Jimmy Neesham gave clarification about turning down the New Zealand central contract.

  1. Very simple terms "You didn't offer me a job despite my performance,so I took the job offered to me by other overseas employers. Sorry can't renegade on them the same way you would not want me renegading on you 🤷🏻‍♂️"

  2. This is the same man who nearly won NZ the 2019 CWC final and played a match winning knock just last year in t20 semi-final. So yeah, it's NZC's fucked up big time

  3. Right decision from him- after being denied the initial contract it was completely reasonable for him to look for other playing opportunities.

  4. To me that just sounds like him saying he wants to play whenever he can and whenever something important comes up even though he cant commit to playing everything all of the time.

  5. I don't see how you could blame Neesham for this as it wasn't his fault. NZC made the mistake of not giving him a contract in July

  6. No one should have to explain why they are choosing to secure their(and their family's) financial stability over some made up obligation to the country. Do what is right for you, first and foremost. The boards are gonna drop you the moment they feel you are not performing to their standards and not have some random sense of loyalty towards you, either. Not sure why so many people think the players owe that one way loyalty.

  7. Everyone wants to play "especially" the big tournaments and then just leagues around the world. Many years from now, it's sad that cricket as we know it now will not exist anymore.

  8. Whilst you're correct, I'm not sure this is the same as other players turning down contracts - it's a case of bad management by NZC not to renew his contract. Neesham would only be getting a reputation as being unreliable if he backed out of commitments he'd already made when they finally did offer him a contract.

  9. Many years from kow cricket was a lot different too. International players could smoke cancer sticks on the field even in the 70s I think.

  10. Nothing has changed from this really, he should still be involved as much as he is now and tickner won't be anywhere closer to the team than he is now excect he will be ahead of duffy in the ranks

  11. Sportspersons have limited shelf life. He has a right to choose what is best for him and his family. If that means choosing franchise cricket over national one, so be it.

  12. Yeah if they refuse to offer him a contract it’s not his fault that they then try and offer him one when he’s accepted other contracts. You’re not going to miss out on playing and earning money whilst you still can in sport and just hoping they come back later to offer a contract.

  13. He didnt choose franchise over national though. His national board didnt give him a contract when he was waiting for it. So he signed with franchises. Now they want to give him. Its too late and he doesnt want to back down from his commitments. Context is important

  14. People in this post are looking the other way because he uses reddit but leagues will never replace international. Those that are not loyal to their nation, can they be loyal to leagues? Playing for the nation always will be bigger.

  15. Can’t blame him at all. But how did this happen? Was the a certain player that was picked above him and then dropped out so they backtracked?

  16. Jimmy at the death with the ball was a worry, but every time he went to bat he was totally focussed on getting us the win. Sometimes he seemed like the only guy really committing to the team - T20 world cup and the ODI World Cup are great memories of this.

  17. I was under the impression SLC is the dumbest cricket board in the world but PCB andNZC are trying their best to prove me wrong.

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