I truly believe the "decapitate" gesture was made specifically for people like that

  1. I was using tree spear in Elden ring cause I always uses spear and lances in ds2. Yeah it kinda sucks at least thats how I felt.

  2. i’ve experienced way too many duels like this on the old iron bridge. the weak have to find some way to win i guess but they’re just pathetic

  3. i felt shitty chugging when farming bell tower berserker kills and getting invaded. this man should feel decidedly worse.

  4. Dude people are so dogshit at souls games sometimes. Like first off if he's trying to spike PvP like this then he's probably played the game a decent amount, so he should know there's a few seconds on summon where you can't get hit. And if the first soul spear didn't hit, DON'T IMMEDIATELY FIRE ANOTHER LMAO

  5. That's just a new player doing random things, they clearly have no idea what they're doing. Isn't worth anything in particular imo

  6. Idk, you buy the ticket, you take the ride. It's not like your kids are gonna go hungry tonight because the guy that summoned you to PVP is an inept coward.

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