What a difference a week makes (and Rooney’s influence). Last week was an abomination, last night should give us all hope. Organized, many chances created, they fought and didn’t quit. Credit due, credit given.

  1. Should’ve but let’s take the positives: they created numerous opportunities. Sure they need to convert more, but the effort, focus, and opportunities were there. Truly a great sign. IMO

  2. We need to improve the defense, but DP defenders don't have the best track record. Give me a striker for Taxi to play with up front.

  3. Remember, this was a come from behind home draw against a team not above the playoff line. There was far less cosmic suck, but this still is a very bad team. However, the one thing all these guys know is that Rooney is watching and shit performances will put you on the bench regardless of salary or celebrity. That, in an of itself, is a vast improvement.

  4. Definitely an uphill battle, but I’m looking for a pulse on this team, and last nights effort was pulse worthy. With Rooney’s connections by signing a Suarez DCU can get respectable . Coaches/managers have a tremendous impact on the outcome of winning. If you were to ask any Redskins player during the Joe Gibbs era why they were so successful by winning 3 Super Bowls, they point to their head coach, Joe Gibbs. Success or failure does start at the top. Rooney will convince the owners about preferred personnel, and build a respectable team. This year? I’d wager no, but indicators like last night in terms of effort and level of play should calm down the fans. Me included.

  5. Hard disagree. We put in a shift in Orlando, but looked bad doing it. Then we collapsed in Philly.

  6. I will say we said this same thing the week before when we won with 5 points just to lose by 7. Now if we can repeat this that would be worth making note.

  7. Right? And I thought it made a lot of players look better. Specifically, Skundrich, Hopkins, Djeffal, Najar, Birnbaum, TKP, and K Smith looked more useful under these tactics.

  8. Last night was still bad but it feels better because there's at least some sort of direction to buy into. They'll still need to spend, because as far as talent goes the team is still way undermanned (and no, Levien, we do not want to be "middle of the pack") but there's at least something.

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