I'm in a legal state hey

  1. I have found weed makes that easier yea. it’s a different “kind” of dissasociation, if that makes sense. the framework it gives me lets me put a lot of myself in perspective, and we all communicate a little more “lucidly” under weed.

  2. I will smoke once I put my kids to bed and it's sort of become a "meeting" space to understand eachother alittle more and get a bit more co-conscious..I'm glad I'm not alone in that...smoking was a disaster for me in the beginning of my diagnosis and becoming aware of the reality. But it's been about 6 years of being aware and accepting...so the panic and anxiety is gone. As long as I smoke when I'm busy with my hands or the kids are sleeping lol

  3. yes absolutely! when I'm feeling someone bleeding through and can't reach em, weed is a great tool for us to be able to co front with them. sometimes it is like the shuffling haha I call it alter roulette 🤣 -Rose

  4. I am still recently understanding DID and terms and everything related to it, but I feel the same way every once in a while. I don’t do drugs or drink any alcohol but I have felt that feeling multiple times before of feeling that I’m slightly changing, such as my mannerisms, pitch of my voice, and thought process

  5. I have recently been recording videos again just to sort of validate what I'm experiencing, I have found myself alot more co-conscious would be the term for it, like I feel myself shift in and out with different parts, and different parts life experiences and emotions. It's so strange because it's so familiar but so temporary when I have these moments.. it's like *oh yeah! This is weird because I KNOW this but I don't but I do

  6. yeah, our communication gets better and we can sense each other, also our anxiety is a barrier to communication and that's removed so its quite helpful overall

  7. we describe weed a "good dissociation" when we use it. we are having "meetings" in head space and it is more clear experience for me then it is when I'm not using. but we are smoking pretty regularly because of it.

  8. Ooooo reading this post and seeing everyone’s comments has got me so excited! I didn’t know I was the only one! Do folks have favorite strains that help best with communication for you?

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