A fan screening of Man Of Steel was held in Vettri Theatres, India. This was the theatre reaction for first flight.

  1. Same feels with the anniversary animated promo. Everything about MoS is incredible from start to finish.

  2. Snyder's forte, I will watch this movie when I'm 80 and I won't care if it's any good because it makes my heart RACE

  3. Agreed. I remember tearing up when he takes off. I truly love this movie and I really hope I get to say I’m wrong, but I feel like Cavill is done. And if so, it’s such a bummer

  4. This movie did a shit load of things right. Casting being one of them. This scene, plus the score, are also pretty much perfect.

  5. Can confirm the authenticity of the video...I literally live 5 mins away from this theatre... It's in Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. If you thought this reaction was crazy, you should probably see some first day first show (fdfs) celebration videos from South India... We are absolutely batshit crazy 😀

  6. I just don’t like the way they killed his dad. Fix the tornado into a heart attack or something and it would’ve been much better but that’s my only gripe I love this movie it’s great

  7. In with you here, my wife hates it but I've always really liked MoS. Sure it has problems tonally but Shannon is an awesome Zod and the movie just looks really cool in a lot of places.

  8. People got butthurt by the “Superman is Jesus” motifs because he more accurately represents the Moses archetype. Which is dumb asf because he’s a fictional superhero, they don’t have to adhere to biblical lore to the tee and the main similarities are only in the first 20 or so minutes of the film. And they also complained that two dudes who can lift mountains somehow destroyed an entire city?

  9. It does have many incredible visuals and I enjoy watching it occasionally, but I'll die on this hill, the movie is a terrible superman movie. Just awful. Jonathan told Clark to let a buss full of children drown wtf lol

  10. It was tonally very different from the general public perception of Superman (thanks to Christopher Reeve), which is why the film was very polarizing to the general audience.

  11. There are a few criticisms that I understand (Jonathan Kent saying it’s ok to sacrifice innocent children, the level of destruction in Metropolis, and Clark killing Zod), but other than those things, I completely agree.

  12. I liked it but it deserves the criticism for turning into a Michael Bay movie at the end. It was an over correction to Superman Returns being boring.

  13. Superman & Lois, has been taking notes and adapting similar ideas with flight, flow, movement, and atmosphere.

  14. First Flight is such a moment in all DCEU history. People who hate the movie hate it because they claim this Superman is flawed. But you can only be "super" when you transcend flaws and doubts. And that's what First Flight is about. That's what makes him human and super human at the same time.

  15. This was first time I started liking superman. Never liked the character of being the strongest person. Batman was always the one me. Anyways, loved this movie and I just hope Henry can comeback. I know its difficult as per the rumors but fingers crossed.

  16. I hated the movie when I 1st saw it theaters. The Lois casting rubbed me the wrong way, it seemed everyone in Smallville could figure out he's the kryptonian, Jonathan's death wa such nonsense, and killing Zodd right out the bat seemed an odd choice, much less the way it wasn't a really convincing 'well gee I had no other choice' decision.

  17. So many great parts,the smallville fight,superman’s first fight with zod hitting him saying don’t touch my mam,zod taking off his armour,this first flight

  18. Yeah... So good when Superman kills thousands of people smashing into buildings for no other reason than snyder

  19. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL film !!! One of the best superhero origin films in a long ass time. Thank you Based Zack

  20. The problem with this movie is that it was way ahead of its time. I didn’t very much like this movie coming out of the theatre all those years ago, I thought it was just okay. But I recently rewatched it and it is criminally underrated.

  21. Goku and Superman have a lot of similarities in their origin and the Krypton section reminded me a lot of Bardock's story

  22. As someone who doesn’t quite like the DCEU, all the love for Snyder’s trilogy specifcally I’ve seen recently has made me wanna rewatch it.

  23. As an Indian I can say that we love Zack Snyder and we love DC when it is dark and gritty. Our generation has seen Justice League Animated on Cartoon Network and we love each and every character but the direction in which DC is going is totally abandoning their own genre and theme. Most of us are hurt and even though we won't boycott any upcoming movies but we do want DC to preserve it's idealogy.

  24. Hopeful and colourful right there folks. It boils my blood, not that we are getting Supergirl, but that they are erasing Cavill in the process.

  25. Man of Steel was damn near perfect, many people look at BvS and understandably see some issues with that movie, but MoS was genuinely one of the most well made movies we’ve had

  26. This movie was a masterpiece. People wanted a classic christopher reeve they gave us Superman return “ not enough action” . People wanted a more realistic darker Superman man of steel masterpieces “not the Superman they grow up with”??

  27. They’re not cheering for what they’re seeing but what they’re listening too , Hans Zimmer!!! Lol jk , India theaters look lit .

  28. It’s possible that a Superman story that for the first time does not tout American values but shows an immigrant story would resonate with non-Americans - especially for people from a third world country where truth, justice and the American way are but dreams. Call it a first-world privilege, if you will.

  29. Zack Snyder’s fans can’t even enjoy his movies without inviting racist comments; and yet we are the toxic ones…

  30. Is this an American thing? I have never been to a theatre where people react like this and I’m not sure I want to.

  31. My gosh if they’re all going ape shit for this, just for this!!! Lol you all will have heart palpitations for Cap wielding Mjolnir! 🙊

  32. Hate it its ok ya the story had plot holes but the Snyder verse and feel and the music maaaaan.... Still there are moments of goosebumps ... Hans n junkie xl they are the best of the best...💪💪💪👌👌👌👌

  33. Hey if there quite during dialogue. I dig it and would kill too be in a cinema with that sort of energy right now

  34. The Indian DC fanbase is just so much underrated. The fact that DC didn't include an Indian representative in the Fandome was just a validation of the same :(

  35. Not my favourite film but would have been a soldi start had it been followed up with a man of steel 2 rather then bvs

  36. Snyder did such a phenomenal job with the DC characters. I know his trilogy is pretty controversial, but it’s truly hard to say that these movies didn’t have epic moments. First flight, the Batman Warehouse scene, the entire 6th chapter of ZSJL, and particularly the Flash scene. And those are just the top 3 in my eyes. Thank you for sharing these beautiful scenes Zack.

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