Almost doesnt look real!! i love this thing :)

  1. It's a Geneva mechanism. It's job is to turn a constant rotation into a 'pulsed' output. It's been used in movie cameras/projectors and mechanical watch movements, to name a couple of applications.

  2. It is a watch. That is how a watch makes the seconds hand move step by step using only a rotational movement.

  3. I’m waiting on mine. FedEx has it as pending so it’s a waiting game from here. May show up tomorrow. Might be in November. FedEx is terrible.

  4. Same. Feeling a little of my inner Karen coming out because I ordered as soon as the went up and people that ordered on the second day got theirs before mine even shipped. Mine is just hanging out with Fedex in Indiana for whatever reason. Add to that they want it to be signed for and can't be diverted just makes it super awesome.

  5. Man seeing all these LCD upgrades.. I JUST put an h100i in my system last week. Now this came out. I didn’t wanna spend more money on my build, especially $100 for a screen essentially, but I need this so badly.

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