Is there any chance we still make it to playoffs? I want to hear everyone’s thoughts

  1. As cool as the narrative of Rooney returning and elevating us from last place to playoffs would be I think it’s better for the team if they miss the playoffs and then return next year and try to make a serious run at it. Also what does it show of the league if the worst team in the league can go from last to playoffs in August? Just my thoughts

  2. 13 games left in the season and 8 points from that last spot, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. 2 games in hand, if the boys want it, it’s there. Getting points from Red Bull and LAFC ain’t likely though. New England game will be big too. I’m optimistic.

  3. Unless these new signings suddenly turn DCU into a juggernaut, no chance. When you are last, it's generally on merit. Climbing out of that hole is virtually impossible unless you win almost every game. Given that DCU still doesn't have an MLS quality LB and the GK situation is "fluid", the chance of such a run is slight. Remember, this team should have been down 3-0 against Orlando at the half, the comeback win is just a fluke until shown otherwise.

  4. There's a chance! It's not a high one. I don't think Rooney can drag the players above the line by himself, but if our new signings put in work, we get 50-50 results to fall our way basically 100% of the time, and remain absolutely injury free, it's... Possible. Not likely, not even a little bit, but possible.

  5. Honestly not the goal at this point... I'm looking for a turnaround...a commitment to returning to winning ways... To Wayne taking full control... To the front office supporting the supporter groups. Let's make it exciting and develop an identity.

  6. Who cares. If we somehow make it, we’ll be out in the first round anyway. Dont put me through the pain

  7. Still reeling from TFC extra time. Easily the worst tactical decisions I've ever seen in professional football

  8. Last year, the playoff line in both conferences was at 48 points. That means we need about 27 points in 13 games. That's not impossible, but right now no team, other than LAFC, is winning at that rate.

  9. Watch us slide into that last spot, then this sub will meltdown when Kasper says: “I told y’all we had a playoff quality roster”

  10. I mean, we've signed what, 5 players since he said that? The part of me that roots for chaos would love for this to happen and him to act all smug, but anyone could still objectively tell him to eat shit and they'd probably still be right.

  11. I think in any normal year not a chance in hell. However expansion has caused teams to become weaker and the East is especially bad. It’s possible we get in with the final playoff spot.

  12. It could happen, but unless we have some sort of Henry Rowengartneresque type of situation with one of the new guys we aren’t going far.

  13. No. But we're building/gearing up for next season strong. With new coach, new star forwards, new star goalie, new wingers, and a growing homegrown squad, the remainder of the season should be focused on building chemistry and tactics with the focus of going deep reserved for next year

  14. There’s a possibility if we win and draw a few games this month, if we lose one game then it’s pretty much dead in the water.

  15. Possible but probably not good for the team in the long run ("told ya we're a playoff team!"-FO)

  16. Probably not. Rooney is great and all but I think this season will only serve to him to get to know the squad and pin point how he wants to mold it.

  17. One one hand would be nice narrative for Rooney to come in and help the boys go from last to making the playoffs. The other hand rather we miss out on playoffs this year I’m sure Rooney and co will work hard in finding key players to build around taxi so we will finally have a competitive team and be strong playoff contenders next season.

  18. "probably not" but it gives us something to watch for the next few games. It's an improvement from the “definitely not" we had 3 weeks ago.

  19. Late to this, but yes I think there is a better chance then many think. We only have 1 fewer wins than the teams in 6th and 7th. Our problem is the losses. If we turn some potential losses into draws (or wins, see Orlando game), you will start seeing us move up the table. Better game management can do that.

  20. First, we're in a hole. Second, our roster is not a playoff roster. Third, no matter how good a manager is, I don't think anyone is capable of managing this roster out of a hole to reach the playoffs.

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