings one time and I was jazzed because I love good chicken and dumplings but it was just flour and milk and chicken breasts with NO seasonings at all not even salt as white as the freshly fallen snow . It was literally awful It tasted like raw flour and hot milk I wanted to cry because I got a big scoop but her whole family loved it . They ask for it every holiday and get together .

  47. Lasagne made with one layer of pasta, with what was basically mini chicken nuggets, carrots, peas and greenbeans. Worse still, pasta was raw. I should've clicked when it was made in about 45mins.

  48. Mother in law poured chicken marinade on the finished chicken to "give it more flavor". Granted the marinade was only microwaved for 30 seconds prior. My wife was pregnant at the time which made it even worse.

  49. Nothing wrong with this if you actually.... bring it to a boil and simmer for a few minutes first. But that's kinda... crucial

  50. A group reunion with college roommates. She dumped all of the chicken and vegetables for a chicken curry into a dirty sink beside a second sink filled with dirty dishes. She lost a piece of chicken down the garbage disposal and reached in to retrieve it. I looked over at our other old roommate and went, “Girl, we gon die tonight.” We smiled and prayed.

  51. I graduated with a culinary degree, and have a couple friends who have degrees in chemistry. Shortly after we all graduated and found jobs my chemist friends invited me over to hang out and make dinner at one of their bosses houses.

  52. An ex of mine reached into a boiling pot of water to pick up a single piece of potato and put it in a seive to drain it, not realising he could just tip everything through it.

  53. There was a story I read years ago. Girl was having dinner with boyfriend. A frozen pizza. Pizza is done, boyfriend says “Oh, I hate this part” and reaches into the oven and pulls out the pizza and pan bare handed. She had to explain to him oven mitts.

  54. Reading this I realize I have been far too lucky, worst home cooking I've had is some overcooked to hell pasta with some jar sauce and canned tuna.

  55. My mom’s best friend invited us over for taco night. It was pre-made shells with an over cooked, pre-formed frozen burger patty, cut in half and shoved in the shell. No seasoning, bag of cheese, bag of shredded lettuce. We never came over for dinner again. She’s married to a very very Latino man, so I have no idea how she got away with that travesty.

  56. My ex mother-in-law was a God awful cook. I understand some recipes allow for some creative liberty, I do that all the time, but I've never seen someone replace milk with "Vanilla Silk" so freely for mashed potatoes.

  57. Born to parents who survived the depression, by chance? There was a lot of "making do" and "extending" for those parents.

  58. In general, my mom and her mom were horrible cooks. The benefit is that I became a pretty good cook as did my younger sister. My mom was inattentive and many times we would walk into a kitchen filled with smoke because she let something burn. She also had no clue about actual taste. She had a shelf filled with spices but never seemed to use any of them. Because of the quality there were always leftovers that she would put on the table the next meal. She would cook meat to a hard chewy consistency the first time and reheat it the following night. I would watch my dad look at what was on the table, his hard earned paycheck used to buy and prepare a steak he would spend days chewing on. What was really bad for him was that his mom was an amazing cook. He went from some of the best home cooked meals to the culinary atrocities that my mom would manifest in the kitchen. My sister and I started cooking for ourselves at a young age and it is something we both enjoy to this day.

  59. This is like a meal from a post-nuclear apocalyptic wasteland. “I was able to forage a chicken and some spaghetti. We shall live another day.”

  60. Invited to a friends house for a BBQ and they said they are doing chicken. Ok, great not my favorite, but a crowd pleaser.

  61. I never understood this. Get a meat thermometer. Also, if you're lazy, just get a good marinade from Costco or fuck, just brush it with Sweet Baby Ray's. How do these people live their lives eating like this?

  62. Years ago, I had a friend invite me over for dinner. She said she was making chicken enchiladas. What she served was flour tortillas filled with condensed cream of chicken soup straight from the can and topped with cheese, which she baked just long enough to get hot through and melt the cheese.

  63. My brother went over to a friend's father's house once for dinner. He said he was going to make a home cooked meal for them. He made chili which consisted of a 3lb pack of hamburger, one can of baked beans, a bottle of ketchup, and a couple tablespoons of brown sugar. He put it in a pot and brought it to boil. It was henceforth known as "bowl of questionable meat".

  64. Thanksgiving like 4 years ago. My wife's great aunt made a Christmas Vacation turkey with no gravy. Coincidently, haven't seen her since.

  65. I swear my grandmother goes out of her way to make the easiest recipes a complete disaster. Once I gave her a dump and go crockpot recipe for mongolian beef thinking it would be impossible for her to screw up. Flank steak sliced and coated in cornstarch, then throw in water, soy sauce, brown sugar, some shredded carrots, set it on high for 2-3 hrs, done. Nope. She picks the absolute cheapest cut of meat she can find, doesn’t have cornstarch so she just dumped in a bunch of flour later, forgot to add water, and she didn’t feel like getting out her crockpot but didn’t adjust accordingly. She just simmered it for three hours because “it’s the same thing.” It was completely inedible because the steak was so tough and covered in clumpy soy flour bombs. To add insult to injury instead of acknowledging her mistakes she just complained that the recipe was bad.

  66. Oh that's sad. I once made parsnip mash that was delicious - the key (as with many things) is butter, salt and garlic

  67. My partner, the first time he made me dinner when we just started dating. Sweet gesture, but probably one of the worst meals I've ever had.

  68. This is basically my husband. When we first met, he had only salt and pepper and I gifted him cinnamon to put in coffee. One year he was realllly hyping up Cinco de Mayo and said he was making tacos. I didn’t have high expectations, but I figured he had a taco seasoning packet or picked up some of the pre marinaded meat from the store. But no, he literally cooked (lean) ground beef with just a tiny bit of salt and served it in tortillas. I think there was cheese but I was not eating dairy products at the time….. margaritas were good though 🤷‍♀️

  69. I'm from the UK and I think due to rationing extending into the mid 50s and a bunch of other factors homecooked food can oftentimes be a bit dubious. Though it's a lot better now, a lot of my childhood was full of vegetables that were always boiled (never fried or baked etc) to death. Just stodgy, watery and soft broccoli, carrots, sprouts etc. Meat often massively overcooked and dry to avoid food poisoning.

  70. My grandmother who moved to the US from the UK in 1953 would not eat meat unless it was fully 100% cooked. In the 80s we went to a japanese steak house (think Benihana, but not branded as such and they ONLY served hibachi style steak and fried rice as this was the 80s after all) and she practically made the chef cry because he had to cook her meat so long. Thankfully my grandfather was in charge of any grilling to be done so most of the time our steaks and burgers and such were to everyone's tastes, but there was certainly no such thing as a rare roast beef in her house. But honestly that woman was a witch in the kitchen, even in rural maine with limited access to variety for groceries and a mid century mindset about seasoning, everything she ever cooked was incredible and delicious, even her overcooked roasts were still deliciously seasoned and served with gravy so good you didn't notice how over cooked the food was. Even with modern groceries and accessibility to things she'd never have dreamed of being able to buy fresh I can't recreate some of the things she used to cook nearly as well as she would.

  71. An exes mother almost ruined rosemary for me. And my two fave veggies for that matter. On two seperate dinners she prepared broccoli and asparagus the same way. Microwaved in a glass casserole dish, covered in water, with about 8 sprigs of rosemary floating in it. Nothing else. Bloated, soggy, gross veggies that tasted of only rosemary. I could barely stand cooking with the herb for nearly a decade.

  72. My mom once tried to convince me that homemade mac and cheese was the best thing ever. She never cooked- everything we ate was microwave-ready- so I didn't believe her. To prove her point, she decided to make me some. In the microwave.

  73. My in-laws are the most kind and loving people I know, and I'm truly blessed to be their son.

  74. Went to lunch at a friend's house and his wife was going to make hamburgers. Sounded good. She had a fry pan with about 1/2" of oil and heated it to god knows what temp. Then she put in the beef patties and it was like a hot hot volcano sputtering oil out. The hamburgers were burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. Worst I ever had. But I am polite and ate it.

  75. Omg, it sounds like he has never seen food ingredients before. I never understood why something so fundamental to our daily life could be handled so poorly by some people well into adulthood.

  76. Went to my best friends house for dinner. Her mom took two big fat chicken breasts and dumped an entire bottle of Franks red hot and stuck them in the microwave. An hour later I was served a pink lump of meat, no sides.

  77. My sister can prepare amazing salads and vegetable based dish, but she cant make an edible burger. shes not vegan, she eats meat, but everytime we go to her place in the summer she make burger and they are just the worst thing ever.

  78. She needs to just make smash burgers. Seems right up her alley and it is hard to not make taste great.

  79. When I used to work in a restaurant one of the dishwashers thought he was a gourmet chef and he just needed his big chance to show the head chef at the restaurant his skills. We had a party after a shift one night drinking at one of the servers house. And this guy decides he is going to make a giant omelet for everybody to munch on since we were all getting hungry. He raids our host's fridge and pantry and comes out with butter, eggs, bacon and romaine lettuce.

  80. My MIL's MO is that she cooks everything the day before, leaves it in the fridge overnight, and then heats it up in the microwave when her guests arrive. I've never understood this because it's both more work AND it turns everything into a disgusting, rubbery mess.

  81. My moms cooking isn’t the worst but definitely not good. She made me and my girlfriend chicken and rice where she proceeded to dump frozen chicken in full pot of boiling water with a maybe two pinches of table salt. When I told her she may want to put more seasoning because she’s cooking it in water, she told me “it would be too salty”. She then dumped rice in the boiling water when the chicken was overcooked.

  82. Oh I have a good one. Went to a dinner at a new friend’s house. She said she was making macaroni and cheese and I was excited! We chatted as she cooked…she boiled macaroni. Then put it in a casserole dish. On top she added about 6 pieces of processed American cheese sliced up into thin strips. Just…laid it on top. Then she baked it for 20 minutes.

  83. Well a friend served me broken glass in meal once. She the kind of person who wouldn't hurt a fly so I'm sure she just broke something while cooking and didn't notice some got in the food. It was in a stuffed pepper and they were served in a way she didn't know which one I'd get so I'm sure it wasn't personal. I've eaten lots of time there since and nothing odd happened again.

  84. I was cooking for a few friends and after I pulled the entree out of the oven I dropped a glass pyrex pie dish out of the cupboard and it shattered on the counter right next to the completed dish. I immediately pulled out my phone to order pizza but then had to convince our friends to NOT eat the entree. They kept inspecting it saying they couldn't see any glass so it was probably fine.

  85. I had a neighbor who was just a god-awful cook. She had 2 kids, 8 and 13, and would mainly feed them fast food and pizza. Her kids were basically terrified of eating anything but really generic American food. We'd get pizza from a local place Rico's and the 13 year old would moan that it wasn't from Pizza Hut.

  86. My own. I was trying to make a veggie chilli w tempeh, dark chocolate, and a beer. Watched a few videos. Read a few recipes. Felt confident. Accidentally over salted. To compensate, I try to add more chocolate. Wasn't thinking too clearly and added about 10x the recommended chocolate amount. It ended up like a thick chocolate stew.

  87. It’s ok, one time I put three big table spoons of cinnamon in my tomato sauce, I don’t know what I was thinking, ended up throwing away the whole thing.

  88. Sister makes rolls and after the cooking time is complete turns off the oven and leaves them in there to stay warm. By stay warm I mean use the rolls to play wiffle ball later on in the evening.

  89. I had a roommate who was a terrible cook. I did most of the cooking but she felt like she should do it sometimes. One day she boiled asparagus until it was grey and mushy, and cut up raw sausages (I don't remember if they were bratwurst or Italian sausages) and boiled them with it. The whole meal was grey, and the sausages, being raw when they were cut, deformed into horrible tumor-looking things. I ate it. It tasted better than it looked, but it looked absolutely inedible, so there's not much to say about the taste either.

  90. My stepmother's "family recipe" Sunday sauce that she cooks all day. It was a few cans of whole tomatoes and literally nothing else. No garlic, no onion, no salt or pepper and definitely not a single seasoning. Everyone at the table was piling on red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, ricotta and parmesan. It was the most bland crap I have ever had. Probably not the worst, but just the audacity of everyone in my family to talk about it like it was the greatest sauce on the planet.

  91. I’m visiting my elderly parents in a rural part of the US and they get a lot of farm fresh food. Mom makes amazing jam! I opened a brand new jar of peach jam and there was a big glob of mold right on the top, so I told mom I was throwing it out. “It was sealed!” she said. “Just scrape it off.” I did not, in fact, scrape off the mold and eat the botulism jam. And I begged her never, ever to do that.

  92. My daughters grandma… she used to make boiled boneless skinless chicken breasts with onion. That was the entire recipe. No seasoning of any kind, no browning, no sautéing, just boiling chicken and onion.

  93. When I got my first apartment, my roommate and I were both learning to cook and would challenge each other to see who could make the best meals.

  94. This wasn't in someone's home, but at my great-grandmother's funeral. In the part of the country where my family is from, after a funeral there's a luncheon in the church basement multi-purpose room. The ladies of the church supply the food (out of their own pockets, I might add, because if there's one thing the Catholic Church is, it's stingy and greedy.) And unfortunately, if you're familiar with the demographics of religion in America, you'll understand that the parish is overwhelmingly elderly and waning fast. There are a lot of funerals. My great-grandma was a stalwart of this parish, had been an active member for her entire adult life, so everyone went all-out.

  95. God I'm having flashbacks to the potlucks my grandparents' baptist church would have. The Midwest isn't famous for its home cooking, and that's for good reason. "Salads" with jello and cool whip as far as the eye can see, the strangest casseroles you've ever seen, and more crack pots per person than any other gathering I've ever been to.

  96. My mother and grandmother, bless their souls, I loved them dearly, but neither of them was a good cook.i spent summers living with my grandparents and my grandmother knew I loved mashed potatoes and gravy. She grew up during the depression so there was a lot of canned stuff and powdered milk and boiling things. She made hamburger patties. For the side dish, was boiled canned potatoes with gravy made from the hamburger grease, but here is the kicker. She normally used kitchen bouquet to darken and flavor the gravy and she was out, so she used coffee. But I had to eat it because, grandma plus I was hungry.

  97. My FIL went on a Gulf Coast fishing trip a number of years ago (we live in the midwest). He brought back some of the Red Snapper with him and invited us over for dinner. We, my wife and I, were both excited and were really looking for to it.... until...

  98. A guy I used to live with always make this 'stew' it was some kind of concoction with baked beans, veggies, random sauces, chicken I think, it looked and smelt terrible. But if that wasn't bad enough he cooked a big batch of it in a large pot and left it on the stove turning the heat on 2 or 3 times a day to have some. No refrigeration or anything. How he didn't get food poisoning ill never know.

  99. Was invited to meet my fiancés childhood friend and his family at their house. Him and his wife made Kabobs on the grill with chicken, some with shrimp, others were a combo of bell peppers, onion and steak. Some normal sides were served like mac n cheese, potatoes.

  100. My mo. She hates cooking and would do stuff like cook chicken breats with water because oil would make us fat.

  101. My family tried to make a brie wheel at Christmas one year. No one bothered to consider what would happen putting a wheel of cheese straight on an oven rack and ignore it. The fire department was quite nice. I got to have my pictures taken on the truck.

  102. 1st Thanksgiving with the inlaws. Everything so dry and overcooked. Dry dry dry turkey. Dressing so overbaked it was hard & crusty (not in a good way). Mashed potatoes without enough milk or butter so they were stiff. Gravy very thick and gloppy so it didn't help at all. Over-boiled veggies swimming in grease. Cheap store-bought pies.

  103. Most of that sounds pretty awful...but I can forgive the store-bought pies because I am lazy too and usually most of the dessert ends up leftover because everyone is full from dinner.

  104. I was at a friend's house, and their new gf asked us to stay for dinner. She put some pieces of chicken in foil, poured some kind of sauce in, and cooked it in the oven for 30min. It was still basically raw. We made polite excuses so we could leave, I think I said I had a headache.

  105. They'd put ketchup, sliced onion, and sliced lemon atop an unseasoned pork chop, and then they'd add water to the skillet until it almost reached the top of the pork chops. They'd set the skillet on medium, put a lid on it, and boil the pork chops until they were shoe leather in texture.

  106. My mother in law put beef broth over kosher deli prepared (and shredded by her?) smoked meat and when she saw my face she said "is this what you do with your pulled pork?". The second the car doors were closed after we left, both my partner and I were like WTF!!??

  107. My friend was sent out to get pork for taco night. He ended up coming home with a gammon steak after a fruitless search for pork.

  108. My MILs cooking was awful. She would take canned veggies and just throw in about 1/4 cup of bacon grease. So now it was just mushy, greasy veggies. She also then added a ton of salt. Her mashed potatoes would come out grey becuase she used so much ground black pepper. I can't think of anything she ever made that I would want again. She was /is a heavy smoker, so that may have accounted for a lack of tastebuds (possibly also the grey look of the potatoes, who knows if there was ash in there).

  109. I got invited over for “home cooked lasagna” one time but it was just two stouffers frozen lasagnas, which are typically not that bad all things considered, but friends mom a cold one and the other was raw. Then the entire dinnertime was spent sit their listening to the family bicker and argue over anything and everything, it started out kind of tense but doable you could tell, and within 5 minutes it started. Another son came down and just went “frozen lasagna again? We’ve had this the past 5 days”. Then it became yelling but nobody ever left, we all stayed at the table for the entire 45 minutes or so as they all just yelled. My friend didnt engage in any of it and I didn’t, i got invited back a few weeks later but didn’t accept the offer

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