Huh? Curious to know about the reception this is gonna get.

  1. Why are people up in arms about this? DCEU Peacemaker is literally a "douchey Captain America". It's totally up his alley to try and put down superior characters because of his own insecurities and even believe what he is saying is true.

  2. All I'm seeing here is presumably Peacemaker taking the piss out of heroes. There's nothing wrong with that and completely in character.

  3. This makes sense, I am more worried about how the show will handle the fact that Peacemaker was such a cold stone villain in TSS that I am struggling to find sympathy.

  4. I mean hes a piece of shit.but hes also an idiot. I wouldn't call him a stone cold villain tbh. he didnt really want to kill flag who he respected or rat catcher. The reason his heel turn worked was because initially he really did come across as piece of shit but a piece of shit who can be liked

  5. Agree 100%, the reaction Gunn was clearly expecting to get from TSS and Peacemaker was not what I felt. Edgy humor in small doses really helps, but as a movie’s main trait becomes alienating real quick.

  6. What’s wrong with this? Fans get so touchy with things. It’s revealed he found it all on “Google” anyway.

  7. The diehards on twitter will lose their minds but Peacemaker so far has mostly been portrayed as a fucking moron so this is all in character.

  8. Look I’m not tryna say I think these jokes are the peak of comedy or anything, but the amount of people on Twitter I’ve seen acting like this show’s jokes are ruining the legacies of these characters is crazy to me. It’s a comedy show about a supervillain, and they’re just dumb jokes. No one is gonna watch this show and think “wow I guess superman does really have a poop fetish, I can never see him the same way again”

  9. There are going to be the people who think they are too sophisticated for this juvenile humor. And then people who appreciate that this kind of shit talking is totally in character for peacemaker. Pretty predictable at this point.

  10. Sounds great to me and very on brand for Peacemaker. People really look at a shady character like Peacemaker making poop jokes and get mad at Gunn lmao. It is LITERALLY IN CHARACTER. If a director makes an action movie with the protagonist killing hundreds of people, do you get mad at the director? then what's up with an E-tier character making bad jokes about the Justice League, which has been DONE in the comics?

  11. I swear to god James Gunn should stick with D list characters, he’ll make a complete mockery out of these Justice League characters if he’s ever allowed to make a JL movie

  12. i mean peacemaker is supposed to be a douche and i think the aim isn’t exactly to like him ,at least not in the way we’re supposed to like a normal hero

  13. Because Deadpool jokes don't sound like they were written by a 9 years old boy. Poop fetish? Holding a gun pretending is his penis while sticking out his tongue? C'mon, that's not funny, it's just embarrassing

  14. This shows feels so fucking cringy. I don't understand how can anyone be excited about it after watching the trailers

  15. Gunn should stick to these no name characters. You can imagine how he’d make a parody out of the justice league if he got the chance to direct a jl film

  16. There's a reason why Gunn specifically chooses no named heroes. He can make whatever changes he wants and nobody gives a fuck because nobody knows who these characters are.

  17. one of those is a very valid pov about Batfleck and 2 of those are in character jokes. I dont see the issue with having this character say that stuff.

  18. My god people are soft as fuck. Like the Spider-Man fans who complained when Spidey poked fun at Doc Ocks name in NWH. Saying it was “disrespectful”.

  19. If only stupid idiots at WB would have left Zack in charge, then we would be getting great movies by now and since Zack and James Gunn are friends, we'd probably get this anyway

  20. It’s peacemaker making fun of them. Maybe watch some Harley Quinn on HBO Max and you’ll get it. I’m glad no one agrees with you tho

  21. I wouldnt mind it?? Would people actually be mad about this? Why do they act like the main leaguers are gods we have to worship

  22. Batman 100% is responsible for countless innocent deaths. Not only due to the joker but also every other villain he catches just for them to break free again and kill more people. That’s a pretty undeniable fact.

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