The comparison we needed but we didn't deserve.

  1. "Men with bigger dick are often quiet and calm while men with smaller dick shout alot and get angry often"- Read this somewhere, not sure how true this is tbh

  2. Seems like MSD is that legendary लोडों का राजा (King of Dicks for those who don't know Hindi) from the song Choot Vol 1.

  3. I dont know who is the bottom left girl. It is true that once upon a time Kohli had taken out Ritika out to watch a movie and they couldnt escape the paparazzi who clicked this pic. Were they dating? Who knows, obviously the answer will no irrespective of them dating each other or not.

  4. I am going to devote my love to discussing this comparison. Comparing cricketers and their dongs. This will be the topic of my PhD. Anyone who wishes to join me in this beautiful research can contact me. I am sure I will get fame and glory around the world and nobel prize and will dedicate it to thala when interviews ask me "Who is the reason?" ; I will say "Thala for a reason".

  5. It's probably to beat the twitter algorithm. Your tweet gets censored and/or gets less traction if you include words that are deemed inappropriate by Twitter.

  6. Love how there are no shitpost about cricket today. It is exactly what it looks like,pure shitpost about micro penis!!

  7. Could it be that the reason for kohli and rohits rift is rohit knowing that kohli fked his wife before when she was his secretary. This is serious not shitposting.

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