I just want to see Batgirl Kick-some-Ass and do some detective work, regardless of what she wears.

  1. She will probably get a new suit I think. There have been many wink wink towards it and even then if there wasn't story wise if she meets Bruce she would be gifted one.

  2. it's kind of weirding me out because Bruce never armors Babs. She always makes her own stuff. They've shared resources down the line but never outfitted her.

  3. I find it rather odd people would think Barbara has anything but the most basic kind of suit for her first venture. I mean in comics her first outfit was a Halloween outfit, and the Burnside outfit was a DIY project after an actually armored suit went up in flames that also left her virtually penniless.

  4. Burnside wasn't the best version of Babs personality-wise in the DCYOU era but her using the new suit made sense up until when her spine went out again and had to use her old spare costume. She's been wearing this look for a long ass time now and Leslie and Co are adapting it pretty closely. Nothing to complain about imo.

  5. No one is complaining about the rationale of the suit, the complains come mainly from the fact that the Burnside suit is not a beloved one. Besides, the first picture revelation looked a tad cheap, let's be honest

  6. Well... how does most 'first reveals' of costumes look vs how they work on screen? I mean I can remember the first look at Thor, Loki and Odin and to me it all looked like they were covered in plastic.

  7. And the Flash suit didnt look better, and the idea of Barry making itself without being superinteligent is a bit silly

  8. The Flash suit was getting shit when it was first revealed as well. Fans were saying that it looked too complex to be homemade, and didn't like the armor aspect of it. There is no winning on this subreddit lol

  9. Spiderman's suit also looked kinda wack befire Tony made his suit, i don't know why people have such a hate boner for DC

  10. Because the home made suit for Spider-Man didn’t look cheap. The Batgirl one just looks like it was bought at a costume store tbh

  11. Yeah but the Raimi suit would be impossible for a teenager to make. There’s a suspension of disbelief there because Raimi was going for a campy comic come to life, whereas this Batgirl movie will likely have a different tone. This Batgirl suit is a believable home made suit akin to Tom Holland’s rather than Tobey’s.

  12. The Raimi films were delibrately unrealistic and had a campy vibe, hence why why Peter being able to make that suit worked in that film. Batgirl is obviously going for a different approach

  13. Batfleck had been operating for many years before BvS. Batgirl is starting out. So you can't really make that comparison.

  14. If the flash movie is used as an excuse to erase batfleck and Henry Cavill as superman then my heart might just stop

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