Match Thread: 53rd Match - Lucknow Super Giants vs Kolkata Knight Riders

  1. Its a sad state of affairs when a captain says that the best thing to do is to lose the toss. How F'in clueless are you...

  2. Whenever I see the points table, It's a relief to see CSK and MI with us at the bottom, will be really happy if RCB joins us too!

  3. The batting line-up can't score 60 runs without Russell and Narine but Shreyas had the gall to blame the bowling for their loss. Unbelievable bullshit.

  4. You are not alone.I want to rant too.I don't have any faith from this KKR management. Idk what the inclusion of Harshit Rana brings to the team when you need to win 4 matches in a row. Idk why Varun and Venky didn't play and they are being benched for Harshit and Baba Indrajith. Atleast we have some glimmer of hope from Venky and Varun but they literally got Harshit in. If Umesh is out and your bowling suddenly looks extremely weak, then bring Pat in, you won't die if you don't have an overseas opener in your 11.

  5. The main reason for a really bad season for KKR has to be a really fucked up auction strategy and also let downs from the players on which the team believed on(Venky, Varun Chakrabarty, Pat Cummings, Mavi)

  6. I have a question. I can't understand why Shreyas can't play short balls and why he can't improve it.

  7. He’s to busy making the pitch a TikTok shoot every time he sees the ball pitched short,maybe it’s coz he seen some of the grass through his peripheral and assumes it’s a green screen. That’s why he dances around

  8. yep. i haven't seen a yorker at all this season. Surprisingly, Mavi came close to a yorker in his 3rd over or smthn.

  9. none of LSG too, even Avesh doesn't go for straight up Yorkers in the death but more of slower ones. He can bowl a good Yorker once in a while tho. But they have great Line length™

  10. KKR as a franchise is dead since the 2018 cycle. Need complete overhaul of management. I loved Baz the player but his "aggressive" bs doesn't work for all players. And I cannot believe they played uncapped mfs instead of backing the out of form experienced players to come good. No hopes from them next season either until they make some brave calls. I really hope we get the wooden spoon so they realise just how truly terrible we really are.

  11. That was quick. They were 69/4 after 11 overs. In the next 3.3 overs, they managed to score 32 runs but lost all their remaining wickets in the process.

  12. Man enough of Baz.. it has been 3 very mediocre bad season..under him..and last season we went through the playoffs thanks to good Captaincy by Morgan, crazy spin bowling and the two young guns at the top..other than it has been ultimate mediocre at its best..

  13. KKR doesn't feel right without Morgan tbh. I feel like they should've kept him as a captain one more year till they found someone really suitable for that role after his departure

  14. I don't follow KKR as much but what happened with Cummins ?? Why did they bench him after his knock against MI ?

  15. Baz enjoys having a Leader as the captain of this team, he is a Captain's Coach, if that is the right way to say it. (Pollard for TKR, Morgan for KKR 2020-21)

  16. Quite clearly Shreyas Iyer's style of playing cricket is unlike Baz's coaching style. It's not a fit. This will be damaging to Shreyas Iyer's career. KKR need to bring in a new captain more suited to Baz who like to gamble around and has stomach for it. It's a totally different style of cricket they promote. The gamble mostly averages out and KKr end up at the middle of the table by the end of every season.

  17. in theory yes, but in reality none. if they win rest of their 3 matches with huge margins then they will reach 14 pts with a good NRR; and then matches between other teams should yield favorable outcomes

  18. Iyer is one of the shittiest captains of the game of all time. To think Delhi was resurrected under him tells the importance of Ponting

  19. Seriously how is this not the consistent playing 11. Feels like they can give us wins. How can you trust uncapped randos instead of backing these proven players through a rough patch.

  20. KL isn't a good captain. India got crushed by SA in the ODI's under his leadership and even Bangladesh beat SA at their home.

  21. KL's captiancy was really shit in the SA odi series tho. Venky in the middle order on his debut and himself opening when he does so good in the middle order and we really needed him there in the absence of Hardik and Jaddu.

  22. KKR has been hugely disappointing this season. Both Mumbai and Chennai have been mediocre, but you can attribute that to selection errors and, given their history, the fans can be optimistic going forward.

  23. I mean Gill over Venkatesh was a fucking no brainer.. They literally backed him since start and then retained a guy who played only one good season

  24. People blaming Baz, but what's his fault here? The powerplay batting was terrible, how does he fix that? Come out to bat himself? Mavi conceded 30 off one over after giving away 20 in the previous 3, that was not predictable.

  25. Do we know what amount of control did Baz have over the player retention and player selection at the auction? Cause if we don't know much about that then we can't comment on it ig.

  26. The management itself is horrible, they spent 15.25 cr on Rana + Mavi, they could have gotten De Kock, Bhuvi and DK for that price

  27. Akash Chopra on Hindi post show actually suggesting good point if team wins by 75+ runs should get extra point for winning team

  28. They could take that point from the losing team. I'd love it! Flair won't checkout because CSK always "takes it deep"™

  29. Shreyas has been the biggest letdown of this season. Wanted the captaincy, got it but couldn't get the results with his performance.

  30. Experience. They were molded in the harshest conditions, captaining meme teams for many years until they got used to it. They even have solid catchphrases for the loss.

  31. nah has happened earlier, usually its not given to the first teams reaching 16 points cuz there are still mathematical scenarios open

  32. It was Quite evident from some days now that this is going to happen. I think SRH and us should win tomorrow to have 12 points each in 11 marches whereas not only RCB will have to win their last two but their Run rate is pretty fucked too. A win for us is impt. tomorrow against CSK.

  33. Y’all did the commentator say “congratulations on your loss”? Edit- it was commisserations 🤦‍♀️

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