Cleft-Lip Guy idea

  1. Knowing the genius of the writers, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the point. Plus, he is known for murder like Cain, and some of them were probably related to him since the family tree of Dark is very interwoven.

  2. Are we sure that he is their son? I just finished the season and I didn't realize until I saw your post that I STILL have no idea who that guy is. I made the assumption that he might be their son, but I don't remember getting confirmation.

  3. I think in the last or second to last episode they spell it out. There's an allusion to her son, the 3 versions walk in, the youngest hugs her, a voice over talks about how they needed that moment to happen so that she wants her kid to live

  4. Yes, the is the origin and is confirmed as much when all three of him meet the Marthas. He doesn't have a name, but has ensured the cycle through his actions.

  5. No confirmation, but they showed him standing in front of the adam and eve painting exactly after adam told alt. martha that the origin is inside of her. Also he got married to Agnes and she's literally connected to that loop so that's enough evidence for that.

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