⚠️WARNING⚠️ NSFL: Bodycam footage shows a police dog in San Jose, CA biting on a man's neck for over a minute after he was suspected of helping his girlfriend steal tequila from a Safeway

  1. Yeah, you're reaching at that point. They just couldn't control the dog, that's the problem. Then there's people that look for shit that isn't there. You're pathetic.

  2. Irony is the charge he was arrested for is immediately going to be dropped by the prosecutor knowing full well a lawsuit about to be on its way. So basically they did this to him for nothing, and now tax payer money is going to be given to him as a settlement. So I guess shoplifting completed successfully?

  3. It feels like the officer had no control over the dog and was unable to get it to release, but would be fucked if he admitted it, so instead he's trying to blame the dog not releasing on the guy whose getting his jugular shredded, as if he's fighting.

  4. Sometimes on reddit they ask "what's something normal now that will be looked at as savage in the future?" Dogs as police tools. How can you implement something you can't control 100% that can very easily kill someone? How can you tell a person to stop resisting while a dog is chewing on you? It's a ridiculous concept.

  5. Police officers have no idea what the stress response is, and in many cases their “training” tells them that people have control over it, which is ridiculously illiterate.

  6. At least tase the fucking dog!, it’s killing the guy! This is why we should have military style discipline. We keep having ego centric racist cops, and dumbasses who “serve and protect”. Fuck man.

  7. I’m not playing Devil’s Advocate here but I thought I heard the officer telling the dog to “Stop Biting”. That’s why he’s using the choke chain. Then again, I’m deaf in one ear so….

  8. This guy is suing the San Jose police department for $11 million. He suffered a broken hyoid bone, a partially crushed vertebra, damaged cartilage and nerve damage in his neck.

  9. If only the cops themselves were fined, or better yet take from the entire department's pension fund, rather than taxpayer dollars. Are they really being held accountable/deterred if we're the ones always paying for their fuckups?

  10. The guy is literally laying limp with each of his arms being held by a different officer and they're telling him to stop fighting the dog... THE GUY IS RESTRAINED AND NOT EVEN MOVING!! How stupid can u be? They should have immediately realized the major fuck up, stuck a thumb up that dogs butt, and switched to trying to save the man's life. Holding pressure on the wound, and calling an ambulance.

  11. So the guy’s lawyer said “he loved to sing in church” yeah doubt that. The pig patrol definitely fucked up and they should be on a bad cop registry like sex offenders when internal affairs clears them.

  12. Civilian dogs are shot by police for growling at them. But a police dog can be out of control, tearing out a man’s throat over petty theft, and the cops just ask it to stop.

  13. Police will murder your child in front of you then bodyslam you to the ground for being upset, and demand you calm down and act reasonable. Police are the worst gang in America. God that video was horrific.

  14. Getting your fuckin throat ripped out should NOT be the penalty for theft. Here is another great example of where deescalation techniques must taught. Period.

  15. This is fucking insane. Like the asshole cops are letting a dog maul me yet you tell me to stop resisting. What the fuck man.

  16. Yeah, they don’t really train the dog very well to let go. The point of the dog is to get a guy running away and holding on so they definitely don’t train that enough. If I see a dog im giving up asap.

  17. Welp, this is probably the most messed up video ive seen today. At what point do they need to spray tase or shoot the dog? Under no circumstances is that dogs life more important than that man’s especially given the alleged crime.

  18. I think it's real fucked up police use dogs like that. I can understand using them to sniff out drugs and dead bodies and shit like that, however, to attack a person? Esp someone hiding in a trash can? Crazy

  19. Even crazier when you stop to think that it’s supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” yet these dogs are sent out on people merely suspected of committing a crime all the time. So even though this person hasn’t been deemed guilty enough by a judge and jury to serve time, they were deemed guilty enough by police to be mauled by a dog at they neck which could have very quickly turned fatal.

  20. But It's illegal for a citizen to use a dog to hunt big game? That seems reasonable. (Given the state). Thin blue line my ass, they're the highest funded gang in this country.

  21. & a felony in most states to knowingly/purposely allow your dog to attack another human causing any form of bodily injury, which in this case seems to be severe.

  22. Stop fighting the dog? Jesus they know they fucked up and they are holding his fucking arms. Thats why they said that to try and cover their ass. If some dog is biting your neck what are you supposed to do just let him keep on going? I love dogs but wouldn't let no man, woman, child or animal go after my throat......not even the dogs fault. They trained him to do that.

  23. The police are trained to keep saying “stop fighting” “stop resisting” so it confuses the jury. But it’s clear that the police officer has zero control of his k9 and the perp suffered while not resisting.

  24. If that's a Belgian Malanois, those things are medieval and will f your ass up royally. They can jump vertically like 15 feet and climb walls to get at you. And the bite strength/viciousness coefficient is off the charts. I'll show myself out.

  25. Dude no. They can jump high - like 8ft., but their bite force is pretty weak compared to a lot of other working breeds.

  26. Alot of brainwashed sociopath Americans in here smh government really did a number on y'all with news reports and burner social media accounts. Over a bottle of alcohol?

  27. you must be low in the comments because im about half way and its been nothing but the opposite. Most people seem to realize its more than excessive for a bottle of booze. i imagine the ones you're talking about are the ones that love jesus and their guns more than america.

  28. You should see what they say when a simple fist fight turns into a shootout. They all say fuck around find out, like its normal to escalate it to the death. And Im American too smh is an understatement

  29. Last time I said using dogs for this type of shit was both police brutality and animal cruelty I got heavily downvoted but I guess now we all agree

  30. Clearly they cannot control the K9. This is just as much a crime as kneeling on a suspects neck. I hope he wins his lawsuit and theybputvthat K9 down and fire all the cops.

  31. Dogs should only be used for searching for contraband. And they arent even good at that sometimes, i had a k9 circle my car and indicate there was drugs in it. There wasnt. Dogs shouldn't be used as a weapon. Because half the time they won't stand down when you tell them to. This is fucking sad. Also the dog has a much higher chance of dying if it's attacking a "criminal".

  32. these damn dogs should only be used to sniff out people/drugs , they train them for years just to not listen to the “massa”.

  33. They kill pet dogs for this behavior, but it's acceptable if it's part of the police force? "Stop fighting the dog" but it's hurting and killing this man. Over stolen booze. How many officers are at this scene and they're not able or willing to get one guy out of a trashcan? "Show us your hands" is said, and the voice is so shaky you'd think he's a terrified pedestrian. Even though he and his team are all armed. They're not even controlling the dog to stop attacking the guy.

  34. When studying pre-law in college we were taught being a cop means having a high standard of character, in other words doing the right thing even when no one is watching, the officer who covered his body cam is a great example of a terrible cop, who in no manner should ever have any means of authority. As for the man who was bitten by the dog, all of that could’ve been avoided by not breaking the law in the first place.

  35. They must be really braindead. How is anyone going to "stop fighting the dog" when it's biting you to death on your neck. We need much higher standards for police

  36. All this over a bottle of tequila?? They got a fucking helicopter out looking for a man that stole at most 100 dollars, I think there's something we're not being told

  37. The “stop fighting” is so ridiculous. It’s survival instinct you can’t stop that. I want all of them shitty cops to get bit on the neck for a minute and see if they can sit still

  38. “Stop fighting the dog” is probably the stupidest police command I have ever heard in my life, bruh if that’s the case ur gonna have to shoot me and your dog cuz I’m blinding that mf

  39. I hate criminals, however this is overkill, its bloody tequila, not a murder or rape. Hope both the criminal and dog are ok. He needs to serve his time though. Hooe they didn't kill the dog.

  40. Criminal is a made up social category. Before prohibition no one knew what the word Criminal was. You were either a murderer, thief or rapist. Who is and isn't a criminal is mostly decided by the state

  41. This is what happens when a poorly trained handler lets a dogs discipline lapse due to poor initial training. This dog should be immediately removed from service. And retrained and the handler should be demoted and not allowed to handle the dog.

  42. Fuck man, and that dog is now gonna be released from service to either be put down or left in a shelter till it’s put down all because it’s handler couldn’t control it. The dogs gonna get more punishment then the actual cop……

  43. Apparently the only “public danger”, according to some law enforcement agencies, is releasing video of the danger police and their poorly trained K9 units pose to the public 🙄

  44. so when the cops say stop fighting the dog that is currently ripping your throat out what is actually being said is stop fighting for your life

  45. Wtf is with these trainers not giving the dog a release command? Always see the handlers pulling the dog off the victim, this kinda shit should be banned. Either use a different breed of dog or don’t use them at all for apprehension.

  46. Not them letting the dog relax back on the guys neck, lift that dog by the collar dude, cops are the worst in every way possible or what? Damn!

  47. This is way overboard over some damn tequila. Yes don’t steal but for Christ’s sakes this is some commie bullshit.

  48. Are they saying stop biting or stop fighting? I swear if they are saying "stop fighting" to the limp dude basically dying and not moving at all... well... I wouldn't be surprised. It's almost as if they are trained to say things like this on camera to use an excuse to say the suspect was resisting or fighting.

  49. They’re covering their asses in the moment. They probably realized they lost control of the dog and it’s also gouging the guy’s neck meaning that he may die right there. They’re going panic mode and trying to preserve their careers by yelling at the guy, implying he’s resisting the dog. This way, if they get hauled to court, they can argue that he got himself killed.

  50. I dont buy it, the dog is considered an officer or whatever. If he had killed it to save himself from literally having his throat ripped out they wouldve most likely killed him in retaliation. Highly doubt anything changes for the dog or these scumbag police letting it rip the guys throat out

  51. Put the animal down and lock the pig handler up. Won't happen but it should. All over some booze, because this is absolutely a proportionate response?

  52. Man I'm normally someone who can see the reasoning why police do what they do. This guy is a scumbag but that doesn't mean he deserves this. I hope he sues and I hope he wins. This shit is wild. I normally don't care when someone gets fucked up by the cops cause usually i see it as them getting what they deserve. This guy didn't deserve that shit. He's really fucking lucky it didn't get any major arteries or veins and kill him. This is torture. I hope that dog is retired or put down and those officers are fired but it seems unfortunately neither will probably happen.

  53. While it does happen, it’s really not that often if you take into account the number of run ins like this that happen on the daily. They just keep reposting bad instances like this because they know it will get comments and attention. This was several years ago. As are a lot of them that get shared routinely throughout all subs.

  54. Yeah, they should've just executed him on the spot! That'll teach em! Oh and same thing for driving dangerously, just shoot em in the head! I mean, driving dangerously is a significantly higher risk to public safety than stealing a bottle of tequila and threatening someone, so really traffic tickets should come with an immediate death sentence!

  55. Jesus christ it was a bottle run... slap a fine, give him some community service and a misdemeanor. Tf is wrong with you guys. Straight fascist China/North Korea psychopath vibes.

  56. Crazy thing is people like you are police officers. Your parents must've beat u as a child because you sound like a sociopath and it's scary.

  57. I thought police dogs were supposed to bite and hold arms and legs until the police could reach the suspect. That dog was trying to kill that man.

  58. 1- All of this for being a suspect of stealing tequila? 2- That dog (and cop) is not prepared for his duty, notice how the dog attacks a random object without order or control, a broom or something. 3- They are yelling at him ordering not to fight, really? I mean do your fkng work and then blame him for trying to stay alive. I bet they are saying that more to blame the suspect of the outcome of this rather than themselves.

  59. That’s fucking disgusting and all for a bottle of tequila. They had more than enough officers to handle that situation.

  60. “Stop fighting” is just for the cameras, these people should all get the Death Penalty, this is basically torture. So fucked up

  61. How about don't be a fucking criminal and just avoid having to ever deal with the prospect of having a dog bite your neck? Literally not spoken to a policeman for 15 years now

  62. Well honestly ? You seen the cop pulling on the dog waiting for him to release. If he woulda ripped the dog off his neck ? It woulda been 10 times worse. Either way ? Don’t be stupid people. If you hear the dog bark? Just give up. Lol. You aren’t out running him.

  63. The dog is ripping his throat out for goodness sake. Guy dies over a bottle of booze. Are you kidding me? Friggin control the dog.

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