Dragon's Breath passes through Tiny Hut. What else does?

  1. Unfortunately the caster can make the outside wall Opaque, making it impossible for the Medusa or Bodak to have los to the party. Since their abilities rely on them being able to see the party, if the hut is Opaque, the ability won't work. But ONLY if it was set up that way when it was cast.

  2. Interesting point, if that this is the correct way to run it, then the new spellcaster statblocks may also be able to "cast" through Tiny Hut in some cases. Assuming

  3. Waking up in a tiny hut to find you have been surrounded by bodaks would be terrifying. It would definitely make them think twice about camping out in a dungeon.

  4. I recognize that the Crawford has made a decision. But given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it.

  5. Honestly, if my players ever do get LTH, I will probably ignore him too. As this whole post has shown, once you start allowing some things, it gets really dicey.

  6. same, we treat Tiny Hut as a safe space, still set up watches and sometimes monsters appear outside the hut, but DM doesn't go "surprise, mfers" and blast us while we're snoozing. That would be lame.

  7. Well... That really dependts on the party. If the party uses tiny hut to long rest in the middle of dungeons... You need tools to deal with that.

  8. I agree. Nothing that he tweets is legit in my opinion. However, if it is analyzed and makes it into errata or the sage advice compendium pdf, then i will consider it.

  9. I’m a pretty stickler of a DM that likes to make the game difficult but I think you are getting a little crazy. Dragons breath ya its a real powerful thing and not magic sure. But why would say poison from a vial broken on the outside go through when rain doesn’t. That seems kinda like youre being a little crappy to the players and again Im one to pretty easily to tell players nope can’t do that.

  10. This one isn't so much a 'try to make things difficult' as a 'following the RAW' (and in this case the RAI per our dearly beloved DM of DMs, the big man JC he who can make no bad rulings).

  11. I’d have my reaction modified by how well the creatures that find the tiny hut understand magic. If some smart and evil little bastards are the enemy I’d have them stand in a circle throwing things at the hut for a while, branches broken furniture, maybe poo if it’s that silly of a game. Build up a nice big pile of junk around it so the adventurers have to climb out through debris while being attacked by the group that found them. Once that hut ends all the junk just collapses on them, possibly with minor damage and likely pinning or restraining players. It sure would be a shame if all that broken up and flammable debris were to catch fire at some point, hell a real evil opponent might just start the flames at night depriving the players of a rest as they get cooked up in the heat of that pyre as Leomunds Tiny Hut turns into Leomunds Large Dutch Oven.

  12. Does LTH protect against flood or forest fire? How far does the comfortable atmosphere go? What is weather and where does it stop? Could artificial lightning pass through (science device, not magical) but not from a cloud or magical rod?

  13. But that ruling would leave you open on other fronts. "Well, a sword is actually multiple objects, since it is on the molecular level."

  14. Technically, weather is the state of the atmosphere at a given place or time. So not even fresh air or wind could pass through, but it does say that it will be comfortable inside, therefore i guess it wouldn’t be too stuffy. Just my thoughts.

  15. This is getting pedantic, IMHO, at my table I would rule anything created by magic is magic, this a breath weapon created by a spell is magic. May not be raw but that's how I would run this at my table. Just my 2 cents.

  16. I think they're talking about the breath weapon of a dragon, not the spell 'Dragon's Breath'. Because RAW, that spell does not enter the hut, but a dragon breathing on it is not breathing magic on the hut.

  17. Unrelated question that this raises for me, a relatively new DM. If a dragons breath weapon is considered non-magical, if a PC readies their action to use Control Flame against a dragons fire breath, can they extinguish all the flames in their immediate vicinity and negate the damage??

  18. There are a couple subclasses that can control forces, like Echo Knight and one of the druids I believe has some kind of auras.

  19. Considering this also means dragonborn breath passes through Tiny Hut I think this revolutionizes castle defense.

  20. Our Lord and Savior JC has come out against #1. #2 is a great point: sound passes through the barrier no problem. #3 is true but not technically passing through the hut. Good, simple counter nonetheless.

  21. fun fact actually the wizards of the coast are wrong on this, dragons breath is biologically produced yes but it is produced by an innately magical organ called the draconis fundamentum so logically this breath produced would be a magical effect.

  22. There is some fun in theorycrafting dumb illogical silliness without actually implementing it, but this one does seem somewhat... malicious.

  23. God the dragon breath thing is actually terrifying. Imagine how many players might hide from a stalking dragon by hiding in a tiny hut, just for the dragon to find them, taunt them, then use their breath attack on them.

  24. And then just imagine the ensuing discussion at the table where the players point out that LTH blocks “magical effects” and surely a magical dragon breathing fire or lightning or acid is a “magical effect”, and then the DM says that they read a tweet online from Jeremy Crawford which said that a dragon’s breath does pass through the hut, and the wonderful disappointment of the players as they realize their plans have been foiled by a bizarre technicality! Such fun!

  25. If gasses like oxygen pass through the hut's barrier, that means lighting a large enough fire around it would potentially consume the oxygen in/around the hut, which would lead to asphyxiation of anyone that tries to stay inside the hut for safety (characters that don't need to breath excluded of course, looking at you tin men).

  26. Imo the Hut has a floor creates its own oxygen and allows CO2 to escape it's a spell specifically designed to keep a party inside of it safe just long enough to finish a long rest otherwise it wouldn't exist but again that's just how I make sense of it

  27. The thing about LTH, is that players will most likely feel that it not fair, if you let some attack to go through.

  28. I think it depends on your players. Some of mine are very RAW-minded, and they know if they're exploiting the rules I will too. I think it's part of the fun for them.

  29. In my campaign world I usually have a salty ex-adventurer tell them a story how he sees those magic huts as city-slicker death traps when they get close to this level. His tale is about how they were on an adventure once and another party they teamed up with had used the hut while they made a camouflaged hide. In the night, a tribe of kobolds climbed on top of the hut and piled it high with heavy rocks. Since they had posted no guards, they awoke to find themselves buried under the dome. When eight hours were up, there was a couple shrill screams and the horrible sound of a small avalanche. The kobolds looted the corpses and then tracked the rest of them back home, trying to kill them too with rockslides, dragon musk, and caltrops on steep mountain switchbacks.

  30. Dragons breath is magical. You really gonna tell me that an amethyst dragon breathing gravitational force at the characters isn’t magical but instead some sort of natural occurrence? Spells aren’t the only things that count as magic. Monk’s Ki is magic, says so right in the description in the PHB.

  31. A go to for me is digging/burrowing creatures. Or burying the hut in an avalanche, mudslide, or volcanos lava. Watching the scramble to escape lol

  32. So like a tiny hut can’t be created under water? And a Molotov will bust on the outside of it but the burning liquid will pour through it?

  33. I would probably say the party is safe from breath weapon. As weather is the state of the atmosphere at a given place and time. The state of the atmosphere is a flame cloud in this case. So the hut will repel it. However, said dragon is super intelligent and will wait the party out if it cares enough, or use a big claw and scoop it up off the earth and plummet it into a ravine or middle of lake or lava. And if casters are involved, dispel magic. The party is never truly safe, and need to use this spell tactically.

  34. Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me dawg. I think if you were ever in a situation to use dragon breath on a tiny hut the players would riot.

  35. Another great way around tiny hut is to have a conversation about it with your party, either nerfing of outright banning the spell if it hurts the balance or pacing of the game.

  36. If I've missed this ruling somewhere, I apologize, but the spell says that it creates a dome of protection above and around you. Since the spell specifically says a dome, and NOT a sphere, can an enemy burrow through the floor?

  37. If I remember correctly, JC said the same thing initially, then someone pointed out a sentence that implied or outright stated it had a floor, and he reversed course.

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