simple advice

  1. Better yet steal it from what I've heard (Not personal experience because I would never do anything illegal), if you order the book on Amazon and then call Amazon support and tell them that it never came. They will refund your money without question.

  2. Or buy it used. Pretty easy to get, and you can't beat the wonderful paper editions to actually work through them. Got my Marx-Engels works absurdly cheap.

  3. I don't think it's saying "don't wear shoes or drink coffee," it's saying don't actively choose to fund particularly exploitative and non-essential mega corporations if you can help it.

  4. That 'self defence' thingy is really dumb. Absolutely no range, hard to use, hard to conceal and you're in trouble when police find you with it.


  6. This is how far liberalism and idealism have rotten things, just straight up no historical knowledge.

  7. Although you might wanna get an academic edition of Kapital (like the MEGA). They’re usually a bit more expensive but will enable you to keep up with all the academic discourse that is still being published about it.

  8. Buy a copy of das kapital? You don't have a library in your town? Not only do you get free theory, you can help radicalize the downtroten hanging out there for the free heat/AC and restrooms.

  9. Kubatons, those little self-defense thingies suck ass, they get you in trouble with cops but are barely dangerous, if you want legality, get a sturdy cane or other thing that can be used as a weapon, but isn't designed to be, if you want lethality and don't care about the law, get a sturdy, classic knife, no fancy 'tactical" bs, just a rugged straight edge, only don't do that because that's illegal and I don't condone anything like that

  10. Can we keep the Nike they signed Colin Kaepernick to a 23 million dollar endorsement deal I get they are made by slave labour but I feel like we need to support kaepernick

  11. Dont buy the second one it’s inadequate as a weapon and as a safety utility just use a fucking rock for both scenarios

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