Any thoughts about Kirkland detergent powder

  1. I’ve been using it for years for my family and we love it. It works well at cleaning (my husbands a carpenter and his clothes go into the wash very smelly and stained with god knows what), doesn’t fade clothing, and very affordable.

  2. It is above average. Hypoallergenic, but doesn't dissolve well in cold water. I didn't care for the scent. I eventually switched to an enzyme-based powder detergent, but I'm using the leftovers of the Kirkland for other cleaning tasks.

  3. I found it didn’t do that well in cold water. Didn’t dissolve completely and left residue on clothes, especially dark colors. Could’ve been my old washer. I used warm water and it was fine, but when I finished this big bucket, I switched back to washing in cold water, and to Kirkland liquid detergent.

  4. Weird I’ve been using this stuff for a couple years and it’s always worked great and never had any residue. Possible you’re adding too much or not using enough water

  5. It is said that German Henkel is the manufacturer of Kirkland Signature Laundry powder detergent. The same maker of Persil.

  6. I use it in my Whirlpool washer and it works just fine. We have dogs and a lot of dirty dog towels, and they come out clean.

  7. We’re big fans in my house for laundry because of an allergy my son has to an ingredient in most liquid soaps. I’ve also used it to clean outdoor toys with a hose and brush and it’s fantastic.

  8. stop using toxic petroleum scented detergents is all i gotta say!! they're polluting our environment, air, and extremely dulling your sense of smell. dulls your sense of smell so badly, you might as well smoke cigarettes. stop using them and you will be horrified at how insanely strong they are once you regain your sense of smell

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