What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by so much information?

  1. There's a course on Coursera called learning how to learn, it's pretty good. Idk if it will help you learn faster necessarily but it will help you retain what you study more so you don't waste time studying and then forgetting it.

  2. Don't try to learn faster, you'll just cram keywords in your head for certifications or remember Anki cards for useless quizzes. Learn efficiently. If everything seems new to you, good! It means you're exposing yourself to new topics and systems everyday. Take core concepts and break them down into digestible chunks, be curious rather than take things at face value. Ex;

  3. Embrace the journey, don't be preoccupied with the destination (you'll never fully arrive anyway). Judge your progress by how much you learned today (or this week or this month), not by how much you don't know.

  4. I chatted with a family member last week at a service. Hadn't talked to him in a few years, and I was telling him about wanting to change careers. He said to me "If you have the drive, you're going to do great." He is self employed, runs a warehouse, and has done well for himself.

  5. I learn better hands on. So when I learn a concept I put it to use either against some virtual machines or on a virtual environment.

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