How did she get hired

  1. Same here. I can't stop laughing. I find this so funny because I've wondered about these translators many times before. They're always so serious looking, yet they're tearing down the house with their movements. She is hell bent on getting her message across. 🤣

  2. Why feel ashamed. Essentially victimless. How many deaf people were watching that? And all they had to do was turn on closed captioning.

  3. People don't get hired just by showing up and offering their services, so I'm still left wondering how she got hired. Amazingly, this isn't the first time a bogus ASL interpreter was selected.

  4. ima guess that whoever hired her doesn't possess the rationality to figure out how to tell if she's a faker except by asking for credentials (which are totally fakable).

  5. The story of the guy who was fake signing many events and eventually Obama at Nelson Mandela's funeral is even wilder.

  6. I dont even think she was hired to begin with. They way it seems is that they weren't going to have a interpreter and when she showed up acting as a ASL interpreter and offered her service the guy was like "fuck it, why not"?.

  7. IIRC, that's pretty much exactly how she got hired. She showed up and they didn't have an ASL there.

  8. I don't think she was "hired". I think she showed up at the press conference and said I'm the sign language person and no one bothered questioning further.

  9. Let's be real, people don't bother finding an ASL interpreter, they all just hope someone shows up at their doorstep waving their arms around in a somewhat convincing manner

  10. She got hired because if she wasn't, whoever hired her would potentially be accused of bias and possibly racism.

  11. She's all, "Peace sign, number 3 signal. Swoop left, then right then diagonal. And a finger point BAM!! Letter 'L' with pinky out BAM BAM!! Roll a booger off the ring finger, then transfer to the other hands thumb...good, yeah, feels natural... And finally, fist, unfist, rock, paper, scissors like BAM! BAM! BAM! AND BAM!! Looking good!

  12. I could watch it on a loop until my stomach exploded from laughing so hard. I wish someone would do a documentary on these fake signers. Why do they do it? How do they get away with it? The fake signer from nelson mandela event is hilarious too.

  13. that guy is just lazy, he's clearly not signing as much as the speaker is saying. at least the florida woman is putting in the effort to constantly move her hands.

  14. yeah, I see some legitimate signs in there but it's all connected together so nonsensically. it's almost like seeing somebody play mad-libs in real time.

  15. Why say this? Seems totally out of the blue. Who called it racist? Dude just said he didn't ask enough questions. I'm not saying going around randomly labeling things "not racist!" makes you racist, but it is really weird.

  16. If I remember correctly, she apparently showed up and offered her services one day. No one checked her out before that.

  17. Something tells me live press conferences don't often have reliable, fast CC available. At least, I haven't seen any that doesn't run several seconds behind while still containing multiple errors.

  18. Sad but true. I got a female teacher a few years ago telling us that she was so happy to know that in that uni they got some “preferences” when it comes to hiring teachers so it was like this: trans>gay>black>other than white>white>woman>men. Of course that’s not the official hiring procedure but that’s true.

  19. One thing you'll learn about life is that having the ability to "sell yourself" is more valuable than all the qualifications and academic skills in the world.

  20. As a deaf person this really, really annoys me. I know you all find this funny, but deaf people have seriously gotten killed thanks to fake interpreters before. For example, a deadly storm is coming through and we need to be told where the safe shelters are in case we don't have one in our houses, and then some shitty interpreter just kept on saying nonsensical stuff like "Warn sun Bears! Bears 1-2-3-4-5." So then we're forced to stay in our homes because we fucking don't know where else to go, and the house caves in and kill us. great.

  21. I dont know much sign language, but I know enough about sign language to know that lack of eye contact, in particular when she has her eyes closed for a large portion of some sentences is a big red flag that she might not know what she is doing

  22. Let's be honest .. this is a great time to be a person of color. You can get a job anywhere. Say anything and get away with it, make crazy accusations and not be held accountable. . Woke morons will hire you to make themselves feel trendy and signal their virtue to other woke morons.

  23. Most of the cops in this video, if not all of them, do not look physically fit/healthy enough to perform their job.

  24. Reminds me of the one guy who was hired for Nelson Mandela's funeral that was throwing around hand signs like Naruto jutsus

  25. That’s why you don’t put language skills on your resume unless you’re fucking fluent. She probably took a semester of ASL and exaggerated it on her resume, job came up and she said “yeah I know ASL…”

  26. From some of the police work i have seen scrolling through the internet over the past few years, it doesn't surprise me that she was hired.

  27. But what was her overall intent? Paycheck? I kind of think that she would have been exposed way before the close of the pay period.. pointless crime, I say..

  28. There is a career change I want to make and I know I have the skills, can I just show up somewhere and do the job I want until they put me on the payroll?

  29. This is funny, but it’s also concerning that the police can’t even field a qualified sign interpreter and they are somehow supposed to hire cops.

  30. Shits hilarious, good for her .. I tell people that I went to Yale , and if and when they call bullshyt I confess jail I went to jail you must have misunderstood… works like a charm .

  31. Yeah sign language interpreter imposters crop up here every once in a while; there's a part of me that's genuinely envious of that level of audacity.

  32. Lol at work I see videos and they have a sign language person and captions at the bottom. Like if you're deaf you can't read but you automatically know sign language

  33. I mean, no one got injured and this is a funny anecdote to tell, let the woman wave as much as she wants, i say!

  34. Does no one remember the fake translator for Obama in I think South Africa? Some SS head must've rolled for that, letting a rando that close to the president of the United States. Lmaooo.

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