My qualitative theory of Everything

  1. This really went over my head and I was afraid to speak up. Sometimes I think it's just who doesn't get this pseudo science but happy to see others in the same bucket.

  2. Hopefully that evidence will be found or created in coming years. I’m just putting my thoughts out there to find connections in already existing theories across disciplines

  3. The electromagnetic signals within the brain are carrying the information with the bandwidth necessary to help the body survive and thrive. Consciousness isn't some spooky emerging phenomena that neurons do when no one is looking. Consciousness is nothing more than information integrating yet more information. The purest form of information is the wave. Our cellphones and electronics communicate across air using the data in electromagnetic waves. So does the brain. Electrical activity in the brain is the consciousness you are experiencing right now. You are the information contained within interacting electrical waveform signals.

  4. I understand you. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the quantum soup via psionic wave oscillations. Yet today, science tells us that the multiverse is overflowing with pulses. We exist as expanding wave functions. By evolving, we vibrate. By deepening, we exist. To traverse the journey is to become one with it.

  5. I believe consciousness has both electronic and biological properties that’s how I adopted the prefix and suffix into Bionic. Quantum reasoning is closer to reality than the classics.

  6. That’s easy to assume about a brand new idea that seems to find connections between existing theories of existence and quantum reasoning

  7. Your idea and all of your comments reek of two things and I’m not sure which is stronger. Troll, or pseudo-intellectual fool.

  8. Haha, I made a video of myself where I defined reality and wisdom incase this question ever came up. I’m fully human. But I try to experience reality as directly as possible using every possible piece of information available. I rank information gained by first hand experience over transmitted ones, I value simplicity over jargon and vagueness. I try to be objective and radically empirical to the best of precision that my senses permit me to perceive.

  9. Novel consciousness is linked to a unique way of thinking while shared consciousness is linked to thoughts that were transmitted. I’m summary the more original that thoughts the more likely the consciousness that generated it is novel and less likely to be shared by other entities

  10. I kinda like how you talk. Could you explain what you mean by “Novel consciousness elicits more gravitational pull than shared ones” please?

  11. I assume that sentient conscious minds may have an influence on dark energy but the capacity of a mind do generate novel thoughts determined how influential its consciousness is to the system. So it minds that create vs minds that consume.

  12. Philosophy or fictional imagination - Great selection of words by the way. It sounds like some stuff I hear on Insight timer and other meditation channels.

  13. What you are saying is equal to me saying that water is flowing, except in your case its more like "liquid of life (thats what I call h2o(water) because living organisms need it to live) changes its relative position in a singular 3 dimensional universe of quantum existence"

  14. True. That’s why I explained it in a way a 5 year old who wasn’t overly skeptic would easily digest and see possible applications to thought systems

  15. I assume there is only one consciousness we’ve all shared since the Big Bang. Since evolution wants to learn, I assume it would gravitate towards new things. Such as new thoughts that could ripple the structure of consciousness. I assume neutrino particles may oscillate due to interaction with a mass of variables and I’m thinking consciousness is one of them and affects it both in terms of proximity and also engages using the principles of quantum entanglement to create ordered randomness. Novelty is what the universe can learn from so evolution is primed to go after it. Gravity is possibly the most evolved phenomenon there is that binds us all and is also probably the tool evolution uses to cascade what it’s learnt.

  16. Thank you so much. I believe it’s still a hypothesis until proven. I called it a theory to elicit stronger opinions where possible.

  17. We do, but the manifold is unlimited in nature and only exists in the mind where consciousness, time and other unlimited phenomena manifest in their true infinite nature

  18. A bionic wave is a hypothetical network created by the interaction between an electromagnetic wave field generated from the nervous system of a human or conscious matter and an electrostatic wave field that that is neutral in nature. The neutral electrostatic wave field is transformed to the opposite charge of what ever electromagnetic field it flows into. Negative electromagnetic waves interacting with neutral electrostatic waves will transform the latter to a positive electromagnetic wave and vice versa. This interaction between the electromagnetic field from a conscious neural network and how it warps with static space is what I call a bionic wave. The neural net interacting with its immediate environment.

  19. Nice words, I too believe we exist at the point of interlacing waves that occur due to threads of particles pelting into the surface we exist upon.

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