Match Thread: D.C. United vs Orlando City SC | Major League Soccer

  1. That atmosphere was magic. Took some friends to the game warning them about how bad we were, but the fans were great. So many folks stuck to it through the pouring rain and so did the boys. I'm not gonna have a voice tomorrow. I don't know what Rooney said to then at halftime, but he put the fire into them. Everyone in the stadium felt the difference.

  2. Any other day, with the rain and the score and the dismal performance lately, we'd have left early. My girlfriend even suggested we leave to try and get an earlier metro home with the single tracking going on on the green line.

  3. Such a different Game than im used to seeing this year. Normally we fold in the last 10 minutes glad to see they kept the effort up until the end this time.

  4. I was convinced both goals would be called back for offside. They never really showed replays of the build up, or I didn’t catch them at least.

  5. They say that in ancient Persia they would debate all political proposes once drunk and once sober to make sure it was totally sound

  6. With Rodriguez, Ravel, Najar, Taxi, Smith and Hopkins it feels like we have a team that can do things with the ball. If we get Pálsson in there, we've got a chance to win a few.

  7. Gotta say, loved what I saw from Rodríguez today. Underrated signing, took forever for his visa but looks well worth it.

  8. Very impressive second half. Haven’t enjoyed watching DC play like that since Losada. Also Orlando playing like they were up 3-0 for some reason.

  9. Real shit though: that second half we played with so much grit and motivation. More of that please. That’s what we paid for when got Rooney. That’s what he brings

  10. Last game we got fucked because of a non VAR review. If there’s a VAR review this time around, that would be painful.

  11. Nah Romo said ima make my mark in my last game 😂 This man knows Ochoa is yeating him out of the starting lineup

  12. Yo we’re looking alright yk 🤔Ochoa and Pálsson need to hurry tf up 😆I see something with the new boys (Rodríguez is good, game changer so far).

  13. I understand Rooney has a better pulse on the team than I do, but it really feels like these three subs should be starting

  14. It's like we had a decent sequence there, but no shot. It's going to take a while for these guys to learn to play together.

  15. In theory, trying to catch the Orlando defense being slow to change sides or draw them in to open space. In reality, wasting time and risking a turnover.

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