Dear r/Cricket, how would you improve BD's T20 cricket in the short-, mid-, and long-run?

  1. Improve your stock of leggies. Stop picking bits and pieces players and start playing specialists. Define clear roles for each player. And last but not the least, hire me as the head coach

  2. Tbf Bangladesh have tried doing that in the past few years. I believe they made a rule that every team in domestic cricket has to have a leggie in the XI. I don't know if they still enforce it though.

  3. Improve T20 pitches in BPL or home series. Make them batting friendly not spin minefields. Find one or two genuine all rounders be it spin or pace those are very rare.

  4. Having bad fielding and conditioning as a full member is unacceptable imo, and Bangladesh aren't the only guilty suspect. They are the only things that a team can and should consistently get right and improve in, and yet my local club team can genuinely put in a better performance on the field than some international sides.

  5. Meditation. And I am being serious here. No player looks mature in your side. You gotta have some players who are baba like and not too emotional. They will help in you in clutch situations where your team just do not perform well.

  6. Honestly they seem too emotional and let emotions take control of them. They need to have calm head to take control of any situation.

  7. lmao he is the cousin of our prime minister so he can’t be replaced even if we want to

  8. There is no short term fix for the BPL I would've thought. It is not going to attract the calibre of player required to improve the BD team and as more and more franchise T20 leagues develop I can only see the BPL falling more and more behind

  9. Both the players and Board should act professional that would solve a 95% of their problems, seems like Shakib is the only one with any kind of maturity.

  10. I think medium term, biggest thing is better leadership and mentality. BCB seems shit, they need to stop interfering so much into how the team itself works, leave that to the coach. Shakib is a poor team player, captaincy should go to someone like Liton Das. The players need a growth mentality, look at players like Taskin who've slowly improved over the years through focusing on things like strength and fitness, and has now become a world class player. Need to be less emotional at difficult moments, and behave more professionally, which is difficult with someone like Shakib as captain. Bangladesh should've been able to improve to become one of the top teams by now, but they've been held back by poor management of the sport.

  11. In our current t20 setup Shakib is the only option for captain. Litton Das just won't be right for a captain. Every team has the "quiet" player (usually batsman) who's job is to score runs and their quiet and calm nature helps them with that (think Usman Khawaja or Rahane). But the problem is I've never seen Shakib perform as a player whenever he's been the captain, probably too many roles for a player who already is a key batsman and bowler. Mahmudullah has even worse success as a captain in t20s, so even if he's recalled to the team that's probably not the best option. The other players are either too inexperienced in leadership (Sarkar, Fizz, Taskin), or too emotional (Sohan). As for mosaddek, you can't make a player who brings nothing to the table a captain.

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