An orangutan tries to fight off a bulldozer destroying his forest

  1. "Hey you! You piece of- hmmlmk Dont touch my fucking trees you asshole! get the- hhhh hng ya (climbing) get the fuck out of here you motherfucker!

  2. Came here to say this... You can almost feel the despair on that poor creature's heart man, that's so sad Humans fucking suck hard

  3. The saddest thing is that nobody really does anything about it and our lives go on like this when we are done watching reddit.

  4. I think about this shit all the time… well that Forrest video was fucked up, oh wow two people fighting in a Mcdonalds, oh nice a wholesome grandparent moment… just how Reddit is, I guess. There are people out there trying to fix the problem and to be honest, we could both personally do something about it if we actually wanted to that bad. I’m not judging you either btw..

  5. My son asked for donations to wildlife foundations for Xmas from all his relatives instead of toys this year. He’s opened my eyes to doing something about it.

  6. I agree. The forests are being destroyed to produce palm oil and soy products for animal agriculture. If we all lowered our animal Product consumption, or went vegan, we could help the planet immensely.

  7. The saddest thing is that there's very little an individual can do. Sure, we can eat whole foods (assuming we are rich/privileged). But that will not shift capitalism out of its tracks.

  8. He is just protesting the destruction of his home. If he were hellbent on revenge, he could snap those workers like twigs. Orangutans are immensely strong.

  9. I hate to say it, but it's a corporate call. I understand that they make less when we don't buy, but their money and power keep things like this a constant revolving door into deforestation.

  10. How bout be sad and fucking break something are you kidding me? “Change your shopping habits” is your reaction to witnessing the desperation of another animal trying to survive? Jfc what year is it? We should have changed our shopping habits 20 years ago. It’s time for the next step now

  11. A lot of this logging is done by Asian Pulp and Paper - an Indonesian company that operates around SE Asia and has multiple violations for logging old growth forest. Not sure if this is the company working in this video but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  12. We will look back, in the future, on this with the same disgust as we look at lynchings, cattle cars filled with nazi victims now.. This defines the short sighted shame of humanity in the 21st century.

  13. Frankly I don't believe we have enough time left to be able to even look back on this in disgust. The world at this point is fucked beyond repair for us, deforestation being one of the many leading causes.

  14. Good fuck we are such vile creatures. Fucking breaks my heart at how carless and stupid we can be. All in the name of profits.

  15. People tend to have moral resistance to steal or cheat money directly. However, if you substitute tokens for money that can immediately be changed into money, that small separation from directly stealing money will result in people stealing much more readily.

  16. "We" aren't, they are. We have no control over what forests get chopped down or which species goes extinct because Exxon needs an increase in quarterlies. Most people in a developed country are born into a life of wage slavery and consumerism. Even if you and 10 of your closest friends stopped eating meat and stopped using any sort of pollutant, it would have 0 effect on the environment. Trying to get a mass of individuals to change their collective habits by asking is impossible. Regulation needs to start with the companies destroying our planet.

  17. The profis only occur because we give them our money. If we vote with our wallets and don't buy unsustainable products like meat and palm oil, then they won't profit from our choices.

  18. ... Anyone fancy a fashionable club to accompany them in the food wars? Comes in Deep Azure and Monument gray. Top quality stuff people, step right up, we have fun-sized mallets for the young'uns!

  19. This right here is a stark reminder of what we are doing to our planet. When you give an intelligent animal enough pain and suffering by taking everything it has left, you get this. What you're the effects of Palm oil farming. Those people have zero concern for the environment as long as they can make money off of it. Stop buying products that contain palm oil, and buy local items to replace what your giving up.

  20. How about we stop destroying forests like abunch of assholes and we create large facilities to grow and Harvest trees it is entirely possible but we’re too lazy and greedy to do it. We could have everything we want and still have an amazing planet but we decide to be little shits.

  21. Looks like an excavator and not a bull dozer! Doesn’t help the poor critter though. Could you imagine the terror and hate towards human kind?

  22. The irony of them trying to keep it out of harm’s way while they destroy the place it calls home is beyond ironic. This whole clip is heartbreaking.

  23. It disgusts me how we treat animals on our planet. I’ve been thinking about going vegetarian recently. Which is crazy for me to even say out loud.

  24. Fuck. I couldn’t do it. I’d quit on the spot. Even if I had to live in a tree myself. When is enough enough? Humans are the most invasive species this planet has ever seen.

  25. We despise this kind of stuff, you and I. But we are the reason this happens. Whether this is happening for palm oil, agriculture or timber for housing. At the end of the day that tree will be consumed by you.

  26. That is heartbreaking to watch. 💔 No point blaming anyone or bad mouthing any company as this won’t make a difference. We just have to hope WWF see this and help home these poor animals

  27. The Orange fellow is right. More right than all of us. I suspect the majority of humans don't want this but I also suspect a minority of humans will insist on perpetuating the circumstances which make it inevitable.

  28. The scene in Avatar…. James Cameron has been trying to put it right in front of our eyes. What we are doing in the name of “resources” and “money”…. Isn’t fair to all other creatures. We destroy, destroy, and destroy more. It has to stop. Fuck logging companies, fuck companies that just rip apart forests and burn it all.

  29. It's funny how many people here are say humans suck and we are the real animals or beasts. And I'm not saying I watch this video and don't feel true sympathy. But everyone that's truly upset, do you really understand what it takes to have all this things around you. Even just those walls and roof over your head, are 90% made of lumber. Those paper towels and toilet paper that you all fight each other over at Walmart. Wouldn't even exist without chopping trees down. So many people complain about "environmental impacts" while using the products that come from every single one of those "impacts". If we were to stop cutting trees down, stop drilling oil, stop burning coal, stop mining resources out of the earth, Say goodbye to your homes, your vehicles(yes even electric ones), your power, your phones, etc. Just about everything you use is either made from or powered by one of those resources. I'm all for feeling sympathy for something like this video. But every where there are trees, there are animals that live in them. So I guess when you comain on your smart phone about how devastating and horrible humans are, just remember how much "devastation" comes from the process to get the components that make your phone. Either it's all hypocritical and virtue signalling, or after leaving these comments, you just put your phone down for the last time, parked the car for the last time, turned the lights off for the last time, ate your last food from the grocery store and went to live like natives in true "harmony" with nature. But even in the end, all living things, including humans, need to consume something to live. And that in it self is going to bring a certain amount of "devastation" or "destruction"...

  30. When will we ever learn only when it's to late...greedy corporate companies and greedy nations fucking up the world...

  31. I can’t help but think that we are all horrified to see this, while at the same time probably responsible because we keep buying what the logger is selling. With a globalised economy it’s so difficult to know the impact of our choices.

  32. Sad. I hate how we humans think the world is all ours for the taking, we’re all complicit in some way shape or form. We really need to do a lot better… 🤦‍♂️

  33. It remembers me the scene from "Avatar" where humans destroy the sacred trees and the main jake tries to stop them... But this is not a movie and it's far more sad.

  34. This is sad as fuck we are destroying the entire fucking planet without respect for animals or even for ourselves

  35. Probably deforestation for animal livestock feed. So just the consequence of our extremely high demand of animal products.

  36. How do the guys chasing the orangutan not stop and realize they're objectively the bad guys. How do you wake up and do this every day and not self reflect

  37. This really makes me want to fucking cry. That is one of the bravest animals I have ever seen. He literally attacked a giant metal creature that was destroying his home.

  38. Especially sad considering how docile orangutans are. They live alone and unlike chimps, hardly ever fight over borders. This orangutan must have been furious, but still didn't go after the people there.

  39. Let's make this trend. Maybe bring awareness? Share on every plat forum he possible can. This needs to go universal So sad and disgusting, all for greed and the almighty dollar!

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