It's a crappy film, so let's do something fun. I challenge every one of you to compliment Green Lantern (2011) as nicely as you can....

  1. The scene where Hal visits Carol as the Lantern and she sees through his poor attempts at disguising himself is a wonderful bit of comedy.

  2. Fuck it I liked the depiction of the suits, yeah it's CGI but it's supposed to be made up of light and I liked that it went and sort of made muscles with the way it was designed, also mark strong is perfect as sinestro

  3. Onother cgi suit enjoyer! Honestly I never thought the CGI lantern suits looked bad at all. Add it to the pile of DC film Critiques that don't make sense to me.

  4. Genuine comment here lol, but I actually liked this Green Lantern movie a lot, when it came out. Prior to that I watched Justice League on TV, the cartooned 5 season series a couple of good times so I had a rough idea of who the Green Lanterns were.

  5. 1 Mark Strong as Sinestro is comic accurate especially when he's in the yellow suit and 2 it gave us great jokes in Deadpool

  6. Honestly I remember coming out of the theater and kind of liking it. Haven't revisted since, probably for the best.

  7. I respect the fact that the movie wasn't afraid to spend a lot of time offworld. I could be remembering wrong as I haven't seen it in years, but I remember signficantly more of this film being offworld than the first Thor for example.

  8. The Directors Cut was great, as it added back in the scenes that actually explore Hal’s motivations and the source of his fear.

  9. I don’t care what you say, Ryan Reynolds reciting the Green Lantern Oath in live action gave me chills. It was clear that movie didn’t deserve him.

  10. Everything was there but the writing. The effects, the casting, and the scenery were spot-on it's just that the poor writing destroyed whatever it could have been.

  11. The fact that this might get us some Green Lantern stuff in the Arrowverse because the movie's failure prevented this Green Lantern from being in the DCEU is really cool.

  12. Mark Strong as Sinestro was brilliant casting. Would say the Abin Sur part at the start but I wish they'd have incorporated Atrocious and the 5 inversions instead of Parallax.

  13. I actually think it's aged well. It's a very middle of the road movie but it's nowhere near as bad as Suicide Squad or BvS. Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi are fun playing off eachother and the villain has a decent amount of development. I think the script needed to be tightened up but I will still watch this now and again.

  14. It’s remotely possible I suppose the guy Hal threw though that brick wall was only disabled for life instead of killed.

  15. The art direction was done well. Their planet, the elders and their long robes, the different alien Green Lanterns. The huge lantern in their common space was stupid but, there was a lot of potential for a good movie. Then someone wrote it. SMH

  16. The ring construct design was actually pretty good and the one part of the movie where the cgi was perfectly appropriate

  17. I’ve never seen a pile of space diarrhoea portrayed better than this in film history. Kudos to the CGI team.

  18. Ryan as Hal, Strong as Sinestro are great casting. The character design of the CGI Lanterns like Kilowog is comic accurate and good. The few scenes we get in space are actually cool.

  19. I never got the deep hate. Visually it was meh. The script was mediocre. The acting was okay. It was an absolute middle of the road film. Not worth a ton of praise, but definitely not deserving of the hate it got.

  20. Honestly first half of the film is pretty good. The concepts themselves are not too bad, execution could have been better. Casting for this movie is actually really good, just a little overstuffed.

  21. Sinestro was dead on..until the post credits scene. They could have made an entire trilogy about the slow corruption by the temptation of the yellow lantern. It could have been epic and tragic story that would rival Anikan Skywalkers story.

  22. It was a fine superhero movie. I think the thing that killed it was the fact that it didn't have the same vibe as the Dark Knight films and with talks of what Man of Steel was going to be like, people PROBABLY saw this as too much of a departure from a more "realistic" feel that people were growing accustomed to.

  23. I thought Tim Robbins Howard the Duck days of terrible acting where behind him but he proved me wrong when he appeared in Green Lantern. And I mean that as a compliment. It was a delight to see something so hammy from him again.

  24. The casting was good and it was great to see Oa. Pretty much everything with the actual Green Lantern Corps was decent. It's the decision to spend so much time on earth that really sabotaged the movie.

  25. I haven’t seen it myself but it seems like there was an attempt at some pretty cool world building. Just the concept of the corp as a universal agency is fascinating to me and I’m happy they embraced that

  26. Mark Strong is great as Sinestro but the late great Michael Clark DuncanI as Kilowog is top tier casting. I also think they did a great job with how the lanterns looked as well as how their constructs were emitted. Everything looked very early in and it worked for me.

  27. It was a bit messy, but I liked it. A sequel from people who actually know and enjoyed the comics would have been great!

  28. I haven’t seen it since 2011. I don’t remember it well, but I didn’t hate it. I remember saying to my buddy after seeing it “It was better than Thor.”

  29. I actually enjoyed the movie. Wasn't the best movie ever made of course but it was a good bit of stupid fun. And this damn near deserved all the awards compared to the first attempt to put deadpool on the big screen in wolverine.

  30. Mark Strong was perfect for Sinestro and Ryan Reynolds did a pretty decent job with Hal Jordan. I personally like the cgi aspects as I think it fits the concept of what a willpower construct would look like… the hot wheels scene was kinda fun… and… ummm…

  31. Mark strong as Sinestro was perfect. Michael Clarke Duncan will never be topped for Killowog , and honestly the only things I did t like about the movie were the villains. So sick of evil space clouds lol I do want to see Mark strong as Sinestro again or as Braniac

  32. It brought Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively together. And the actor for Sinestro looked like he was taken out of the comic pages.

  33. The space scenes and Sinestro were great, I think sequels could have greatly improved upon it since the villain and earth banter held it back. There was a lot of potential nonetheless.

  34. Genuinely my favorite DC movie, even if it plays fast and loose with lore. I think that's probably because it doesn't bother too hard to take itself seriously.

  35. I thought the film was freaking dope. Then I learned more about Green Lantern and wondered How the fuck did DC allow this to happen! Oh yeah greed! 🙄

  36. This had the potential to have been an excellent movie. The cast was strong, the effects were great, the writing was written. 2 out of 3 ain't bad

  37. I actually kinda like the movie to be honest, i rewatched it recently and it wasn’t as bad as I remember. I think the premise of it is actually really good.

  38. Casting was excellent, except for Reynolds imo. Also the CGI was pretty good, even if some of the designs/digital concepts were weird

  39. The fear blob instantly absorbing the life (souls?) out of thousands of fleeing people was a disturbing scene I still remember.

  40. Mark Strong was the definitive cinematic Sinestro. His performance is a pleasure in an otherwise hum-drum origin story. I feel Strong could have been a wonderful Luthor opposite Henry Cavill in BvS.

  41. As a huge green lantern fan, I’d love to see Ryan back at it. It’s all we got so far. Almost forced to love it.

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