The Answer is Out There

  1. Another possibility on the table. Pure economic in a move to dominate power. You might be right. Im just for all possibilities to be laid out. My issue with this would be, disregarding the souls in Shanghai, (which as a Christian makes me sick) but the economic loss is terrible here. You may be right, but i think theres a better explanation. But who knows, you could be exactly right. Is it worth the risk economically? Maybe?

  2. I want to know. You're right, little of if adds up. It's as if there is some piece of information that alludes us. Even I, an alternative news consumer, am humbly realizing I've still not got all of the pieces. Please share.

  3. I am 100 percent with you. It doesnt make sense at all - but only in the context of what we currently know as we reverse engineer this.

  4. Yeah remember the chinese people 'dying on the spot', what got us all thinking this was the end in the first place. Prolly just collapsing from a 60 hour week at work....

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