Match Thread: Qualifier 2 - Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

  1. History has shown us how an erratic first over can set the tone for the rest of the innings. While rcb definitely didn’t make the par score, they could have made a game of it if only they started well with the ball.

  2. Sad to see, challengers not challenging enough and not playing bold either. Change the name first. Time line was so good when Koach was pure class.

  3. As an SRH fan, I'm truly happy RCB didn't get to win. What a beautiful weekend this is going to be.

  4. Siraj ensured that RCB had 0 chances of win with his first over heroics. Legend. Retain this shit for another 10 years.

  5. So you ar going to ignore the shitshow your batters did time and time again? The game was lost when your team scored <160 on that pitch

  6. I don’t know why they keep playing this event with the capital of the country already out. What even is the point?

  7. Well it wasn't our day we were 10 15 runs short to begin with. We needed the early wickets but the intent was missing. 30 minutes of bad cricket costed us the game. The dew was the factor I suppose, the ball was sliding a bit too much that gave them a extra edge Thank you to the fans,I recommend MRF ZLX for a smooth journey back home.

  8. So Marnus is to blame for RCB lose , Given some people will write complete thesis on how Marnus tweet cost RCB they're first IPL cup .

  9. Nah he just wants to get famous and get into IPL somehow. He's hoping someone to buy him next year !! Chad- marnus

  10. I don't understand how they are blaming this on Faf who has scored 440 runs at 130 SR. He had been doing it for the other team for 10 years and they were glad to have him. This is what he signed up for.

  11. Technically, it should've been posted after the last win. Because RCB were exactly in the position, from where there was no way forward.

  12. I don't know how RCB fans manage to get on everyone's nerves each season. Nevertheless, well played RCB better luck next season.

  13. I think that GT will win the final by 1 run. Yuzi will get out lbw by Shami off the last ball, with 2 runs to win from 1 ball. Yuzi will get a lot of criticism for not being able to score even 1 run and he will start working really hard on his batting. He will then score his first Test 50 a couple of years later in Australia.

  14. RCB fans look it at like this..... It's better to lose to RR super team then losing to Bogey GT team in finals

  15. Guys let’s all assemble one last time for 2022 on Sunday. Sad this is coming to an end. What colors will you be wearing?

  16. +1. Indian working class has to live with a fairly condescending middle/upper class (not generalizing - there is good/bad everywhere but we can't deny the inter-class interactions are not pleasant in India) and yet deliver the goods against all odds.

  17. Fan of vk, but my ex gf was a RCB supporter, feeling happy, so i know which feeling is stronger, fuckk RCB lol

  18. Out of all IPL teams, RCB has the highest number of toxic fans (which probably outnumber good fans?). Those toxic people are just teenagers who haven’t hit puberty yet.

  19. Well done Rajasthan Royals. RCB were completely outclassed in all three departments. Guess it is going to be an entertaining final.

  20. RCB having social engagement because their fans end up abusing them with different curse words after every alternate match.

  21. Let's get real dude, if i was an advertiser, I would want RCB to reach the final. I would be calling BCCI right now to renegotiate the price.

  22. Hearing Jos speak reminds me of that Riyan Parag mimicry of Buttler on YouTube 😂😂. Parag does a good mimicry of Buttler.

  23. Parag was 7 years old back in 2008 😂. Must have been watching Doremon over IPL back then to have any memories from that final.

  24. I just realized that there are so many useless trophies given for these useless awards.. Someone like Buttler who wins a lot of them probably don't even bother putting most of these up (or even take back home).

  25. I’ve been trolling RCB hard but I really feel for them. Actually thought this just might be their year. Feel especially sad for Harshal Patel, who faced so much of shit personally this season and yet turned up and delivered every game

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