First stats for Omicron in Israel: protection for vaccinated similar to Delta, twice as dangerous for unvaccinated

  1. Reporter indicates that: Boosted vaccination protection from infection is 90% Previously sick has twice the chance to get infected then delta variant. R is 1.3 faster than Delta Unvaccinated has 2.4 times the chance of becoming seriously sick then original strain

  2. Important to note though: "Unvaccinated" in this report includes people who've had two doses but no booster.

  3. So mixed news. And confusing news. The boosted should be in good shape, but this sounds like those who are banking on natural immunity and the anti-vaxxers are in even greater danger.

  4. If unvaccinated people have 2.4 times the risk of serious sickness than original strain (which is worse than delta?), and the vaccine protection is the same at 90%, does that mean vaccinated people are still at a higher risk from omicron, it’s just the ratio between vaccinated and unvaccinated risk has stayed the same.

  5. what about children???? Under 5 is still not able to get vaxxed. Sorry, I appreciate the information. I'm just still terrified for my little one. It's not over for so many people, including kids. I wish they would hurry up the studies for kids, but I want them to do it right, and that dichotomy is stressing the fuck out of me. Sorry.

  6. What are we looking at for double dose no booster? Canada isn't issueing a booster dose to the general public atm. My second dose was nearly 6 months ago..

  7. Think about this: vaccine demand will probably be met in the late winter or early spring. After that it’s the hesitant and supply chain complications holding this up.

  8. When you note that roughly 3 billion people have not had a single dose, it is important to remember 100% of the 5 and under population cannot get dosed yet, and the availability for those 5-11 is relatively new (not sure how available it is in general outside of the US etc).

  9. Mm where does this leave the double vaxxed (booster aren't availbale for my age group yet here in Portugal)

  10. We're counted among the "unvaccinated" for now. My booster is due in February but Canada is only boosting the elderly at the moment. Hopefully the rules will change by then.

  11. so im double vaxxed (moderna) and 2 days ago I got covid (im basically over it now). Ig now I have the most supreme antibodies possible.

  12. I got covid in Dec 2020, and I'm fully vaxxed (May 2021) plus boosted (2 weeks ago). If I get covid again and it takes me out, it just wasn't meant to work out.

  13. Ok so the vaccines work in some capacity but it’s super duper contagious. And if your aren’t vaccinated… you’re an idiot.

  14. Sounds great. I have zero, and I mean ZERO sympathy for the unvaccinated at this point (in the countries with full access to vaccines at least). If vaccine efficacy is similar, then I'm chillin.

  15. This thing will really hit the unvaccinated. It is really sad to see such a loss of life and life quality for no reason. It's really crazy that people are still antivax after so many covid-deaths of their spokepersons.

  16. My 80 year old unvaxxed neighbor is getting loaded into an ambulance as I type this. Caught COVID about a week ago. Great guy, just listened to the wrong people.

  17. More fuel for the HCA fire. These deaths are a tragedy, but it's hard to keep caring when keeping these people alive seems to matter more to me then them.

  18. Its not really no reason though. I mean I'm paranoid but antivax are on a whole other level. Armchair scientists who believe the most outrageous crap because it sounds like it could be feasible and in the process, are hindering efforts to bring life back to normality while showing how selfish this world has truly become.

  19. Not gonna be great for the vaxxed either when you have to wait 37 hours to get triaged at the ER for non Covid emergencies.

  20. there is reason. The po1iticization of public health, courtesy of some of the worst leadership we've ever witnessed, who continue to be in complete denial about the damage they've caused.

  21. at this point i just feel bad for the medical professionals who have to deal with all the stupid

  22. The unvaccinated will blame the vaccinated for their deaths/hospitalizations and we will see even worse social chaos

  23. If you click through to the article, and accept cookies, there's an option to read an English translation. It's not a really GOOD translation, but you'll get the gist.

  24. Well I wish they didn’t count those with two shots of the vaccine as unvaccinated if they’re eligible for the booster. It’s definitely a great argument to get the booster quickly for those that are past the six months mark.

  25. While I agree, there’s a difference between someone who just got their first two doses recently (within the past 4-5 months) and those who got their first two and only doses at the beginning of last winter.

  26. When they say vaccines they obviously mean Biontech/Pfizer. But where does that leave the rest of us who had to take AstraZeneca? South Africa cancelled AstraZeneca because efficacy was so low against the previous SA variant. Even though Omicron is different, it shares a number of mutations with the previous variant.

  27. The problem of people commenting here is that they think that everything that is available to us is available to entire world. There are many countries and places where neither B nor Pfz is available. Russia is a good example.

  28. That's an excellent point. It'd be useful to understand the statistical significance of their findings so early in the spread.

  29. Has anybody with omicron been hospitalized yet? I can’t find any information about hospitalizations/deaths?

  30. Due to a recent diagnosis, I not only got the booster yesterday (Moderna) but also got the pneumonia and tetanus shots yesterday. Combines that with tests, I was a pincushion yesterday🤪

  31. I almost had to take an unplanned/urgent trip overseas this summer for business (luckily ended up cancelled) and decided to hit up the travel clinic and make sure I was up-to-date and/or vaxxed in the first place for whatever I needed given my destination.

  32. Ugh, I got my first pneumonia shot a few months ago due to asthma. It kicked my ass harder than my Moderna shot. Congratudolences.

  33. I’m gonna bet you’re not having a great time today, with all those shots! Flu+Pfizer 3rd knocked me on my ass for a solid weekend.

  34. Pneumonia left a raised painful welt on my arm, so that one may not be that bad. The welt was my only side effect. The TDaP though? Good luck. My whole arm was Charlie-horsed for over 24 hours. Those always give me trouble. I hope your experience is far better.

  35. This is pretty bad news right? I don’t support anti Vaxers but this seems like they will really clog the healthcare system, right?

  36. While it will tax the healthcare system to the brink (once again), the sympathy cards will be fleeting to those who still refuse to get vaxxed.

  37. They'll likely get triaged out of healthcare when push comes to shove with hospitals likelier to kick them out of a ventilator for conditions that are more treatable as covids severity increases.

  38. This is my worry. If (it’s a big if right now) the data is accurate, we’re still going to need major restrictions to control the spread in the unvaccinated/unboosted because the health care systems will be swamped. Or we just leave them to die in agony at home. And we don’t know how long the booster dose provides protection for yet.

  39. If this data holds true (considering it is probably a pretty small sample at this point): I really, really, really hope this is the push some of the unvaccinated are looking for to get shots in their arms. I know it's not, but I just don't want to see any more people die of this. It's not fair to anyone.

  40. Anyone else get really wiped out from the Moderna booster? Got it yesterday (almost exactly 6 months after my 2nd shot, all Moderna) and was so achy and tired it was hard to walk and my husband said I was moaning all night in pain. Didn't sleep well. Took day off work and napped here and there, now feeling better but arm is sore and feel weak. Zero effects from 1st 2 shots. 44 yr old female

  41. Acetaminophen helped a lot with post booster symptoms for me. Went from feeling pretty bad from my immune response to fine an hour and a half after some Tylenol.

  42. My wife had her 3rd a few weeks back and experienced a sore arm for 2 days and was pretty wiped out for about a day and half.

  43. I got the moderna booster as well. I had no issues with the first two shots, but I’ll admit that the moderna booster kicked my ass. I’m glad that I got it being 39 weeks pregnant and in the high risk group, but I admittedly felt awful after. I was so tired, my arm aches like hell, and the whole night I had a searing headache with hot flashes and cold/night sweats. Only lasted about 18-24 hours but certainly sucked.

  44. 28/F — Pfizer (May) then Moderna (June; Canada): and it knocked me on my ass after about 8 hours. Began feeling sore after <9 hours, took extra strength ibuprofen and heat bags, and Gravol to sleep. Woke up at about 01:00 and felt like the worst flu body pains I’ve had in many, many years; maybe since childhood growing pains, but all over my arms and legs. I was in so much “bruise” pain that I cried and my partner had to rub my back. We were both in pain, but I’m hypersensitive to internal pain, so we just rotated in bed, rubbing each others backs and whimpering.

  45. The Moderna booster was way harder on my arm than the 1st 2. Giant swollen lymph nodes in my armpit, and pain for days. Almost a week later it hurts to sleep on :(

  46. The booster gave me a pretty gnarly fever. I woke up in the middle of the nigh burning up. Still 100% worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  47. Yep… Chills and aches for a couple days and had a huge painful swollen armpit lymph node for days, like another commenter. Day 2 post-booster I actually fainted, which was scary! But it may have had something to do with lying on the couch barely moving all day.

  48. Welp, I'm all vaxxed and waxxed but if I was an anti-vaxxer this would be evidence only confirming my suspicions of some sort of conspiracy. I can see a lot of people entrenching themselves further if they read this....

  49. I agree. Maybe it's because I live in an area where I swear I am surrounded by antivax, Trump won, give me the Ivermectin knuckle draggers. I can already hear how this is proof that we are all being manipulated. This is perfectly formulated to fuel their conspiracy fire. They are holding hands singing God Save the Fool and dying by the masses. This new strain isn't going to do anything to change their mind, unfortunately.

  50. I kind of get that because I’m all pro vaccination as well but sometimes I think how convenient for Pfizer that their vaccine works so well but we have to keep getting boosters. So much money that is being paid to them.

  51. I know we like to high five each other over being vaccinated, but twice as dangerous for unvaccinated sounds like horrible news.

  52. This is nothing but bullshit to make some news. I'd take ANY negative OR positive news at this early stage with a whole sack of salt, not just a grain. Give it a few weeks for science to ACTUALLY come together.

  53. This is good news for the vaccines if true, but everyone should take this with a very minor grain of salt. There is not much data out there right now, and while the Isreali scientists are good at their jobs, these numbers can be very biased early on in an epidemic. Let's wait a couple weeks and look at the neutralization data in the meantime.

  54. If true, this will be the covid wave which will truly put rich countries to shame, who’ll have good protection. It’ll be an utter shit show in less developed, low vaccinated countries.

  55. I guess they had data from SA, but now I’m thinking how can they have so much to say about boosters when there are only 30% vaccinated in there

  56. They are pulling the data primarily from Gauteng Province. 3,143 cases today. 200 hospital admissions today.

  57. It doesn't say but it says it's based on south Africa and Europe cases. This is very preliminary. One article I saw said the health ministry didn't even have the data yet that's being reported on.

  58. Yes but just not while the US considers people fully vaccinated at having the original two shots, this article states that a booster is needed to meet the protection you were used to so more precaution is warranted if you haven’t had a booster.

  59. Twice as scary for me then as my kids are both under 5. Any talk for a trial on 1-5 year olds yet? Wife and I are fully vaxxed with boosters but still can't take the kids anywhere since our area is so low in vaccination rates compared to the rest of the state.

  60. I’ve been trying to stay positive and believe that with vaccinations and mask wearing I can at least protect myself, but it is starting to seem like this will never end and none will escape unscathed.

  61. Would be especially great to get my 3yo vaccinated ASAP. She’s the only one not protected in our family. Glad the 6yo was able to get hers tho...

  62. Any data on kids? I have a 5 and 6 year old I’m worried about and my wife wants to wait to get them vaxed which I’m not happy about.

  63. That's promising if it pans out, providing you're vaccinated; just another reminder to get vaccinated and if the booster is being made available and you're vaccinated to get your booster 6 months after your second shot (or 2 months if you received the J&J).

  64. Yeah my main worry isn't for me being double vaccinated but more what it means for Healthcare systems in high unvaccinated areas

  65. There needs to data on vaccines other than just Pfizer. AZ, Moderna, Sinopharm, Covaxin and J&J. Let’s hope we get that soon.

  66. Autotranslated to English: "But not everything is rosy: the problems start with the risk of recovering from infection. The data show that the risk of recovering from infection is twice as high as in Delta, and the rate of infection is 1.3 times higher than in Delta."

  67. My girlfriend and I each got our boosters two weeks ago (girlfriend on the 15th, myself in the 16th)... Girlfriend got the J&J in April, got COVID in June, and got the Moderna booster... I got my third Pfizer dose.

  68. It's so nice to hear this just 2 days after finding out my brother and his wife aren't vaxxed and probably aren't going to get it because it's their choice. /s

  69. This is still very early but this is really, really good news if it holds. Hopefully it gets more people with their first shots.

  70. Vaccine hesitant and reluctant American brothers and sisters, I ask that all of you and your families and friends get vaccinated ASAP. Let's not mess around this time.

  71. Isn’t being twice as dangerous for the unvaccinated mean it’s also more dangerous for those who have been vaccinated? After all the vaccine can prevent illness, but sometimes it just lowers the seriousness of symptoms, and prevents death/hospitalization. So wouldn’t this affect the vaccinated too?

  72. (sorry, not sorry) stay unboosted and unvaxxed.. Will not allow myself feel empathy for you. Pity, yes. Empathy? Ffff...NO.

  73. Guys, you should know that this is extremely preliminary. It's best to just ignore most news coming out about this for the next few weeks until we get a better handle on this.

  74. Can you take the Pfizer booster if you had the Moderna vax? Or do you have to take the same brand? Just curious.

  75. For all the crowing in the comments, here in Canada, boosters are still months away from being accessible for most of the population and in less developed countries the availability is even worse.

  76. Could you give a more accurate translation? This rubbish translation doesnt say who is releasing these findings.

  77. My heart goes out to all of the vaccinated and immuno-compromised who get hurt by this disease.

  78. I hate to say it but the willing unvaccinated are lost. I've given up on them. We need to focus our attention now on people that want to be vaccinated around the world and don't have a supply. We need to make these patents open for any nation and get everyone around the world vaccinated as quickly as possible. Because Botswana, where Omicron came from, will not be the last desperately unvaccinated country to have a new variant because of their poverty.

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