2nd look at Batgirl (full image with boots)

  1. Not sure if the burnside costume works for live action. I like the idea but it’s not working for me. I’d rather the cast work out a costume for their own world like “The Batman.” Inspired by the comics however, touched up to fit into the world they’re creating.

  2. I googled the burnside suit, it looks. I think the amount of wrinkles on this live action suit also contribute to it looking “cheap”

  3. Looks like a lower budget CW show outfit, like the studio will pay for a better one if it’s renewed for a second season.

  4. Finally someone said this. In another thread everyone was gushing over it. I’m happy for them, but I can’t take this thing seriously at all. It looks really campy, and I can’t imagine this replacing Batman as the protector of Gotham let alone becoming a mainstay in the JL. Hope this is just a ‘training’ suit and there is a proper suit after.

  5. Agree. Fidelity to the source material is not automatically a positive thing. The first two Harry Potter movies are a testament to this. Different media have different needs.

  6. I'm the opposite. I didn't like this costume in the comics, it looked too cheap and self-made. I think it looks better as a live-action version. And honestly, I don't understand why people liked the self-made look in the comics (less realistic medium), but not in the movie (more realistic medium).

  7. It just looks like a high quality cosplay. If someone showed me that without me knowing it was for a movie I would never of guessed.

  8. I think the suit itself is fine but it doesn’t look good on grace. If the actress was a teenager with a shorter bubblier stature it would look better. Leslie had a more mature sharp look which would be a better fit for a sharper leaner suit. But hey who knows maybe it would look a lot better with post production and better lighting

  9. I think that this has to be the temporary suit. This is a modified biker suit, I think. Keaton batman might provide her with the actual suit later down the line. I'm fine with this as well tho.

  10. This isn’t it for me. I could go into what I think is bad about it but it’d be shorter to go into what’s good about it. Which unfortunately isn’t much

  11. i think if you want to go super simple with a suit it shouldn't be all shiny and reflective like this, if this was a matte fabric/material it would've looked way better imo.

  12. It’s very accurate but it looks very Affleck Daredevil to me, I understand what they’re going for but it just doesn’t look very good in live action imo.

  13. They literally chose bat girls worst costume in the comics for live action. It looks very cheap... I'm disappointed. Leslie deserves better

  14. Nope, not feeling it. Face it DC fans, Warner brothers just cant get the formula right for the DC hero universe. Squandering away Henry Cavil as Superman is the biggest mistake and they just keep shitting on themselves. It’s a giant train wreck.

  15. It's a direct adaptation of the Stewart's Batgirl run from 2014 in which Barbara includes Doc Martens style boots to her costume, it is obviously a starting costume.

  16. Defending it because it’s «homemade » doesn’t make it look less shitty, plenty of superhero movies where they have homemade suits that look good ( spider-man) this one just looks like shit

  17. I'm torn. It's realistic for a "first" suit. But can they really justify the color scheme? It's incredibly bright and vivid for someone trying to emulate Batman. The suit is supposed to be an extension of the characters personality, a statement, but I don't get what this is trying to say. Very comic accurate, but is it DCEU accurate? Maybe even just losing the tiny useless yellow cape would make this work. I guess what I'm trying to say is, who would wear this suit? Why? Seems like something was lost in translation.

  18. All of this might be answered in the movie, Batgirl sure is more light hearted than Bruce itself which might explain the purple + sounds like we are getting Robin too, so this is a Batgirl who saw Batman next to many other bright superheroes. It's totally fine for me.

  19. Looks terrible. Say what you want about the Zack Snyder movies but those costumes looked amazing. This honestly looks cheap. Hopefully it’s something that turns out better during the movie.

  20. Bro why does she look like Angelina Jolie in this picture lol. I’m sorry but I keep looking at her face and it looks like her cheeks gotten sunken in

  21. People calling this CW style,really?There adapting a look straight from the comics. Its not bad,it looks homemade,which should be accurate to where Batgirl is at.Also you can diss the CW for almost anything,but their costume design is not the worst thing.

  22. Green Arrow always looked great in the CW and even though Flash's quality of writing might decrease, the suit always seems to get more comic accurate as the seasons passed.

  23. I’d assume some 20 something year old cop wouldn’t have the ability to make some high tech suit so it definitely should look homemade.

  24. I guess cuz it’s basically the texture and look of a motorcycle outfit but hey, it’s the best a tv budget can do 🤷🏽‍♂️

  25. I mean even if that’s what they’re doing, the lighting and composition of the image makes it look like a bad low budget production, and that’s probably part of what people are reacting to. Maybe it’ll look fine on film but this doesn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence.

  26. Pretty sure nobody disses CW when they compare with it. You just gotta have to know that this is some big budget stuff and you get a low budget style. And don't even use this "hOmEmaDe" excuse crap, we're in 2022 now, we don't need to go back to 2000s to justify this nonesense style.

  27. The CW makes good suits. Lol. The Flash Season 8 suit, the new Superman suit, Stargirl’s suit, the new Supergirl suit…. Sure they’re not movie level perfect, but for a TV show, they’re pretty damn good.

  28. Not even commenting on the suit itself, this is a terrible, terrible first image to release. The lighting is bad, the composition is really random and it’s kind of out of focus. It makes it look like a cheap low budget production or cosplay.

  29. I really want to be positive about this project because I love Barb but I’ve seen and heard nothing that excites me. This doesn’t look good but I’ll withhold judgement until we see everything in live action after production is finished.

  30. I seriously don't understand how people are exited for a year 1 Batgirl having a 70 year old Batman. There's NO way anyone actually thinks it's a good idea

  31. Costume looks pretty good, this is basically her homemade suit so it makes sense that it doesn’t look immaculate. I just hope the movie itself is good

  32. “Even by homemade standards” Tobey wore a ski mask a sweater and gloves meanwhile Andrew wore a red mask, sunglasses, and a leather jacket

  33. I haven't watched The Flash regularly since Season 3, but I've seen like one episode a season since. I'd say most of the CW Flash suits look better than the Flash suits I've seen in the movies.

  34. If it’s supposed to be her first suit then I think it’s pretty good but I would hope they have a reveal towards the end or in her next appearance with a more “professional” suit.

  35. I have to believe at some point of the movie (maybe when she encounters Firefly for the first time ?) this suit is going to get badly damaged and Bruce will then give her an upgraded armored suit, i refuse to believe WB is going to let the poor girl walk around the entirety of the film wearing THAT.

  36. Perfection. This is probably her first suit and will upgrade it throughout her career. I'm not a fan of Burnside but makes sense. I still love it.

  37. I'll be honest, at first glance I am not a huge fan even though it's a clear adaptation from the Stewart design (which I love).

  38. The more I look at the suit the more I like it but these photos they’re releasing could be better quality, right? Or am I going crazy?

  39. I love how everyone is hating on the suit… what if this is the suit she created and if it is then there is no way she is gonna have all the same tech as Batman yet I think this is before she is really in the fold with batteam like the comics batgirl year 1

  40. People are forgetting that Barbara is not a billionaire or a tech genius at this point, she is a normal young woman fighting crime secretly and on her own. It makes sense her costume would actually kind of look like cosplay. I'm sure once Keaton's Batman takes her under his wing she'll get an upgrade.

  41. When compared with the source material, I really think this looks great. I’m not sure they picked the best pose or light source, but looking at it closely the details in the suit really bring it all together. I’m excited to see this in action.

  42. I get the accuracy of the color scheme but in a more serious film it's definitely extremely impractical, especially for "stealth" purposes. I would, however, be interested to see a "darker" version of the suit which would then maybe "light up" into a version similar to this whenever she wants to reveal herself or something.

  43. I’m actually more excited for this movie than The Batman. Batgirl might open the door for more Batfamily members showing up in live-action film!

  44. Both can open the door for an expanded Gotham roster. Batgirl can intro those that will be part of the JL universe and Reeves can intro those he’d like to use in his world. An exciting time for Bat fans.

  45. Y’all are so fucking annoying sometimes, it’s like every time something releases some of you act like you’ve never followed superhero movie news before.

  46. Seeing as this film will be Barbara’s origin story this costume makes a lot of sense. It’s like how Spidey had a very cheap looking homemade costume before meeting Tony Stark.

  47. I kinda dig it, it's simple and straight forward but honestly it looks CW, but not in a bad way, CW has great suits like the Flash, arrow, supergirl.

  48. I don’t think it’s gonna be her final suit. The concept art had a completely different design so I thinks that’s gonna be her final look.

  49. I think it looks really good, I do wish the color was a bit less saturated for the body of the suit and personally since she was probably in character inspired by Keaton and personally think it would’ve been cool to have a less shiner utility belt and Symbol the with like matte yellow to get a stronger connection point through having the one color correlation to his suit story wise for inspiration and just think it’d look better. I think the cowl looks amazing and I think overall it looks really good. Those are just small critiques based on my personal preferences, but overall I think it looks like a really good suit and I enjoy that they went this route for type of design that I was also really excited when they did this in the comics. It’d be really cool to see them go into how amazing her memory if they go that route I love really cool mind stuff for reconstructing things in your head like they’ll do in Sherlock Holmes and they do in quite a bit of games and other things I always enjoy that personally.

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