Celsius CEL Token up 2000% since they suspended withdrawal as it gained memecoin status

  1. Apparently if it's mentioned on the internet that makes it a meme. All things are now memes. People no longer exist, only memes.

  2. Well it's pretty much a meme of your exchange goes bankrupt while trying to say that everything is okay.

  3. It's also a display of small-time "professionals" thinking they are hedgefunds of tomorrow, and pulling off the same losses as the bigger boys when people stop being cattle and buy into massive shorts on low liquidity.

  4. It's the same idiots who knew shit like bitconnect was a scam but jumped in anyway thinking they would get in and out and let someone else take the fall.

  5. So true. Worst thing about it.. there are people thinking it is a genuine. Unless they make money longing without getting too greedy

  6. At first i thought nothing of this because i was like whatever more GME apes type of thing fighting the shorts all the power to them etc etc. Then i saw alot of people talking on twitter that most of the CEL is held by Celsius but also Mashinsky and other executives as personal assets. People buying CEL are literally providing exit liquidity to the people theyre trying to throw in jail, and as far as i know their personal assets havent been frozen so they can dump as much CEL as they like and use it however they feel necessary

  7. Reminds me of when Luna crashed to 1$, many bought Luna thinking it’s a bargain. Didn’t understand the algorithm or the story behind it but thought they can easily get a 10x back

  8. Is that because most of the CEL is locked up on the platform unable to be accessed? Seems like it could be manipulated fairly easily with almost zero sell pressure

  9. They needs to trade with people's assets to recover losses during this relief rally, and the average Joe waits because he don't know.

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