Match Thread: 1st Semi-Final - New Zealand vs Pakistan

  1. Tournaments after Tournaments are won by bowlers and yet cricket fans keep drooling over batsmen alone

  2. He shouldn't even be expected to speak English. It's 2022. Surely ICC can afford to hire translators. And him thanking an entity HE believes in shouldn't rile you all up. You are the problem. Not him or his beliefs.

  3. Crazy to think Shaheen is not bowling to his best yet . Might just go one notch higher and absolutely wreck the final for the opponent in the Power Play .

  4. I genuinely didn’t see a single New Zealander mad over this loss in these comments yet they are negative as FUCK. I wonder who the negativity is stemming from…

  5. why are people malding over him mentioning his God . It's his belief , you don't believe in God good but don't expect everyone to follow your suite same goes for reigious people as well

  6. When Pak in pressure they lose, Once they come back from pressure, every other team comes under pressure and lose..

  7. Stop crying over what Rizwan believes, it’s pathetic to think he has to defend his faith to anyone else. Weirdos

  8. If there happens to be an India Pakistan final game, there is going to be too much religion, too much nationalism, and little bit of Cricket in the thread.

  9. I'm an atheist. But, I'd be more than happy if Kohli started chanting Hanuman Chalisa after scoring a ton. Seriously, just stop discussing this stuff period.

  10. Your comment had words in it that were not in English and weren't translated. This breaks the rules of this subreddit and the comment has been removed.

  11. Aise harate SA noted, Aise harate NZ noted, But it is not going to help tomorrow Who is going to teach us how to defeat Eng 😬

  12. Pak were more skilful on the night, NZ missed a trick not playing Bracewell since he bowled so well to them in the tri-series. Pace was awful for NZ tonight... no real swing didn't help but Ferguson on a smallish ground was not the play. Lacks the control.

  13. dominate group stage and lost in semifinals is a tale as old as time and is exactly what pakistan did in 2021 wt20 wc.

  14. It was not Kane Williamsons day, they are better feilder and all-rounder than Pak. No disrespect to our NZ bros

  15. We won with 5 balls to spare. Not a thrashing by any means. New Zealand doesn't deserve this disrespect.

  16. England is a formidable side. It won't be easy to win the semi-final against them. Would be quite the spectacle if the Ind vs Pak final does come to pass, though, particularly with it being essentially a repeat game of that unforgettable MCG clash 3 weeks ago.

  17. I’m an athiest and I would never just say ‘Fuck Islam’ and expect no resentment thats just rude and disrespectful. You can disagree in a healthy manner without being a cunt.

  18. Player : I want to thank my parents bla bla bla. Player 2 : No why, fuck parents, fuck his parents. Muh freedom of speech.

  19. If you are talking about IndvsEng match India will qualify for Final since they are table topper. And if reserve day of Final is also washed out both teams will share trophy

  20. I think theg got put under serious pressure from multiple run out opportunities, after Conway got our. There was zero aggression for the first 15 overs of the innings.

  21. I don’t know why players agree to do it in English. Literally every other sport will give you an interview in the language you are comfortable in. Its so weird. English isn’t the end all be all and it shouldn’t be.

  22. to all ill informed icc don't get a single penny less or more if it's ind vs pak or other teams. they sold the broadcasting rights way before the wc started.

  23. It's outrageous that Rizwan gets hate for basically saying "thanks to God that we have been able to play so well and win." If our own people think this is preaching, I don't know what path y'all be walking on.

  24. Literally, they can attack his performance but don’t attack the man’s faith. If anything, it is an example to follow.

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