If I MUST get covid vaccine.....

  1. If you are forced, then get Sinovac. But, why would you ever be forced? Especially, now. The narratives changed even in MSM.

  2. Yeah its still a thing. I never wanted the first 2 doses but now my job is forcing me to get the booster....

  3. No, not work related, but "mandate" related in a different way. She MUST travel to Europe very soon and many countries will not accept travelers who are not vaccinated.

  4. I was ordered to get it (U.S. Air Force). After the first dose I was hospitalized and then hospitalized again a month later. After getting really bad pericarditis from the first shot the cardiologist said there's no doubt in his mind that I would have died from the second shot. I currently know 13 people who died from it. The doctor said there's no cure for the reactions he's been seeing and it's just a matter of time to see what else I develope. Right now I've been feeling physically sick and I've been vomiting the past few days.

  5. Gosh. This is absolutely terrible to hear. I'm fairly certain they aren't supposed to administer unapproved products to the military after the anthrax incident...but alas our society has fallen a far ways. I hope that you make a full recovery from this incident 🙏

  6. You know 13 people that died of the vaccine? I’m calling bullshit. You have a higher chance of winning a million dollars on a scratch ticket

  7. Show her the following and then let her make her own choice. You can’t say you didn’t try to warn her if she goes ahead with it anyways!

  8. Apparently she absolutely needs to travel to Europe in which case she would need the vaccine. There is no alternative, you must abide by global rules, stay home or get the vaccine.

  9. Your family member is not being forced to take the bio weapon. She has agreed to take it. I highly doubt she is being held down with a gun to her head.. she needs to decide to stand up to whoever is “forcing” her to take it and tell them no. I understand it is more complicated.. I do.. my brother in law is a teacher and has 3 kids and was in the same boat.. he continued to refuse to take jab and to be regularly tested and guess what? They backed down because it is a violation of federal law! We have basic human rights. Don’t forget that. I highly consider you tell your family member to stand up for herself

  10. Yep they moved the mass formation psychosis to the US-CAUSED Ukraine conflict. The biggest threat to you isn't Russia, covid, or Trump - it's Washington DC.

  11. Your links are about taking those meds to treat and prevent COVID. I'm not seeing anything about the necessity or utility of taking them with the shot.

  12. Not really a good reason to get it if you truly think it is going to be bad for your health.There is alternatives but you have to be more creative than just opting in to get it. I would type it out but i will let you use your imagination.

  13. if forced, my recommendation is to follow flccc protocols for medications before getting the vaccine to help reduce bad effects of spike protein. also if possible, take the non mrna vaccines.

  14. Their best bet is to make the vax as least effective as possible. Get a bad nights sleep, drink the night before, start taking some advil regularly even a few days afterwards. Also take the jnj only one shot.

  15. Maybe get a fake vax pass? I'm not sure if other countries can 'check' if it's, say, an American one. It's really weird that other countries are still holding on to this shit despite all we know now lol.

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