[Comic Excerpt] I wonder how Bruce manages to pretend to be a Playboy when his skin looks like minced meat... How is he supposed to explain those scars? [Batman: Three Jokers (2020) #1]

  1. I don't think Bruce is really going around sleeping with every model he meets. He probably pays a lot of people off just to say that he does. So he isn't seen shirtless often. Plus the whole 'Playboy' act has been really toned down in recent years anyways.

  2. Also not to mention if his persona is a playboy he can play it off he’s quite selective with the people he’s interested in. Part of the playboy persona also benefits from those who are straight up turned off by those people further dropping the possible interactions

  3. Yeah, confirmed on Chip’s run. He pays models fat cash just to go with him to parties and then he lets them go. He’s still head over heels for Selina so other women and casual sex don’t interest him anymore. He straight up rejected Talia on the previous run.

  4. Bruce probably invites a famous model or actress to dinner, goes around town with her to make sure they are seen, and afterwards Alfred leaves her at home as if nothing had happened.

  5. I've seen it referenced in the books that women are hesitant to admit he didn't sleep with him because it can damage their reputation to be rejected. Like, it's something they all quietly understand in those circles.

  6. Yes and if people are suspicious why he is paying them off he will insinuate it is because of erectile dysfunction.

  7. It was actually shown that he takes girl home, but they never pass the door. Alfred pays for the cab back and given them a couple of Thousands to specifically go around the city telling the had a incredible night with Bruce Wayne.

  8. Yeah, there is even a rumor among models on Gotham that he’s gay - so that’s why they agree to help him.

  9. Agreed alway assume he would say oh I was Mugged and tried to fight the person and Got my ass handed to me or I Got drunk and decided to drive and hit a Light pole damaging me and my car

  10. I imagine the line of thought of the villains avoiding attacking him in the bared chin... "It's too obvious, knowing Batman it's sure a trap"

  11. Yeah, he expects gun fire in caves. It's a big part of the whole spelunking, base-jumping crowd. That and they love passing around the weaponized psychotropic hallucinogens.

  12. Man he’s pretty lucky tbh. He’s going up against stuff that can puncture his skin, break his bones, make holes in his vital organs, and he just gets a bunch of cuts and scratches.

  13. I always think these shots are kind of funny, because they imply that he's had hundreds of injuries that leave superficial scars on his body, but almost none that would actually impact his ability to be Batman, like a blown out knee or something (save that one time with Bane)

  14. His face should have become a literal pancake the moment a superhuman first punched him, but he just bleeds a tad, maybe spits out a tooth.

  15. Although this scene is really cool, it does make his suit look about as useful as lycra in terms of physical protection.

  16. Considering that in those panels they are literally stabbing him in vital parts and he managed to come out with only scratches (...many many scratches)... I think the suit does protect him quite a bit

  17. I like the last few panels that shows The Joker doing the most damage not only physically and but mentally as well since Bats still hear his laughter.

  18. See, the persona is that he's a playboy, but he's not actually sleeping with a whole lot of women, people just see a girl with him at social gatherings and assume

  19. I always assumed Bruce just goes on public dates for the media to pick up on and then goes home alone for his nightly brooding. Being an actual drunk playboy doesn’t seem like something he’d be interested in imo

  20. He probably explains it away due to daredevil activities he does as a thrill seeking playboy. Also he has access to amazing medical technology including alien, magical, Atlantean etc so he really shouldn’t have permanent scars.

  21. He just needs to put on a joker impression and say “wanna know how I got these scars?“ and she’ll just laugh and be like “Omg I love that movie.” Then they bang.

  22. Do you... really think Bruce Wayne is having casual sex? He is 100% paying off women to say they've had sex with him and to be pictured on dates with him and the women all think it's because he's secretly gay.

  23. He wears a suit everywhere he goes, or bare minimum long sleeves, if that doesn’t work or he has a face injury then I’m sure if anyone Batman could make a machine to fully heal him properly, not to mention hero’s that can heal him

  24. He never gets to the undressing part with them. Who has time for sex when you're fighting criminals in Gotham?

  25. It's almost like he doesn't scarper off every night to sleep with tons of women, and everyone ever gets to see him in a suit.

  26. The fandom idea I’ve seen the most is Bruce and his kids writing off scars and injuries as wild ass rich-people vacations gone wrong. Skiing incidents, falling off a horse at polo, slipped while rock climbing a few states over, cut myself while scuba diving, etc.

  27. In the words of Rihanna… “because chains and whips excite him”. Isn’t a bit of a stereotype for eccentric billionaires and powerful men to have violent sexual proclivities? That would check out.

  28. God this had the potential to be one of the coolest Batman stories in the past few years. What an amazing opening. Too bad it sucked

  29. He is into some Kinky shit? Get a sex room and fill it with all the crazy shit. Pay a few high class hookers to spread the word about Bruce’s fetishes and profit

  30. Bruce doesn't need to explain himself to Selina and Talia... and when it's someone outside the Super hero/Villain circle there is a simple response. "I live in Gotham City. You aren't a true Gotham citizen without a few scars"

  31. I don't understand the versions of Barman who don't wear at least stab-proof armour tbh. Batman's suit might as well be made out of cling film for all the good it does.

  32. That's a Thursday evening and those are just the week's scars, Batman drops into a Lazarus Pit every Friday in the morning to heal all of them off his body.

  33. He keeps a sex dungeon open in the Mansion so people accidentally go in there and see it and then use it to explain the rest of his injuries and disappearances.

  34. There was an explanation of how he never goes home with any of the women he encounters as a playboy. Most commonly, they’ve become too intoxicated by themselves to really remember what happened, and he rents out a room in a really nice Gotham hotel to make it seemed like something happened. Sometimes, Alfred may stall and just drop them off at an expensive store until they get bored and leave, but they’ll never admit that they didn’t bed Bruce Wayne since it’s almost like a status thing, which in the end works out in Bruce’s favor as well to reinforce his reputation.

  35. I have frequently said that Bruce has to be a meta. There is no other explanation for how he can take the punishment he does.

  36. "Extreme sports are dangerous, and a billionaire who's watched his parents die in front of him has got to spend his money on SOMETHING suicidal though"

  37. Oh, come on. First of all, the guy would have been dead due to blood loss. Secondly, isn't his suit made of some material that protects him from sharp objects?

  38. The gossip around Bruce Wayne is gonna be crazy. Various models would gossip that he isn't interested in sex. He has numerous young, adopted kids. Has multiple girlfriends that the public knows about that end up dead (Jezebel Jet, Silver St Cloud, Vesper Fairchild, Natalya Trusevich). The public also knows that he's been in relationships with Catwoman and fathered a child with a known terrorist with Talia Al Ghul.

  39. The few times that someone does see a scar (It’s only ever one or two scars that someone catches a glimpse of from what I’ve seen) it’s explained by extreme sports. Bruce is super wealthy so he gets super bored and needs to do extreme sports to make life exciting, or so he and Alfred tell people.

  40. Batman comics try not to push the joker over his armor there villains challenge (impossible (please just fucking stop))


  42. Honestly all that could probably be explained by the “car crash” in Hush considering how badly he was hurt at the start of the book

  43. When Bane broke his back, the bat family staged a car accident to explain his injury, so I’m sure he’s done all sorts of things to explain away injuries. Plus even as a playboy he probably doesn’t get completely naked if he doesn’t have to.

  44. And this is all after his body got totally healed after he came back while Gordon was batman, right?

  45. Most of the higher level girls like this kind of body ... As it shows how much tough he is to have this much scars

  46. "My family and I were attacked in an alley when I was eight. I'm the only one that survived and these scars are the result of that horrible day. I don't want to talk about it anymore."

  47. "That's from when I crashed my Porsche. And those are from when I went climbing in the Himalayas and let me tell you, listen to your Sherpa. It took them 3 days to find me after I fell in that crevasse. Oh! That's from when The Joker kidnapped me. He was terrifying!"

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