Qatar is one of ten countries that impose the death penalty for consensual same-sex relationships

  1. Only if the boys are under a certain age. Once the get too old you can no longer touch them. They then become the predator instead of the prey.

  2. You know, they are against CONSENTUAL same-sex relationships, not against rape or something. That would limit their power, they could not stand that

  3. There's a documentary available on YouTube made by Vice years back called "This is What Winning Looks Like", highlighting the corruption of the Afghan army the US had to supply & train in preparation for their withdrawal.

  4. Always a niche company somewhere. I’m fine with the gays until they start harboring pedos. Don’t come at me. I know gays aren’t pedos. It’s the movement.

  5. What is illegal is sex outside of marriage. No matter if it's gay, hetero, consented or rape. All can get up to 3 years in jail. Nobody does and death penalty has never been enforced.

  6. In most those countries you don’t have to worry about the government, people will kill you first, in name of honor.

  7. The raper gets let go for asserting dominance, while the rapee gets the death penalty for being weak... I imagine, based on how backwards the consensual law seems.

  8. This is actually what the death penalty is for in the UAE. The victim doesn't get punished if it's rape. Only the rapist is punished by death. Same sex relationships aren't punished with the death penalty. It's usually jail time which is still terrible but it's not the death penalty. I hate when this misinformation is spread all the fucking time when the law is clear.

  9. Actually gay get the same treatment as heterosexuals having sex outside of marriage. That's what is illegal, not being gay.

  10. What they’re actually doing is respecting the “culture” set in place by a tyrannical government to control its people who are miserable because of it.

  11. And then they don’t say anything when Muslim immigrants bring their hatred for the queer community because “it’s racist”

  12. Why was a country with such socially restrictive laws chosen for something like the World Cup? It was always going to be fraught with problems.

  13. I like how they banned beer at the last minute, but only to non VIP areas. This like a lot of sports are only about $ to the businesses that host them, and like a lot of businesses, greed takes over. But they just have a responsibility to the shareholders so they sleep well at night.

  14. Extremism. When a people believe their way is the only way so strongly they’re willing to kill people who haven’t wronged them over it, the end result is never god.

  15. I'm thinking several have had governments overthrown by the US/UK over the decades, could be a factor for some

  16. FYO: if you pretend to respect that because of ''culture'', you're a trash can. Human rights violations aren't part of a culture.

  17. That's Islamic countries for you. Mainstream Christianity is far less crazy. But people usually only critique one and not the other. For fear of violence and being seen as Islamophobic.

  18. Now, for fun, go to the US congressional budget office and take a peek at how much foreign aid money US taxpayers borrow to give to them, annually.

  19. All the places you expect to have this kind of behaviour and mentality. So thankful I live in North America where all I have to deal with is poverty

  20. Yeah, that’s all. I’m guessing you aren’t LGBT? Never been called a fggt or had your own family disown you, because at least murder is still illegal so they can’t do that. Just let the streets finish us off.

  21. I will never understand why anyone (country/state/govnt/religion etc) gives a fuck about who people choose to be with. Like this is insane.

  22. Notice how all of these countries are in the northern hemisphere..... Now, I'm not no hemisphereist, I'm just connecting the dots here...

  23. The fact any team is playing in this disgusting World Cup is a shame but especially countries that supposedly support LGBTQ and other minorities. Team USA should NOT be playing in solidarity and against this nonsense country.

  24. From three years ago in Saudi Arabia, a story of five executed for being gay and 47 others in a one day bloodbath.

  25. Those who brought up Christianity, just why when the topic is about islamic countries with islamic rules?

  26. but hey, don't insult their values of, you know, murdering innocent people who did nothing to harm them. the whole world isn't western you know

  27. Why would we even decide to have a major sporting event in a country like that, knowing that there will probably be people that are LGBTQ+ attending?

  28. I can count on one hand the Muslim majority countries where apostasy is not punishable by imprisonment or death. This list isn’t surprising in the least.

  29. You know what they say, those who shout loudest against something are usually repressing their true reasons. They all secretly want a bit of the baldy man.

  30. The Qatar government can go fuck themselves as well as every other national government on that list. ⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🖕➡️ 🇶🇦

  31. I love how the world acts like 4 years ago when Qatar being announced as the host for the world cup this information was hidden. We been knowing, it's just now that Americans are in Qatar and see they can't drink, smoke, share a room with their GF or use outfits promoting LGBT rights, ALL OF A SUDDEN it matters, not for all the years the US has made trade with Qatar and could have sanctioned them for human rights violations, but now, that dipshit with Instagram figured out how shit the civil rights of that country is...after they payed for the hotel, flight, tickets ECT.

  32. Is it safe to say that this makes FIFA look even more like a piece-of-shit sports mafia that doesn't care about fuck all but money and "popularity"?

  33. Most of those countries have rampant homosexuality because the genders are kept separate until they marry. Also older boys will sexually assault younger boys because it’s a revolving cycle of abuse.

  34. Keep in mind, they do not consider sex with same sex minors to be considered homosexual acts. Source: Bachi Boys documentaries and hearing it first hand from men who participate.

  35. They will never host the women's world cup because the us women's team (the number 1 team) couldn't go

  36. Yeah and people think they’re oppressed in the US. so tired of that. If people want to complain about women being oppressed, or gay people, then fight for the people in these countries.

  37. From experience and from what I’ve seen Saudi Arabia don’t really impose the death penalty since 2017 all they do is ask you to sign a written commitment to not do it again unless it went public and the case got famous like

  38. Look at Saudia Arabia even though they was head of the un human rights council a few years back and we ignore everything they do and never point out their faults....

  39. The UN is a circle jerk. Its all bullshit and resolutions are essentially as valuable as used toilet paper.

  40. Mind boggling mental gymnastics used to justify having sex with boys and designating women as brood mares from a good number of these nations/tribes.

  41. I remember coming back from the middle east and telling people the truth about how barbaric and savage the culture was. I told I was "Islamophobic" for telling the truth. Now those same people seem to only have noticed the tip of the ice berg because of a soccer game only NPCs care about. Just gonna tell ya it gets way worse than just hating the gays over there.

  42. And yet, visitors from other countries where gay people have rights are tempting the authorities in Qatar. So many people seem to forget that their own countries' laws do not follow them abroad.

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