well what are your opinions on hardik not going for the direct hit.. Kane was at 49 and the match was more or less done

  1. Hardik is trying extremely hard to be cute on the field nowadays. Ever since he's come out of the koffee with karan controversy. Same with Warner, trying extra hard to come across as a nice guy.

  2. My opinion is that you keyboard warriors who probably have never touched a leather ball in your entire life should not give any expert opinion.

  3. Cricket is dead. What's the point of sport if there is no fighting spirit, no resistance from/ to opposition. Why don't we let all players get 50. I am sure a number 10 would cherish it more than top order batter.

  4. Lawde ki sportsmanship.. ur representing ur country … IPL ne country k liye khelna secondary bna diya hai specially for indian cricketers… konsa guptill ne respect dikhayi thi dhoni ko ya wo jamieson ne kohli ko… ye saale kiwis bs upar se ache hai bsdk mkl

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