Match Thread: 69th Match - Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals

  1. What year it has been for RCB , knocking out our Nemesis CSK and SRH , Punjab was just extras ...

  2. I am awake at 2.20 because of this pain. I am angry at myself for supporting this team. I don't even live in Delhi. Why do I keep supporting this team.

  3. I am in same boat as of you. But it was very clear to me in the beginning of this IPL that we will loose this IPL bcoz of Pant captaincy. He has made so many mistakes through out the tournament.

  4. Dude i feel you, i started supporting DC because when i was really young my father used to support delhi because of sehwag and i know dc/dd sucks but last 3-4 years they been playing decent maa ki choot seedhi baat ye hai pant fucked up tonight this was our game that's what hurts we should be playing play offs nevermind see you next year

  5. Tilak varma Dewald brevis Ramandeep singh Hrithik shokeen Giving so many young players chance ... MI looking set for future. No one backed young players that much

  6. The 2nd match of the tournament saw DC beat MI and start MI's 8 match losing streak. Now, the 2nd last match of the league stage has MI beating DC and knocking them out of the tournament.

  7. Why is RCB still supported so much? Cricket has seen that it's fans are loyal to a club primarily due to few players. This is contrary to football fans. In the past it was, de Villiers, Gayle and in-form Kohli. Now it's just an out-of-,form Kohli. Kinda curious.

  8. All South teams have cult followings because their culture is like that, same with their movie stars. Even if LSG won 5 tournaments in a row no one in Lucknow will really relate to the team as their own.

  9. Nah. It's just Kohli is loved and Pant is hated. If Rahul Dravid was playing for DC you bet whom the rest of the team fans would've suppported

  10. Still in disbelief over Pant’s decisions. That was a borderline match-fixing level disaster-class from him today. Tim David was so clearly out and his reaction after that said everything, and yet he doesn’t take the review. Astonishing.

  11. Also got to say I was pretty hopeless before the match as Delhi is a great team and MI have been going through a rough patch. Just that they weren't able to deliver in a single game that mattered but they played a great game despite the low score

  12. It's okay bro, listen to some of your favourite songs, it won't rid you of the pain but it'll help. Take it easy, yours is a good team and will surely do well next year.

  13. Can't wait for RCB's excuse of " Naavu Kannadigarrallavo, vishaala hrudayadavaru" after losing to LSD. Kal nan makla

  14. Only once, SRH in 2016. And only 3 other times (MI in 2020,2019 and 2017) has won the title as a first place team on the points table. Otherwise every year the second place team has won it.

  15. Fret not, DC fans, Delhi is a tremendous team, even though they were riddled with injuries, COVID, illnesses and unavailabilities they managed to stay in contention till their last breath. They'll keep performing well as their players are very learning and will pick up more experience with time.

  16. It's not clear at all. Previous members of the CSK squad failed to perform and bottled many games. To an extent it applies to Mumbai Indians too.

  17. MI did decent honestly, because they planned for the future, as the next mega auction is indefinite. Obviously it meant having a fucked 2022, but next 5 years gonna be better

  18. Yeah, creating a wierd power dynamic between Pant and Iyer, like Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar or Kohli and Rohit was the first step I'd say. Iyer was working out to be a good captain, he lost his captaincy because he was injured?

  19. only sad cause Davey missed his mandatory 500 runs, he deserves the world man our management is fucking dogshit

  20. if you think they're gonna make a wise captaincy decision after kicking out a captain like Shreyas cause of pr decisions and not playing fizz after a good run, you might be pretty wrong but if so good for them they atleast don't have fucking Trevor Bayliss in their team

  21. Boom should be ICT’s next captain. Excellent bowler, good cricketing mind, wholesome attitude, good experience, no cringe celebrations. He has my stamp of approval.

  22. I had previously said the same about jadeja. But now its just that don't touch the experts and select anyone randomly from the rest of the guys and see if it sticks

  23. Even though MI got the wooden spoon, MI in my opinion played much better cricket than CSK along with winning their final match and ending the tournament on a high. Apart from CSK's one big win, they've been more shit than MI.

  24. Injuries didn't help CSK. But they've played pretty well in the matches they've won and lost some matches due to one or two bad overs and others quite badly.

  25. Oh yes. The absolute thriller of a match between PBKS and SRH. Clash of the titans tomorrow lads.

  26. What happens in case it rains during the eliminator? There's chances of rain in Kolkata, both on Monday and Tuesday.

  27. Srsy question how does that Tim Davud generate such strength it's like he just swings the bat and it crosses the stand , just take that six to Khaleel that was fuckung bottom of the bat and then his bag edge didn't even made sound

  28. The guys is 6'5" and has a muscle build. Long levers generate a huge leverage. Also increases the arc of hitting much more than smaller guys. So even if you ball a delivery just around the edge tram line, for them, reaching it is much easier than smaller guys. Same reason why you had the likes of Yuvraj or Pollard and other tall batsmen hit a lot of sixes.

  29. From here RR should win the tournament comfortably but what is to say anymore when I don’t get how DC loses any game with the team they have lol.

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