Dogecoin founder slams every token on the Binance Smart Chain as “garbage”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned what this guy eats for breakfast with the amount of times he’s been interviewed. He made a meme coin people, he’s not some crypto prophet.

  2. Until people stop hanging on the words of celebrities in general then there will always be a platform for anyone with any amount of notoriety

  3. Now if I agree with the founder of Dogecoin when he says that most of the tokens in the BSC are garbage, since most of them are scams and have amazing rug pulls.

  4. All the hate for BSC is comical. There are tons of shitcoins on Ethereum too (Shib). The only reason there are more on BSC is the fees are cheap and it's fast ( how terrible). No one wants to buy a $100 worth of a shitcoin when you have to pay $49 in Eth fees to get it.

  5. That subreddit looks like a series of people attempting to pump and dump some shitty coin they bought.

  6. Exactly why I’m not buying Doge when the founder doesn’t take crypto seriously and is only keeping his coin going cause it makes him money. Meaning that Doge will never have a true purpose.

  7. Some would take what he did as a rugpull, as he sold everything he had and was the founder of the project. And he's around pretending calling out names and people listens? Beats me

  8. Salty founder that created Dogecoin and sold what now would cost billions for a few thousand dollars to buy an old car slams every token on the BSC as garbage

  9. Why the fucking shit would you ever think these were worth your money? Fucking thing is named HODL if that isn't a god damn giant red flag then idk what is.

  10. There’s a difference tho. Doge is just a copy/paste of what btc was back then. Meaning an actual crypto and using the blockchain for its intended purposes which is decentralization.

  11. Dogecoin was created to make fun of Bitcoin. The whole reason is called Doge coin is because Doge was the biggest meme at the time. It could have been Scumbag Steve Coin in an alternate universe.

  12. Can someone tell me why this dudes opinions matter? I don’t mean to hate but wasn’t dogecoin a super simple token made as a joke that only took a few lines of code?

  13. It's not a token as such but was made very easily by forking (copying) Litecoin and changing a few parameters

  14. Yea, was hugely invested in BSC projects but finally got my casino addiction off of me. That is literally a trash zone

  15. Lol, thanks to a large number of the degen people that make up this space, we have to hear hot garbage takes from people like this with no self awareness.

  16. Please, for the love of God, explain to me like the idiot I am what "degen" means. I've seen it a lot in NFT Twitter especially.

  17. Binance Smart Chain is a binance cash grab that just forked Ethereum. It offers nothing innovative and unlike other side chains like Avax or Polygon, does not want to support the wider Ethereum ecosystem.

  18. Be advised, the website has proven to be an unreliable source of information. Please verify/fact-check the information in the article from independent sources before relying on it or coming to any concusion.

  19. tldr; Billy Markus, the co-founder of meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE), has extended his criticism of several digital currency projects, with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) being his latest target. Markus termed all BSC tokens as ‘garbage’ while taking an issue with BSC Gem, noting that it doesn’t exist.

  20. Rightly so honestly, a centralized space with almost no drawback to making scams? And binance not doing anything about it lol, atleast Ethereum occurs some costs to make something and to fund it, which deters scams and people risking too much money, happy Angelblock chose to go with Eth, since there is no regulation, risking the failure to make a scam deters people

  21. Potential to do what??? Do you use the crypto projects?? Or do you just hold the token until its worth enough for you to dump it for Fiat?

  22. It's great to see Dogecoin turning into what bitcoin was meant to be. Super cheap and fast to transact. Let's go Doge!

  23. There is no proprietary projects on BSC outside of couple games atm. BNB itself is a great coin, but whole ecosystem is shitty dog coins and HYIP projects + million farm projects that die in 8 days

  24. Tbh haven’t touched bsc ever. I did own a handful of BNB but sold it long before its meteoric rise. That said, I still don’t feel like I am missing out on anything.

  25. Literally says it in the article: "He insinuated that BSC fails to meet the decentralized status while asserting that such a network should not exist. "

  26. Seems like the sort of person that spends his time at the party going through the DJs record collection.

  27. Ah yes. Kind of like how the government had to look to the bankers who created the 2008 crash for advice on how to solve the crash. Cos who better to ask than the people who created it.

  28. Animosity between devs and founders . Markets down and emotions running high. They’re just like us lol

  29. He's just mad and it's been showing. He should of just stuck by, took his money and left like the rest of the shitcoin scam pool. I'd respect him more. Now he just seems like a sour sucka

  30. BSC may be trash, but at some point each coin is some man's treasure. Just don't be the one holding the bag. Token sniff them as they get released, hold for the initial run and get out! It's not rocket science and it's not financial genius. Greed is what makes idiots lose money on BSC. Be happy with 100% gains overnight and get out.

  31. LoL. Just read an article that Said most the 19K coins won’t make it. They will fail. Watch where you put your money. Wow 19K coins bs 180 currencies. That is insane.

  32. i think it's time to stop giving this dude so much attention, he just bashes everything mindlessly. it's the boy who cried wolf with him, his opinions have become meaningless.

  33. who gives a fuck what the dogecoin founder has to say. He cloned bitcoin to doge as a joke and now suddenly his opinion means anything?

  34. Is there any smart chain that has mostly "legit" projects that aren't garbage? Cause every chain I've played around on always has scam projects and garbage, ETH being the largest!

  35. The thing is, it is cheap to launch scamtokens/projects on BSC. The scammer starts there, (or other lowcost chain), then moves to ETH once he has enough to milk the big boys, too

  36. Dogecoin founder is one of the biggest jokes in the Crypto Twitter sphere. He‘s clinging to the most cringe „meme accounts“ as well as Elon Musk. It’s very embarrassing.

  37. He knows more than any plebs. Bsc is associated with alot of scam and rugpulls and still counting; plus transaction on the chain is so cheap making it easy to get unsuspecting retailers to buy these tokens and end up getting rugged.

  38. Lucky for billy his Honda Civic will run for at least another decade or may be it won’t and this is why he’s crying for attention

  39. He's wrong btw, but also right at the same time! How can this be? The nature of duality. BNB smart chain is a great defi product, especially if you just use pancakeswap. The other exchanges will rug you.

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