Coronavirus wave this fall could infect 100 million, administration warns

  1. Same. How are you feeling? Currently have the worst sore throat of my life, a painful cough, and a shit ton of congestion. Not to mention the constant low grade fever, and this is on day 3

  2. If you’re within day 5 of symptoms start and in the US do a CVS e-visit and get a prescription for Paxlovid. My husband got it and his symptoms were gone in 2 days, testing negative in 4.

  3. Day 6 after testing positive. Probably have been infected closer to 10-12 days. The worst of my symptoms are over now. Still have some brain fog and congestion. And hacking up a bit of phlegm w little blue/dark green spots in it when I wake up. Not feeling too bad now though

  4. I'm on day 6. I'm past the sore throat, fever, and chills. I still have a low key headache. My sense of smell changed yesterday and now every single thing tastes and smells like burnt coffee. First time with covid.

  5. I had it back in January fully vaxxed. An ER doc prescribed me an asthma inhaler and tessalon perles cough med- it really helped with the coughing. It was really bad especially the weakness hope you feel better soon - we loved drinking Gatorade maybe try some of that.

  6. For anyone doubting the ability to somewhat forecast upcoming case loads, you do realize that we have been doing this for over 2 years at this point, right?

  7. I mean, look at what Omicron original did - swept the world in weeks... By the winter most people's immunity will wane (vaccine or from infection) unless they get boosted.

  8. Nothing, just doesn't fit the narrative that its absolutely impossible to learn and predict from observation (also called 'doing science' in some extremist circles)

  9. If you track everything through time, the infectious disease authorities, if you will, have been surprisingly accurate on most things. Of course they couldn’t account for politicization and non compliance levels in the beginning, but now they have a pretty good grasp

  10. I am not doubting the forecasted number, because no one fucking knows. But what I find hilarious is that we're taking this in a scope of "this fall". What in the flying fuck so special about the fall? Where we stand today, this virus isn't seasonal. It's mutating fast and avoids immunity like a fucking champion. Therefore our waves happen whenever nature says they'll happen. Not in a neat little seasonal pattern.

  11. Thursday data from JHU stated 75,000 cases. Friday JHU stated 137,000 cases for the day. We are already ramping up to a wave. It's not looking like we have to wait til fall.

  12. I think most accounts are expecting a "mini" wave right about now, but there also still seem to be a fair bit of unknowns about the new omicron subvariants and their ability to evade natural immunity. But regardless, a wave in the fall/winter is probably not only still likely, but probable. The question remains how severe it could be with natural immunity and (hopefully) updated vaccine availability.

  13. Cases are likely 2-3x+ higher because of all the at home positive cases that go unreported…or people who test negative on a rapid at home and go about their lives thinking it’s a cold when a PCR would pop positive. Same reason the winter wave was likely substantially worse due to testing shortages.

  14. The vast majority of people now have some level of immunity, either from vaccination or previous infection. 100 million infections in this population is completely different than 100 million infections in an naïve population.

  15. We're in a wave right now and no one cares. Another 100 million this fall won't be a problem, just make PCR tests scarce and tell people to go to work sick like they are doing now. Pretend vaccines are all that's needed and force people treat it like a cold. What could go wrong?

  16. our company just stated they are renewing a lease for our building (even though its too expensive for us) and HR is about to enforce assigned seating at work. We have mandatory in office days, a coworker came in sick the other day and later tested positive for COVID. but yeah, we still have to be in office because "its just a cold!"

  17. Girl at my work was off sick with Covid, and she was like I can't come in I am still showing positive - she was asked if she was feeling better and could work that she can come in if she wants - doesn't matter if showing positive. It baffled me.

  18. I'm sorry. :( I just got mine three hours ago. I guess there are perks to having multiple autoimmune diseases and taking oral steroids. You know, except for the fact that there's a chance the vaccine won't take or last as long. 👍🏻🤦🏼‍♀️

  19. Yeah. I know a lot of people don't want one, but I'm about to visit my parents for the first time in fucking forever and I would like maximum protection

  20. reading thru these replies I am SHOCKED it is so difficult for you all to get a second booster. Where I'm from midwest US they must just be throwing away tons of doses no one is getting shots anymore here I am just beyond words that you cant just wander up and get 3 extra boosters if you want. I'm exaggerating but I wonder what on earth is going on. I wonder if they aren't holding them back expecting a big wave here soon not sure

  21. I have it! I’ve avoided the past 2 years with vaccines and masking, but I got it this week. This is the sickest I’ve ever been. This virus isn’t a joke.

  22. They are talking about new bi- or multi-valent boosters, not more of the same. These vaccines will be available this fall, if all goes as planned and we have the funding to buy some. They also need additional funding for boosters for those age 5-11.

  23. Good thing we're in the hand-wave, shrug phase of the virus where we declare it's over and nothing could have been done.

  24. Article is paywalled for me so maybe they addressed this, but it’s worth noting that people should also take into account the fact that most people are avoiding testing sites for rapid at-home tests, which do not report to the database that tracks these infections. The infections we actually see in the data are likely significantly less than the truth.

  25. Why wait? Every public school in my region is having outbreaks again. Still everyone goes around unmasked.

  26. I can't help but feel "getting back to normal" is bizarre as a concept. If it was wartime and bombs were raining down, would people be "getting back to normal" when they got tired of it, and just start acting like it isn't happening?

  27. At some point, everyone is going to realize that the "bombs raining down" is going to happen for the remainder of humanity.

  28. unfortunately... that's what they are doing in Ukraine, what with foreign dignitaries traveling for photo ops

  29. Truly perplexed about what happened to the updated mRNA boosters. If those could ever get out of the clinic by august/September we might stand a chance of at least limiting deaths.

  30. It's kind of inevitable at this point. Even China can't stop a highly contagious variant from spreading. The main question is how the death rate changes with the new variant.

  31. What the fuck is the administration gonna do to help curb that? Absolutely nothing. Pay people to stay home and to shutter their businesses and maybe we have a shot at side stepping the next wave but anything less will be I effectively and short lived

  32. I mean, they predicted the December/ Jan Omicron wave. A brilliant and honest friend of mine for 30 years was in the room when the administrations forecasters were talking about saying we'd hit 400 thousand cases a day or more. This would require an increase that basically looked like a wall on a chart.

  33. I'm not changing a single way about my life, as I've done since April 2021 when I was vaccinated. I will not wear a mask or avoid contact with anyone. If it's recommended to get another booster shot, fine, I'll be there. It's hard to give a shit this point.

  34. Thank you! I don’t know why you are getting so many downvotes. Probably the most truthful thing said on this post

  35. Oh shoot, so I have a one and three chance of getting a mild headache chills and bodyaches for a couple of days? I better change my life to try to possibly reduce the chance of that happening

  36. Do you just not believe that other people can get it more severely? Or that you can't pass it to them? Or is it you just don't care what happens to other people...?

  37. I am unvaccinated and never got COVID AFIK. I am a bit of a hypochondriac, so I got my blood tested for the presence of antibodies at various times through the pandemic, and got a few PCR tests done. I also bought a ton of rapid tests before they started being given away.

  38. Election day is literally half a year away. They're predicting a wave that would start long before it's time for people to vote.

  39. I could've sworn I had it this week. Had a sore throat and wicked congestion but cleared up within 4 days. Rapid test came back negative. Are these rapid tests still effective at detecting Omicron?

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