What song, then album hooked you?

  1. Ants/Under the Table and Dreaming. I saw them live before I bought any albums, so you could probably say any song from that night. But, the sound of Ants Marching just hit me.

  2. Crash into me. I'm not sure why because prior to this, I had heard ants and what would you say. I even had a friend try to get me into DMB with crush, which isn't my favorite song despite it being high up on a lot of lists. But for some reason I just listened to crash one day a couple years later and decided to listen to the rest of the album. Now, DMB is tied up to Genesis for my favorite band.

  3. Crash into me was the song of the summer so I got crash through one of those “12 cds for 1 penny” deals in the mail. I still remember putting it into my boom box in my bedroom and being blown away from the first “uh” of Dave’s voice on SMTS to the last note of proudest monkey. It was the first album I listened to without skipping songs to just hear the singles and was my gateway drug that led to my buying BTCS when it came out and after listening to that I bought the back catalog and then all the rest as it happened. People roll their eyes when I say crash into me is my favorite song or think I’m not a true fan because of it, but it’s the song that opened the door for me and it will always be my favorite because of that.

  4. I always liked their music, and would sing along to some of the words I knew on radio and such. It was watching Radio City, and seeing Bartender performed.. never been the same since!

  5. My mom gave me Remember Two Things, but I was too young to spend too much time on anything at that point. Crash was on rotation in the house a few years later, but it wasnt until my Sr. year of HS when Busted Stuff came out and after that could not get enough. Digging a Ditch and Grey St really got my attention and shortly after I got copies of Luther and then obsessively poured over their catalog. BTCS remains my favorite, but they are all so good. Just crossed 30 shows this summer.

  6. None in particular. Grew up listening because that’s all my mom listened to. So I was familiar with a lot of it but didn’t really dive in myself until I went to college. There were a surprising number of songs I’d never heard or paid attention to before. Pig for example. I listened to it for a week straight after I found it and wondered why I hadn’t heard it before. Probably because there weren’t a lot of live versions of it and that’s all my mom played.

  7. Late summer 1994 I heard What Would You Say on the radio and was instantly hooked. Next time I went to the mall I picked up under the table and dreaming and absolutely loved the entire album, I remember trying to describe the mix of woodwinds, fiddle and guitar and style to my dad to get him to check it out. He did and we started going to shows together a few years later. We saw them together over 40 times in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Had an awesome run and turned into a great bond with my father. He passed about s year and a half ago and whenever I hear one of his favorites it takes me back to that time of our lives.

  8. So I’ve listened to Dave here and there over the years, mostly reminded me of the frat douches at school 😒 but I knew Crash and Ants and some of those Zeitgeist songs if you will (the ones you hear on the radio or on movies and kind of know subconsciously). My bf and I blindly went a month ago to Alpine Valley to see him for the first time on a whim, not knowing too many songs and I LOVED IT 🥺 I had to look up the setlist but it was #41 and Samurai Cop that got me…I have chills typing this 😅

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