After joss whedon’s comment about ray fisher’s acting, I just wanna know for myself. “Who gave the best performance on ZSJL?”

  1. Gadot was surprisingly great playing the naive and charismatic Diana in Wonder Woman and her goodbye to Steve in WW84 was so well done but give her anything serious like a battle scene and she's so wooden it's unbelievable.

  2. Considering how horrific the reshoots must have been, his delivery of "so do I" when Superman says he likes being alive was top notch. The theatrical cut stripped his entire character but I really felt it in that moment.

  3. Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller by far. They were the two MVPs of that movie, and got the most character development.

  4. It's funny because I know that Ben Affleck and Ray fisher will lead but to me those are the weakest performances. I voted Jason Mamoa. However the best performance is from the guy who plays cyborg dad

  5. It'll be emotional/support/ voting I think after that clown Joss interview (really why giving an awful person a platform?)

  6. Ben's acting was top-class in BvS, but in JL, he's a bit checked out, and his voice and physique changes and is not consistent.

  7. Ray Fisher and it's not even close. Everyone else was terrible: Gadot's "Kal-El no!", Momoa's monologue, Miller's godawful comedic timing that couldn't make a single joke land, etc, they're all among the worst performances in a comicbook movie ever.

  8. Aside from the “Kal-El, No” I thought all the actors were incredible, not as good as Ray Fisher’s performance but pretty good overall

  9. I said Henry Cavill. He didn't get much, but honestly I liked how much he did with what he had. He played several different Supermen in not much time, and I saw the difference between them.

  10. It's funny how Gadot performed given we have WW (2017) and WW84. I thought she did a decent job in WW, given Diana was the "fish out of water" and accompanied by great counterparts (like Steve Trevor). My god... WW84 was a disaster, though. Aside from all the other problems I have with the film, Gadot was oddly stiff/uncharismatic the entire time. I don't even mean for that to be a detriment to her abilities as an actress - I think any woman deserves some credit, especially given she is helming such a powerful character - but seriously, did no one tell her to liven up a little?

  11. I remember watching the abomination that is JL in theaters and thinking the only silver lining was Ray Fisher. Great performance, especially considering the BTS drama. Joss Whedon sounds like a jealous little asswipe, but more importantly what he said is just not true, IMO. I’m sad that we won’t see more of Cyborg. The current DC roster leaves me cold.

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