Pure terror

  1. I'm not sure if this is from the same video but there's one that shows how they find the hive. The exterminators catch one and tie 3ft of ribbon on it and follow it back to the hive.

  2. True, but you need some napalm to help make a gigantic fireball to bake you get them all as they are dispersed by the shock wave. Burn their wings and they won't fly.

  3. They’re called the Asian giant hornet, a species of wasp native to most of Asia. These particular strand is from the mountain regions of japan.

  4. I kept getting attacked by European hornets on a daily basis.. so I got my bug zapper and placed it near their nest.

  5. We had a nest of hornets, we have large hornets in Virginia, I used to think they were called “Jamaican Hornets”. But I’m pretty sure they were just European giant hornets, they used to terrify me when they would get in at night. We eventually had a can of spray from an exterminator my dad did work for and we were able to take out the nest. Scary fuckers, I can’t imagine them being twice as big.

  6. Eradicating this invasive species. A nest of murder hornets can wipe out a whole bee hive in like 10-15 minutes. It’s crazy. These things need to go.

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